1st Edition

Leading, Managing, Caring: Understanding Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care

Edited By Sara MacKian, Joan Simons Copyright 2014

    Effective leadership and management in health and social care are built on good practice, strong relationships and a critical understanding of the wider context in which care takes place. Leading, Managing, Caring illustrates how leadership and management work in everyday settings, providing invaluable support to those practising or studying in the area. The book introduces the four core building blocks of the caring manager or leader: personal awareness, team awareness, goal awareness and contextual awareness. Together these form a firm foundation for understanding and practice.

    Drawing on up-to-date case studies, the authors explore how critical theoretical understanding can support practical attempts to work through complex situations with a diverse range of people. Also included is a toolkit containing carefully selected and practical tools for leading and managing change.

    This comprehensive textbook is suitable for existing and aspiring managers and leaders in a range of health and social care professions, or anyone interested in understanding more about the complex landscape in which care services are managed and delivered in the UK.

    Introduction: Preparing to Lead  Sara MacKian, Leona McCalla and Chris Russell  Part 1: Leading, Managing, Caring in Practice  Section 1: Approaching Leadership, Management and Care  1. The Pro-active Manager Wayne Taylor  2. Leadership and Vision  Joan Simons and Helen Lomax  3. Managing Change  Liz Tilley  4. Loss, Stress and Anxiety  Wayne Taylor  Section 2: Managing Relationships  5. Professions, Identities and Working with People  Helen Lomax  6. Managing the Team  Julie Charlesworth  7. Managing Partnerships  Julie Charlesworth  8. Managing Professional Development  Chris Kubiak  9. Developing a Coaching Style of Management  Joan Simons  Part 2: Leading, Managing, Caring in Context  Section 3: Creating the Caring Environment  10. Making Sense of Organisations  Richard Hester  11. Involving People Liz Tilley  12. Exploring Environments  Helen Lomax  13. Understanding New Public Management  Michelle Gander and Eileen Oak  14. Managing Safe Practice  Jeanette Copperman  Section 4: Leading for Ethical and Quality Care  15. Morals and Ethics in Leadership and Management  Richard Hester  16. Learning from Challenges  Joan Simons  17. Ensuring Quality Outcomes  Liz Tilley and Jan Walmsley  18. The Law in Context  Rod Earle  Conclusion: Leading, Managing and Caring for the Future  Sara MacKian  Appendix: The Toolkit


    Sara MacKian is a Senior Lecturer in the Open University’s Faculty of Health and Social Care, with research interests in illness, health and wellbeing.

    Joan Simons is Assistant Head of the Department of Health and Social Care, The Open University, and has a practice background in nursing.

    'This book is quite ground-breaking in management literature, particularly as it is applied in management of care. It brings many values and approaches from a wide range of professional fields, but keeps a perspective on the responsibilities of a manager to their employers as well as to service users. It has a fresh and confident voice that will be very encouraging and inspiring for new and experienced managers. Few texts make these ideas as accessible as this book does.'Vivien Martin, University of Brighton, UK