1st Edition

Leading Musically

By Dag Jansson Copyright 2018
    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    274 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Musical leadership is associated with a specific profession—the conductor—as well as being a colloquial metaphor for human communication and cooperation at its best. This book examines what musical leadership is, by delving into the choral conductor role, what goes on in the music-making moment and what it takes to do it well. One of the unique features of the musical ensemble is the simultaneity of collective discipline and individual expression. Music is therefore a potent laboratory for understanding the leadership act in the space between leader and team. The musical experience is used to shed light on leading and following more broadly, by linking it to themes such as authority, control, empowerment, intersubjectivity, sensemaking and charisma. Jansson develops the argument that musical leadership involves the combination of strong power and deep sensitivity, a blend that might be equally valid in other leadership domains. Aesthetic knowledge and musical perception therefore offer untapped potential for leadership and organisational development outside the art domain.

    1. The muse within Part I: Enactment of musical leadership 2. The choral conductor role 3. Situational-relational mastery 4. Existential foundation 5. The intersubjective space of leading and following Part II: Developing artful leadership 6. Expanding the leadership repertoire 7. Music in team development 8. The choir as the conductor’s mirror Part III: Agency and surrender 9. Authority and musical leadership 10. The locus of charisma 11. Leading musically: power and senses in concert


    Dag Jansson is a choral conductor and associate professor of arts management at Oslo Business School, Norway. He earned his PhD at the Norwegian Academy of Music, a master degree in musicology at the University of Oslo and an MBA from INSEAD in France. Prior to his music career, he was the global leader of a telecom and media consulting practice.