1st Edition

Leading and Learning Effective School Leadership Through Reflective Storytelling and Inquiry

By Fred Brill Copyright 2008

    Faced with a vast list of roles and responsibilities and answering to a broad array of stakeholders, school administrators can feel like they must constantly play the role of invincible superhero. Rarely do they have the opportunity to engage in the kind of reflection, inquiry, and collegial sharing that is so effective in teacher professional development. In Leading and Learning , Fred Brill draws on personal narratives from new and experienced school administrators to examine common themes, concerns, successes, and failures. From these stories, practices and protocols emerge to help administrators navigate the complexity of their jobs, and better manage their own professional development. Leading and Learning examines the administrative roles of school leaders from enforcer to system-builder, to instructional leader as well as the psychological, emotional aspects of the position, and the impact of school culture. Fred shares research on the success and structures of professional learning communities and shows how the power of combining PLCs with the practice of reflective storytelling results in better school leadership and professional growth. Woven throughout the book are stories from over 260 interviews with school administrators that will energize readers while generating chuckles and knowing nods. The book' s goal is to provide a model that inspires change in schools and in administrator induction programs. By offering a detailed analysis of effective (and ineffective) leadership, Leading and Learning gives readers a new method for making decisions, solving problems, and working to get things done in their school communities. And by demonstrating the power of reflective storytelling and collaborative learning, it provides school leaders with an effective process for more clearly translating belief into action.

    Introduction; Part I: The Many Hats Worn by the School Leader; Chapter 1: The Reflective Storytelling Process; Chapter 2: The School Leader as Enforcer; Chapter 3: The School Leader as System Builder; Chapter 4: The School Leader as Equity Promoter; Chapter 5: The School Administrator as Instructional Leader; Part II: School Leadership: The Intersection of Decisions, Values, and Emotions; Chapter 6: Values in School Leadership:; Chapter 7: The School Leader as Principal Decision Maker: A Field of Dreams, Deliberations, and Derailments; Chapter 8: The School Leader as Human Pincushion:; Chapter 9: Inhabiting the Role of School Leader:; Afterword


    Fred Steven Brill is an executive of?cer (area superintendent) of the Middle School Network in Oakland Uni? ed School District. He has served as a middle school principal and as a high school and continuation high school English teacher. He taught secondary students and adults in the former Czechoslova-kia on a Fulbright Teacher Exchange, and he was an elementary school educator for severely emotionally disturbed elementary school students. Fred served as an instructor for master’s-level students in the University of California’s Principal Leadership Institute and cofacilitated the Leadership Support Program. He earned his doctorate at U.C. Berkeley in the fall of 2006 and has coauthored several articles on educational leadership and professional development. Fred is an active member of the Bay Area Leadership Studio.