144 Pages
    by Routledge

    144 Pages
    by Routledge

    The media is saturated with images of leaders as powerful, headstrong individuals, who are certain of their position and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their organizational goals or personal ambitions. In reality, far too often, a leader’s ego gets in the way of sound decision making, adversely affecting the organization and the individuals involved.

    This insightful book, based on cutting edge research, advances a new model for understanding effective leadership. Nielsen, Marrone and Ferraro advocate the idea of leading with humility, a trait that is rarely discussed and frequently misunderstood. Humble leaders consider their own strengths, weaknesses and motives in making decisions, demonstrating concern for the common good, and exercising their influence for the benefit of all.

    Leading with Humility offers students and leaders clarity in understanding the connection between leadership and humility, and teaches them how to enhance their own abilities to become better leaders.

    I. Introduction  1. Humility and Leadership: Why So Many People are Calling for it Today  2. Rethinking (Your) Leadership  II. Humility  3. Humility: The Definition  4. Understanding Yourself  5. Relating to Others  6. Perspective  III. Application  7. Everyday Leadership  8. Why Humility Matters: Empowering Followers  9. Cultivating Humble Leadership  10. Progress Not Perfection  Appendix: Diagnostic Survey for Humility


    Rob Nielsen is a corporate real estate consultant with Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

    Jennifer A. Marrone is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at Seattle University, USA.

    Holly S. Ferraro is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management at Seattle University, USA.

    “Leadership is universally recognized as a critically important and profoundly valuable quality, yet the recent global economic crisis reminds us that leadership rooted in hubris can be profoundly destructive. This book explores how leading with humility can strengthen the work of organizations and the effectiveness of all people working in these organizations.” - Linda M. Hartling, Ph.D. Director, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies

    "Leading with Humility by Nielsen, Marrone, and Ferraro is a must-read for all those interested in being leaders in a world that cries out for a paradigm shift. Humility is a core marker for a new definition of excellence in leadership that will provide a socially and ecologically dignified future for humanity and its habitat." - Evelin G. Lindner, Founding President of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies

    "This provides the definitive resource for humility and leadership." - John E. Barbuto, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA