1st Edition

Lean Construction 4.0 Driving a Digital Revolution of Production Management in the AEC Industry

    372 Pages 93 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book introduces and develops the novel concept of Lean Construction 4.0. The capability of Lean Construction to effectively adapt the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry to this new era of digital transformation requires a reconceptualization of the triad people-processes-technology as a foundation for the theoretical and practical framework of Lean Construction. Therefore, a shift towards Lean Construction 4.0 is required.

    Lean Construction 4.0 is a new systems-wide thinking approach where synergies and overlaps between Lean Construction and digital/smart technologies go far beyond BIM to reshape the way we design, manage, and operate capital projects in the modern age of automation. This pioneering new book brings together the views of world experts at the interface of Lean Construction and digital/smart technologies, in order to channel research efforts, to introduce and discuss current research and practice, challenges and drivers, and future perspectives of Lean Construction 4.0.

    It is not the aim of the book to keep adding digits to the term ‘Lean Construction’ to ‘catch up’ with the industry revolutions as they go on. Instead, after reading this book, it will be undeniable for readers that the triad process-people-technology as proposed by Lean Construction 4.0 is required to achieve an effective, long-lasting digital transformation of the AEC industry. Thus, the aim of Lean Construction 4.0 is better explained by what it evokes: a future vision of construction systems comprising people, processes, and technology using Industry 4.0/5.0 as a basis for technological innovation in the AEC industry coupled with Lean Construction theory and practice as a jettison for improved processes and systems integration.

    The Lean Construction 4.0 concept coined and developed in this edited book is unique and the chapters provide practitioners and academics with a provocative reflection on the theoretical and practical aspects that shape the Lean Construction 4.0 concept. More importantly, Lean Construction 4.0 proposes a rationale for the AEC industry not only to survive, but to thrive!

    Part 1. Introduction

    1. Lean Construction 4.0: Beyond the New Production Management Philosophy
    Vicente A. González, Farook Hamzeh, Luis Fernando Alarcón, Salam Khalife

    Part 2. Theoretical and Practical Perspectives for Lean Construction 4.0

    2. Towards Lean Construction Site 4.0 – Integrating Lean and Digital Technologies
    Kevin McHugh, Bhargav Dave, Algan Tezel, Lauri Koskela, Viranj Patel

    3. The Implications of the 4.0 Revolution in the AEC industry on the Lean Construction Paradigm: Identifying the Status Quo and Drawing the Path Forward
    Evangelos Pantazis, Eyuphan Koc, Lucio Soibelman

    4. Proposing a House for Lean Construction 4.0
    Makram Bou Hatoum, Hala Nassereddine

    5. A Shared Responsibility: Ethical and Social Dilemmas of Using AI in the AEC Industry
    Paz Arroyo, Annett Schöttle, Randi Christensen

    6. The interplay between Construction Supply Chain and BIM through Kitting: A Lean-based view
    Zakaria Dakhli, Zoubeir Lafhaj

    7. Implementing Lean-BIM duality: Balance between people, processes, and technology
    Daniel Heigermoser, Borja García de Soto

    Part 3. Simulation Modelling and Virtual Lean Construction

    8. Simulation and Modelling Facets in Lean Construction
    Mani Poshdar, Mohammed Adel Abdelmegid, Vicente A. González, Michael O’Sullivan, Luis Fernando Alarcon

    9. Modelling Construction Production Environments as Complex Adaptive Systems
    Ali Lahouti, Tariq S. Abdelhamid

    10. Social Network Analysis to Support Implementation and Understanding of Lean

    Rodrigo F. Herrera, Luis Fernando Alarcon

    11. Exploring the Socio-Technical Nature of Lean-Based Production Planning and Control using Immersive Virtual Reality
    Canlong Liu, Vicente A. González, Ignacio Pavez, Roy Davies

    Part 4. Digital Production Planning, Control and Monitoring in Lean Construction

    12. MetViz: LPS Metric Visualization, Monitoring and Analysis System for Project Control
    Lynn Shehab, Ali Ezzeddine, Gunnar Lucko, Farook Hamzeh

    13. Productivity Function - Mathematical foundation for Production Management in Construction
    Ricardo Antunes, Vicente A. González, Michael O’Sullivan, Omar Rojas, Kenneth Walsh

    14. Digital Twins to Enable Flexibility in Offsite Construction
    Beda Barkokebas, Fatima Alsakka, Farook Hamzeh, Mohamed Al-Hussein

    15. Use of the Digital situation picture to decrease waste in the design and construction process
    Olli Seppänen

    16. UAS applications to support Lean Construction implementation
    Dayana Bastos Costa, Masoud Gheisari, Luis Fernando Alarcon

    Part 5. Digital Lean Project Delivery

    17. Integrating project delivery and Information Technology: challenges and opportunities
    Eder Martínez, Ali Ezzeddine, Borja García de Soto

    18. Blockchain Governance for Integrated Project Delivery 4.0
    Daniel M. Hall, Jens Hunhevicz, Marcella M.M. Bonanomi

    19. Decision Models to Support the Selection and Implementation of Lean Construction
    Luis Fernando Alarcon, Keith R. Molenaar Alfonso Bastías  Harrison Mesa 

    Part 6. Concluding Remarks

    20. The Future of Lean Construction 4.0
    Vicente A. González, Farook Hamzeh, Luis Fernando Alarcón


    Vicente A. González is a Professor within the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Alberta, Canada. He holds a Construction Engineering (Hons) degree from the University of Valparaiso, Chile, and ME and PhD degrees from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Before joining the University of Alberta, Vicente was a faculty member at The University of Auckland (New Zealand) for over 12 years, where he currently holds an Honorary Academic position. His research interests are at the interface of Construction Engineering and Management and Computer Science, pioneering the Lean Construction 4.0 concept. He has secured USD 45+ million in research and teaching grants, and the largest corporate sponsorship in the history of the University of Auckland. Vicente is a prolific author, and member of editorial boards and international construction engineering and management organizations. He has supervised to completion over 100 undergraduate research projects, and Master and PhD theses over his career.

    Farook Hamzeh, PhD, UC Berkeley, is a Lean Construction expert. His theoretical and applied research in the US, Canada, and the MENA region aim at improving the design and construction of projects. Farook is an Associate Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. He was full time faculty at Colorado State University and at the American University of Beirut. He is an active member of the International Group of Lean Construction (IGLC) and has published heavily on Lean Construction and related topics. Farook has worked for more than seven years in the construction industry on several mega projects: the $1.7 Billion Cathedral Hill Hospital in San Francisco, the 333 m high Rose Rotana Hotel in Dubai, Losail motor-bike racetrack in Qatar, Olympic Tower in Qatar, Al-Amal Oncology Hospital in Qatar, Serail 1374 Building in downtown Beirut, and Sibline Cement factory second production line in Lebanon.

    Luis Fernando Alarcón is a Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the Production Management Center (GEPUC) at the Catholic University of Chile (PUC). He obtained his Engineering degree from PUC and a MEng, MS and a PhD from UC Berkeley. He has been actively involved in research on Lean Construction, risk modeling, and IT in construction. He is a founding member of the International Group for Lean Construction, a member of the Chilean Institute of Engineers, the Pan American Academy of Engineering, and the National Academy of Construction in the US.

    "This book offers a strategy that has Lean Construction embodying and leading the digital transformation of the industry… Read this book to educate yourself about the power and possibilities offered by digitalization… [it] is an invitation to those individuals and companies who are willing and able to try something new and to invest the time and energy needed to be successful. Accepting this invitation will benefit not only yourselves individually, but will contribute to the industry transformation that is so desperately needed."

    From the Foreword by Glenn Ballard, Research Associate with University of California Berkeley's Project Production Systems Laboratory

    "I encourage you recruit a group to read [this] book together with you leading a conversation about how Lean Construction 4.0 can make their lives a lot better… Once you’ve gotten just a few people, to see these possibilities, you’re on your way to changing things by working together to educate decision makers and helping them see how to start moving towards the future of Construction."

    Dean Reed, Board Member at Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry