1st Edition

Lean Supply Chain Management A Handbook for Strategic Procurement

By Jeffrey P. Wincel Copyright 2004
    256 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Unlike other strategic procurement guides, Lean Supply Chain Management considers an organization's "business condition" as a contributing factor in the development of a strategic procurement strategy. That is, rather than taking a "one-size fits all" approach, the author's more individualized approach illustrates techniques specific to organizations operating in a standard or crisis environment.

    Highlights include:

    • Methods for developing and tracking strategic procurement initiatives.
    • Planning in the "standard" and "crisis" environments.
    • Coordinating supply chain management and lean manufacturing.
    • Performance measurement tools.

    Lean Supply Chain Management provides purchasers and supplier development professionals with the tools needed to transform procurement from a mere cost center to a profit generator.

    Section I - The Foundations
    Chapter 1 - The Purchasing/SCM Executive as CEO
    Chapter 2 - The Disciplines of Planning
    Chapter 3 - Force versus Skill

    Section II - The Crisis Environment
    Chapter 4 - Defining the Crisis Environment
    Chapter 5 - Crisis Plan Background and Phase I: Acquisition Team Formation
    Chapter 6 - Phase II: Price Benchmarking
    Chapter 7 - Phase III: Short-Term Process Improvement
    Chapter 8 - Phase IV: Value Analysis/Value Engineering
    Chapter 9 - Phase V: Lean Manufacturing

    Section III - The Standard Environment
    Chapter 10 - Defining the Standard Environment
    Chapter 11 - Supply Base Management
    Chapter 12 - Supplier Quality and Development
    Chapter 13 - Cost Management and Control
    Chapter 14 - Materials Management
    Chapter 15 - The Supply Chain Organization

    Section IV - Coordinating SCM and Lean Management
    Chapter 16 - Developing and Implementing Lean Fundamentals
    Chapter 17 - Manufacturing Implementation
    Chapter 18 - Ongoing Improvements



    Jeffrey P. Wincel

    "Beyond reading about the supply chain approach from a successful company, the best learning advantage would be to supply companies like Toyota and traditional (automotive) companies. This gives an individual leader and teams the advantage of seeing and comparing two methods, traditional versus lean, side by side. This side-by-side comparison lets us see what works and what does not work in the U.S. manufacturing environment. This is exactly the comparison that Jeff Wincel brings to the table in his book, Lean Supply Chain Management."

    Russ Scaffede, VP, Manufacturing, Tiara Yachts, Holland, Michigan 06/01/04

    "This book addresses one of my main frustrations with the supply chain business -- it treats supplier management as a technical logistics issue. Jeffrey Wincel, through his extensive experience in doing it right at Donnelly Mirrors, shows us how lean supply chain management is much more than that. It is about relationships. It is a blending of cultures. It is having a lean plant providing seamless, just-in-time delivery of quality parts to another lean plant. Lean supply chain management is a core competency of Toyota and if you are serious about developing this competency I recommend that you read this book."

    Jeffrey K. Liker, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Editor, Becoming Lean 06/01/04

    "…the book provides a good overview of Wincel's ideas about using lean methods in supply chains."