1st Edition

Lean for the Public Sector
The Pursuit of Perfection in Government Services

ISBN 9781439840221
Published December 14, 2010 by Productivity Press
224 Pages 84 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Packed with international case examples and clearly delineating principles as they apply to public sector organizations, Lean for the Public Sector: The Pursuit of Perfection in Government Services demonstrates that Lean in the public sector is neither rocket science nor a typical profit-driven improvement program.

The book begins with coverage of the basic philosophy of Lean before detailing specific methods for improving processes in the public sector. It addresses concerns specific to the public sector environment and considers the role of the citizen, not only as customer, but as a voter, taxpayer, and community participant. The author provides a clear explanation of methods such as 5S, kaizen, standardization techniques, and Value Stream Mapping shaped to Lean Government. His approach provides a reality-based view of value-added services and waste in the public sector.

Written specifically to address the application of Lean practices in government and the public sector, this how-to workbook gives you the wherewithal to combat the 'We don’t make widgets' mentality. Providing the tools to manage the entire Lean transformation process, the book helps you immediately integrate the Lean way of thinking and its tools into your improvement program.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Lean Management
Improvement in the Public Sector
Lean: That’s about Cars, Right?
Five Basic Principles in Lean

Adding Value: Who Is the Customer?
Portrait of a Citizen
Critial Quality Parameters

Determine Value
The Eight Deadly Wastes
Avoidable and Unavoidable Waste
Action Time and Lead Time
Action Time for the Citizen
Creating Value in the Public Sector

Mapping the Value Stream
Mapping the Current State
Mapping the Future State

Flow and the Pull Principle
Strive for Continuous One-Piece Flow
Application for Facilities: Working in Cells
Takt Time
Pull Principle
Sometimes Push Is Better
The Road to Flow and Pull

Mobilize Employees
Should Work Be Fun?
Improvement in Kaizen Teams
Everyday Lean

Continuous Improvement with Kaizen Teams
Step 1: Choose a Subject
Step 2: Set a Goal
Step 3: Analyze the Current State
Step 4: Find Solutions, Draw the Future State
Step 5: Prepare the Action Plan
Step 6: Implement the Action Plan
Step 7: Measure the Effects
Step 8: Accommodate Standardization and Compliance

Standardization and Compliance
Conscious and Subconscious Actions
Why Operating Instructions and Procedures Don’t Always Work
The Compliance Pyramid

The Perfect Public Service Provider
Road to Perfection
Cases of Process Improvement

The Process-Oriented Organization
Reorganization and Lean
Task-Oriented Versus Process-Oriented
Vertical Start-Up
Case of the Social Services Department in the Town of Oldambt

Lean and Cost Savings
Benefit from Time Gained
The Government Unable to Cut Costs
Cost-Saving Strategies
The Turkey

Workplace Organization Based on the 5Ss
Search Time: 30 Seconds Maximum
The Practical Method
First S: Sort
Preparation for 5S
Starting 5S: The Clean-Out
Clean Desk and the Paperless Office
A Practical Restart
Digital 5S
Practical Case: Tax Department of the Municipality of Dordrecht
Appendix A: Process Activity Sheet
Appendix B: Project Letter
Appendix C: 5 × Why Diagram
Appendix D: Proposal for Improvement
Appendix E: Example of a 5S Audit

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Bert Teeuwen is a senior Lean consultant at Wagenaar Hoes Organization Advice, Netherlands, a firm that specializes in providing training in Lean practices and principles.