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Learning Through Theatre: Dramatic opportunities, engagements and challenges

About the Series

This series commissions in-depth studies of the use of theatre and drama for the widest range of specific purposes - beyond entertainment itself - that involve learning. Contexts include formal educational settings such as schools and colleges, as well as social, communal, health, political, developing world, human services, war zones and commercial contexts. In the fields of applied theatre and drama education, three paradigms often define the purpose and the practice:  

  • drama as art 
  • drama as education 
  • drama as social action and change.  

Books in the series tackle both the opportunities and the tensions among these paradigms: the developments, the challenges and the achievements in this still-growing field. Critical awareness and appraisal are a key feature, with some titles primarily grounded in theory and analysis, some more illustrative of good and bad practice. Authors include pioneers and established leaders as well as emerging practitioners and scholars.


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Social Capacity Building through Applied Theatre Developing Imagination, Emotional and Reflective Skills in the Human Services

Social Capacity Building through Applied Theatre: Developing Imagination, Emotional and Reflective Skills in the Human Services

1st Edition


By Au Yi-Man, John O'Toole
July 24, 2024

As experts in both applied theatre and education, Au Yi-Man and John O’Toole outline how applied theatre techniques can be used to support workers in the human services to develop crucial skills such as resilience, imagination, critical thinking and reflection. Highlighting under-emphasised skills ...

Applied Theatre in Paediatrics Stories, Children and Synergies of Emotions

Applied Theatre in Paediatrics: Stories, Children and Synergies of Emotions

1st Edition

By Persephone Sextou
December 30, 2022

This book explores applied theatre practice for children in environments of illness and cure and how it can powerfully normalise children’s hospitalisation experience. It is an essential tool for making meaning of children’s illness, putting it into a fictional context and developing better control...

Teaching and Learning through Dramaturgy Education as an Artful Engagement

Teaching and Learning through Dramaturgy: Education as an Artful Engagement

1st Edition

Edited By Anna-Lena Østern
May 31, 2021

The aim of this book is to contribute a dramaturgical perspective to education. The authors write from a dramaturgical perspective about the planning of teaching, leadership in the classroom, the teacher-body, the teacher’s oral skills and ethics, communication, and about the spaces in which ...

Critical Themes in Drama Social, Cultural and Political Analysis

Critical Themes in Drama: Social, Cultural and Political Analysis

1st Edition

By Kelly Freebody, Michael Finneran
March 26, 2021

Critical Themes in Drama is concerned with the relationship between drama and the current socio-political context. It builds on and contributes to ongoing scholarly conversations regarding the use, benefit, challenges and opportunities for drama and theatre as a social, cultural, educational and ...

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