1st Edition

Learning and Behaviour in Medicine A Voyage Around CME and CPD

By Robin Stevenson Copyright 2022
    82 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    82 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This concise, practical guide supports a broadly based understanding of continuing medical education and professional development, without being overly theoretical. Opening with the history of CME and CPD, their definitions and the difference between them, this book discusses recent changes in the culture of learning in medicine, including the transition of CME from didactic teaching to interactive, focused adult learning. It describes the replacement of a curricular approach by education driven by need, which, in turn, is defined by discovery and analysis of professional practice gaps. Particular emphasis is placed on the misdiagnosis gap, its causation and impact on patient care.

    Key Features

    • Articulates the essential difference between CME and undergraduate and postgraduate medical education
    • Highlights the importance of professional practice gap discovery and analysis
    • Outlines the planning and design of CME in relation to Moore’s Outcomes Pyramid
    • Describes the various modalities of CME provision, methods of outcome assessment and accreditation systems
    • Confirms the critical role that CPD plays in revalidation and maintenance of certification, with important considerations around fitness to practise

    It is essential reading for those who use CME and those who plan, design, deliver and accredit CME, including practising healthcare professionals from all specialties, and CME providers, both independent and linked to specialist societies.

    Prologue. Chapter 1. The beginning of CME and how it relates to CPD. Chapter 2. Culture of Learning. Chapter 3. Professional Practice Gap and the CME Community. Chapter 4. The Three Types of PPG. Chapter 5. Gap Discovery and Analysis. Chapter 6. CME Provision. Chapter 7. Outcome Assessment. Chapter 8. Accreditation. Chapter 9. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)- Maintenance of Certification and Revalidation. Epilogue. Index.


    Robin Stevenson is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of European CME and Honorary Professor of Medicine, Glasgow University, UK.

    "Doctor Stevenson has written an important book that should initiate the overdue conversation between the providers and consumers of CME/CPD. It provides helpful information combined with Dr. Stevenson’s distinctive brand of humour. In the past several decades, what has been called continuing medical education (CME), which usually consists of mostly passive lectures for "attendees", has evolved into continuing professional development (CPD), which increasingly requires more engagement on the part of "participants". Stevenson shows that recognition and understanding of this evolution has occurred primarily in the provider world while consumers of CME/CPD have been mostly in the dark about what they are "subjected to" when they are asked to participate more fully in current CPD activities. Current CPD activities are more likely to encourage reflection on practice and active learning. Dr. Stevenson’s brief book provides a readable introduction to the newer requirements of CPD and will contribute to the development of a dialogue between the multiple levels of CPD providers and the multiple levels of CPD consumers. Learning and Behaviour in Medicine is recommended for individuals in both groups as a way to begin the dialogue. Hopefully the dialogue will lead the emergence of "self-evaluating/self-improving" clinicians and the best possible outcomes for their patients."  Don Moore, PhD, Professor of Medical Education and Administration, Emeritus, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

    "Finally, a much-needed publication clearly explaining how to put into practice the key concepts in continuing medical education and continuing professional development for healthcare professionals. Essential reading, it validates the knowledge and practice of the experienced, as well as making sense of the jargon for the new-comer." Eugene Pozniak, Programme Director, European CME Forum

    "Robin Stevenson has produced an excellent primer in the history, current structure and potential of continuing medical education (CME) to improve physician performance as well as knowledge. His work is particularly valuable to medical establishments in Europe, Asia and Africa (medical schools and specialty societies) who need to play significant roles in the CME enterprise but to date have neglected to do so. Let’s hope Learning and Behavior in Medicine will encourage these organizations to change their own behavior!" Lewis A Miller, Principal, WentzMiller Global Services LLC, USA