1st Edition

Learning and Memory The Behavioral and Biological Substrates

Edited By Isidore Gormezano, Edward A. Wasserman Copyright 1992
    424 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    424 Pages
    by Psychology Press

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    This volume presents the views and findings of behaviorally and biologically oriented investigators invited to participate in The University of Iowa's biennial learning and memory symposium. While chapters vary in their scope and depth of coverage, they are all amply referenced so that researchers, teachers, and students can obtain background information appropriate to their respective needs.

    Contents: I. Gormezano, Introduction. W.A. Roberts, Foraging by Rats on a Radial Maze: Learning, Memory, and Decision Rules. S.J. Shettleworth, Spatial Memory in Hoarding and Nonhoarding Tits (Paridae). A.A. Wright, Testing the Cognitive Capacities of Animals. D.L. Chatlosh, E.A. Wasserman, Memory and Expectancy in Delayed Discrimination Procedures. H.B. Daly, Preference for Unpredictability Is Reversed When Unpredictable Nonreward Is Aversive: Procedures, Data, and Theories of Appetitive Observing Response Acquisition. R.M. Church, H.A. Broadbent, J. Gibbon, Biological and Psychological Description of an Internal Clock. J. Stewart, Conditioned Stimulus Control of the Expression of Sensitization of the Behavioral Activating Effects of Opiate and Stimulant Drugs. M. Davis, J.M. Hitchcock, J.B. Rosen, A Neural Analysis of Fear Conditioning. C.R. Goodlett, D.J. Bonthius, E.A. Wasserman, J.R. West, An Animal Model of Central Nervous System Dysfunction Associated with Fetal Alcohol Exposure: Behavioral and Neuroanatomical Correlates. W.T. Greenough, G.S. Withers, B.J. Anderson, Experience- Dependent Synaptogenesis as a Plausible Memory Mechanism. J.L. Lo Turco, J.L. Olds, B. Bank, D.L. Alkon, Biophysical and Biochemical Records of Associate Memory in Rabbit CAl Pyramidal Neurons and Hermissenda B Cells. R.P. Kesner, P. Jackson-Smith, Neurobiology of an Attribute Model of Memory: Role of Prefrontal Cortex. T.W. Berger, J.L. Bassett, System Properties of the Hippocampus. P.M. McCabe, N. Schneiderman, T.W. Jarrell, C.G. Gentile, A.H. Teich, R.W. Winters, D. Liskowsky, Central Pathways Involved in Classical Differential Conditioning of Heart Rate Responses in Rabbits. J.W. Moore, J.E. Desmond, A Cerebellar Neural Network Implementation of a Temporally Adaptive Conditioned Response. R.F. Thompson, J.E. Steinmetz, The Essential Memory Trace Circuit for a Basic Form of Associative Learning.


    Isidore Gormezano, Edward A. Wasserman

    "...this is a well-produced and expertly edited volume, with several interesting and potentially influential chapters....useful to behavioral scientists and others looking for a means of quickly appraising the issues in what has become a labyrinthine neuroscience literature."
    The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology