Lectures On Phase Transitions And The Renormalization Group  book cover
1st Edition

Lectures On Phase Transitions And The Renormalization Group

ISBN 9780201554090
Published June 30, 1972 by CRC Press
420 Pages

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Book Description

Covering the elementary aspects of the physics of phases transitions and the renormalization group, this popular book is widely used both for core graduate statistical mechanics courses as well as for more specialized courses. Emphasizing understanding and clarity rather than technical manipulation, these lectures de-mystify the subject and show precisely "how things work." Goldenfeld keeps in mind a reader who wants to understand why things are done, what the results are, and what in principle can go wrong. The book reaches both experimentalists and theorists, students and even active researchers, and assumes only a prior knowledge of statistical mechanics at the introductory graduate level.Advanced, never-before-printed topics on the applications of renormalization group far from equilibrium and to partial differential equations add to the uniqueness of this book.

Table of Contents

Introduction * Scaling and Dimensional Analysis * Power Laws in Statistical Physics * Some Important Questions * Historical Development * Exercises How Phase Transitions Occur In Principle * Review of Statistical Mechanics * The Thermodynamic Limit * Phase Boundaries and Phase Transitions * The Role of Models * The Ising Model * Analytic Properties of the Ising Model * Symmetry Properties of the Ising Model * Existence of Phase Transitions * Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking * Ergodicity Breaking * Fluids * Lattice Gases * Equivalence in Statistical Mechanics * Miscellaneous Remarks * Exercises How Phase Transitions Occur In Practice * Ad Hoc Solution Methods * The Transfer Matrix * Phase Transitions * Thermodynamic Properties * Spatial Correlations * Low Temperature Expansion * Mean Field Theory * Exercises Critical Phenomena in Fluids * Thermodynamics * Two-Phase Coexistence * Vicinity of the Critical Point * Van der Waals Equation * Spatial Correlations * Measurement of Critical Exponents * Exercises Landau Theory * Order Parameters * Common Features of Mean Field Theories * Phenomenological Landau Theory * Continuous Phase Transitions * Inhomogeneous Systems * Correlation Functions * Exercises Fluctuations and the Breakdown of Landau Theory * Breakdown of Microscopic Landau Theory * Breakdown of Phenomenological Landau Theory * The Gaussian Approximation * Critical Exponents * Exercises Scaling in Static, Dynamic and Non-Equilibrium Phenomena * The Static-Scaling Hypothesis * Other Forms of the Scaling Hypothesis * Dynamic Critical Phenomena * Scaling in the Approach to Equilibrium * Summary The Renormalisation Group * Block Spins * Basic Ideas of the Renormalisation Group * Fixed Points * Origin of Scaling * RG in Differential Form * RG for the Two Dimensional Ising Model * First Order Transitions and Non-Critical Properties * RG for the Correlation Function * Crossover Phenomena * Correlations to Scaling * Finite Size Scaling Anomalous Dimensions Far From Equilibrium * Introduction * Similarity Solutions * Anomalous Dimensions in Similarity Solutions * Renormalisation * Perturbation Theory for Barenblatts Equation * Fixed Points * Conclusion Continuous Symmetry * Correlation in the Ordered Phase * Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition Critical Phenomena Near Four Dimensions * Basic Idea of the Epsilon Expansion * RG for the Gaussian Model * RG Beyond the Gaussian Approximation * Feyman Diagrams * The RG Recursion Relations * Conclusion

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Nigel Goldenfeld