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Legal Perspectives on Brexit

About the Series

This shortform series follows the fallout of the UK’s pivotal decision to withdraw from the European Union, otherwise known as Brexit. As politicians and academics discern what this historic decision will mean for UK Law, the books in this series offer a legal library for students, scholars and legal practitioners.

Each book discusses Brexit through its own individual legal specialism, providing expert analysis on sectors which have long been dominated by EU Law. Recognizing a need for academic debate around these legal and political disputes, this series provides a  multifaceted resource exploring contemporary issues.

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Brexit and the Car Industry

Brexit and the Car Industry

1st Edition

Matthew Humphreys, Doug Munro
June 11, 2019

One of the principal arguments put forth by Brexit supporters is that by freeing the UK from the stranglehold of EU law, the country will be able to expand its markets through increased bilateral trade and enhance economic growth. This book tests this proposition by reference to the car industry. ...

Brexit and Procurement Law

Brexit and Procurement Law

1st Edition

Catherine Maddox
December 13, 2018

Public procurement law, regulating public sector purchasing of certain contracts for goods, works and services, is an area of EU law which is closely intertwined with the UK's economy. It will almost inevitably be affected by the consequences of Brexit. At a time of significant uncertainty, this ...

Brexit and Aviation Law

Brexit and Aviation Law

1st Edition

Jan Walulik
November 27, 2018

Focusing on the consequences of Brexit for aviation law, this book presents the key legal issues for aviation business and administration, as well as all major stakeholders that could potentially be affected by Brexit. This will include airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers, regulatory ...

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