1st Edition

Legal Theory and the Humanities Volume V

By Peter Goodrich, Maksymilian Del Mar Copyright 2014
    562 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The papers selected for this volume offer a panorama of problems and methods at the intersection of legal theory and the humanities. All taken from the last three decades, the papers discuss issues such as the role of the emotions and the imagination in legal reasoning, and the protection of the diversity of voices and perspective in the name of community. Unduly neglected sources and resources for legal theory are also explored: images, still and moving; performance, aural and gestural; and space, old and new, from the Inns of Court to the World Wide Web. The articles balance renewed calls to humanise legal theory with those that analyse and explore the relevance of specific domains of the humanities - such as literature, architecture, music, painting, drawing and film - for law. The volume contains a substantive introduction and a detailed bibliography.

    Contents: Introduction. Part I Imagination, Emotion and the Particular: Empathy, legal storytelling, and the rule of law: new words, old wounds?, Toni M. Massaro; Poets as judges: judicial rhetoric and the literary imagination, Martha C. Nussbaum; The echo of a sentimental jurisprudence, Ian Ward. Part II Voice, Perspective and Community: The judicial opinion and the poem: ways of reading, ways of life, James Boyd White; Law as rhetoric, rhetoric as law: the arts of cultural and communal life, James Boyd White; The judicial opinion as literary genre, Robert A. Ferguson; Narrative transactions - does the law need a narratology?, Peter Brooks; Ghosts of law and humanities (past, present, future), Marett Leiboff. Part III Image, Vision and Pattern: The aesthetics of American law, Pierre Schlag; Tele-tribunals: anatomy of a medium, Cornelia Vismann; Precrime never pays! ’Law and economics’ in Minority Report, William P. MacNeil; Visiocracy: on the futures of the fingerpost, Peter Goodrich. Part IV Space, Music and Performance: Law, music, and other performing arts, Sanford Levinson and J.M. Balkin; Theatre of deferral: the image of the law and the architecture of the Inns of Court, David Evans; Prelude: senses and symbols in aesthetic experience, Desmond Manderson; Legal performance good and bad, Julie Stone Peters; Screening law, Peter Goodrich. Index.


    Maksymilian Del Mar is Reader in Legal Theory at Queen Mary University of London, UK and Peter Goodrich is Professor of Law and Director, Law and Humanities, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, USA.