1st Edition

Legionellosis Volume I

By Katz Copyright 1985

    Legionellosis is a text in two volumes that presents the modern viewpoint of the agent and the disease. It also chronicles the history of the discovery of Legionella pneumophila. Volume 1 discusses current aspects of the microbe including taxonomy, morphology, biochemistry, and physiology. It also discusses the illness including clinical features, pathology, and therapy. Volume II details the laboratory diagnosis, epidemiology, and pathology. The contributors are amongst the most eminent scientists in their respective fields.

    Part 1: History of Legionellosis 1. Isolation of a new microbe 2. Prior outbreaks of Legionellosis Part 2: The Microbe 3. Taxonomy of the Family of Legionellaceae 4. Morphology of Legionella 5. Biochemistry and Physiology of Legionella Part 3: The Illness 6. Clinical Features of Legionnaires Disease 7. Clinical Features of Disseise due to Legionella Species 8. The Pathology of Legionellosis, Part 1: Pulmonary Pathology Part 2: Extrapulmonary Pathology of Legionaireā€˜s Disease Part 3: Visualization of Legionella Pneumophila in Exudates and Tissues by Histochemical Techniques 9. Therapy of Legionellosis