1st Edition

Legislation, Technology and Practice of Mine Land Reclamation Proceedings of the Beijing International Symposium on Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration (LRER 2014), Beijing, China, 16-19 October 2014

Edited By Zhenqi Hu Copyright 2015

    Legislation, Technology and Practice of Mine Land Reclamation contains the proceedings of the Beijing International Symposium on Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration (LRER 2014, Beijing, China, 16-19 October 2014).

    The contributions cover a wide range of topics:
    - Monitoring, prediction and assessment of environmental damage in mining areas
    - Subsidence land reclamation and ecological restoration
    - Soil, vegetation and biological diversity
    - Mining methods and measures for minimization of land and environmental damage
    - Solid wastes and AMD treatment
    - Contaminated land remediation
    - Land reclamation and ecological restoration policies and management
    - Surface mined land reclamation and ecological restoration
    - Case study on mining reclamation and ecological restoration

    Legislation, Technology and Practice of Mine Land Reclamation will be of interest to engineers, scientists, consultants, government officials and students involved in environmental engineering, soil science, ecology, forestry, mining, and land reclamation and ecological restoration in mining areas.

    Organizing committee of LRER 2014

    Plenary session presentation

    A fifty year overview of mined land reclamation research in the Appalachian coalfields, USA
    W.L. Daniels

    Part 1: Monitoring, prediction and assessment of environmental damage in mining areas

    Positive impacts of mining activities on environment
    M.M. Mobtaker & M. Osanloo

    Risks and solving strategies of suitability evaluation on mining land reclamation based on the mine scale
    S.Q. Zhao, Y.F. Niu & X.M. Shi

    Predicting the changes of surface soil organic matter contents with remote sensing inversion model in the northern Xuzhou mining areas
    F. Chen, S.J. Hao, J. Ma, Y.W. Zeng, S. Liang, J.F. Qu & S.L. Zhang

    Analysis of the effect of mining coal on the water environment in the Panxie mining area of Huainan
    C. Xu, C.H. Lu & T.Y. Fan

    Analysis and countermeasures of coal mining impact on agriculture production from the micro perspective
    J.L. Gao & X.Y. Xu

    Ecological assessment and conservation measures of land for the city of Xinzheng
    Y. Li, S.C. Ma, M.Y. Liu & X.P. Song

    Analysis on deformation development of open-pit slope under the influence of underground mining
    N. Wang, B.H. Wan, P. Zhang & X.L. Du

    Rural landscape assessment in the mining affected area: A case study in Shandong Province, China
    Y.H. Fu, W.Y. Li, J.Y. Zhang, S. Jiang, L. Ma & P. Zhang

    Consistent handling approach on multi-temporal land use status data with various differences
    H.B. Zhang, Y.H. Wang & Z.Z. Guo

    Comments on land consolidation research priorities and perspective
    Y. Yu, S.S. Ye, W. Xiao, Y.H. Fu, J.H. Long & J.T. Liu

    GIS-based evaluation and analysis of land ecological quality and limiting factors: A case study of the city of Sanmenxia
    N.L. Chen, X.C. Wang, J.F. Sun & W.X. Qin

    RS-based land use change and driving forces in a mining city
    Y. Xu, J.J. Zhang & Y.Y. Shi

    The impact of land use change on ecological carbon sequestration of mining city
    H. Hui, J.J. Zhang, Q. Xu & G.F. Luo

    Mining-induced land use cover and change in mining cities
    Q. Xu, J.J. Zhang & H. Hui

    Part 2: Subsidence land reclamation and ecological restoration

    Effects of mining subsidence on niche suitability of cultivated land
    Q.J. Chen & Q. Hao

    Suitability assessment on land reclamation of subsided land by coal mining in plain area with high groundwater level
    J. Li, X.X. Zhao, W.Y. Li, J.T. Liu, G.B. Jing & Z.S. Liu

    Suitability evaluation of abandoned mine lands supported by GIS: A case study of Yangzhuang mining area in Huaibei
    J. Chang & Y. Yang

    Research on the characteristic of surface movement and its formation mechanism under thick unconsolidated layer in Kailuan mine area
    G.L. Bai, Z.D. Yang & B.Z. Huang

    Influence of aquifer drainage on land subsidence in eastern Chinese coal mines
    Q. Yu, J.R. Ma, H. Shimada & T. Sasaoka

    The wetland evolution process and ecological effect analysis in coal-mining subsided land with high groundwater
    J.F. Qu, S.L. Zhang, K. Wang, G. Li & N.S. Bu

    Scenario analysis of mining subsidence in Huaibei city and governance patterns
    R.Y. Zhang, W. Xiao, J. Yang, J.T. Ren, S. Jiang & P.F. Wang

    Study on reclamation modes of coal mining damaged land in Henan Province
    Y.Q. Pan, C.Y. He, L.L. Ge, Z.Y. Wang, Z.Y. Gu & F.S. Liu

    Part 3: Soil, vegetation and biological diversity

    Utilization of river sediments as topsoil to reclaim brownfields and other sites
    R.G. Darmody & J.C. Marlin

    The relationship between plant community and soil factors in spoil bank of coal mine under different reclamation modes
    T.Z. Wang, X.D. Huang, Y.Y. Bao & X.R. Gan

    An experimental study for assessment of soil erosion at rehabilitation area in Indonesian coal mine
    A. Hamanaka, N. Inoue, H. Shimada, T. Sasaoka & K. Matsui

    Maintenance and construction of territorial waters in secondary wetland driven by coal mining
    S.Z. Li, Y.J. Lu & Y. Feng

    The accumulation of heavy metals by Sorghum plants cultivated in biochar present
    P. Soudek, I.M.R. Valseca, Š. Petrová, T. Vaněk & J. Song

    Effects of understory cover on tree recruitment in gold mining rehabilitation in monsoonal woodlands in Northern Territory Australia
    E.W. Saragih, S.M. Bellairs & P.A.S. Wurm

    Santa Maria River levee ecological restoration program
    R.W. Hobbs & R.T. MacAller

    VegCover: A green coverage measure software for vegetation restoration monitoring
    J.B. Hu & C.B. Liu

    Effect of different machinery and rolling times on the physical property of reclamation soil in coal area
    X.Y. Min, X.J. Li & X.N. Huang

    Effect of rocky slopes gradient on root growth and pull-out resistance of Lespedeza bicolor Turcz. plants
    H.Y. Xu, S. Gao, G.L. Song & L.B. Han

    Research on mechanism and ecological effects of mycorrhizal inoculation in different density soil
    K. Zhu & Y.L. Bi

    Using site appropriate pioneer species to initiate pedogenic processes which promote recovery to stable and complex forested ecosystems
    W.K. Chapman & R. Bravi

    Effect of environmental materials on plant growth and immobilization of heavy metal lead and cadmium
    Z.B. Huang, P.C. Sun, J. Chen & J. Zhong

    Is there any possible way of the use of industrial wastes in crop production?
    B. Tóth, L.G. Nagy, L. Nagy, Sz. Veres & L. Lévai

    Effect of reclamation on diversity of soil bacterial community in mining subsidence area
    Y.Y. Li, L.Q. Chen, T. Zhang & T.J. Zhou

    Disturbance of mining activities to ecological land measured by ecological connectivity
    Y.H. Rao & J.J. Zhang

    Physiological response to Cd stress and Cd-accumulation of four herbaceous plants
    R.H. Yin, X.M. Li & G.L. Song

    Mine rock slope ecological restoration techniques
    Y.J. Yang & W.D. Zhang

    Study on the artificial revegetation succession law of the deserted quarry of the north of China
    H. Zhang, Q. Wang & L.B. Zhou

    Ecological restoration methods research of the Haihe River Basin
    Z.X. Li, Z.Z. Ma, L.X. Li & D.W. Wang

    Application of plant fiber blanket in land reclamation and ecological rehabilitation
    Y.J. Chen

    Part 4: Mining methods and measures for minimization of land and environment damage

    Development of backfill design parameters for control of surface and subsurface mining related movements
    R.M. Feng & Y.P. Chugh

    Experimental study of feasibility of carbon dioxide storage in unmineable coal seam
    B.S. Nie, T. Yang, W.J. Jia, X.C. Li & H.Y. Tang

    Close-range coal seam mining and stowing with upper entry
    X.L. Du

    Efficient groundwater monitoring for underground and open-cast mining
    E. Berger, D. Balmert, J. Richter & H.Y. Liu

    Study on the development law of water flowing fractured zone in extremely thick coal seam mining at oasis mining area
    H.L. Liu, H.F. Wang, D.S. Zhang, H.C. Zhao, Y. Wang & Y.L. Yang

    Modeling the Lean Limitation Criteria as a key factor for making a decision about abandoned mines in Iran
    S.P. Mirmoini, M. Osanloo & M. Rahmanpour

    The method of delineation of methane release zonation on grounds of rock fabric
    R. Khojayev, R. Gabaidullin, T. Khojayev & E. Khojayev

    Research and implementation of efficient mining filling for integration technology in coal mines of grassland area
    C.H. Liu, J.J. Xia, Y.H. Zhao & D.Y. Bian

    Part 5: Solid wastes and AMD treatment

    Study on the spatial distribution regularities of coal gangue accumulation in the coal mining area of northern Germany—taking coal gangue accumulation area of Ibbenbueren for instance
    C. Huang, L.J. Xu, H. Meuser & R. Anlauf

    Effect of distance and wind on the temperature of spontaneous combustion coal waste piles
    Q. Xia, Z.Q. Hu, Y.L. Zhao, Y.H. Fu & L.J. Xu

    Reclamation of mine tailings using natural peat
    A. Mikhailov

    Improving the quality of recycled fine aggregates by selective removal of brittleness defects
    T. Nawa & H. Ogawa

    Pharmaceuticals in waters—problem and its solution
    T. Vaněk, P. Soudek, P. Marsik, T. Hudcova & J. Syrovatka

    Utilization of coal mine solid waste by phosphate-solubilizing bacteria and its application in reclamation
    J. Wang

    Water quality simulation to predict the Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) potential in an underground mine
    G.J. Kusuma, D. Permata, R.S. Gautama & D. Firgiani

    Adsorption performance investigation of heavy metal copper in acid mine drainage by the Klebsiella oxytoca
    Y.J. Zhu, L.B. Zhou, Y.B. Zhu & L.P. Ju

    Comprehensive development and utilization of coal gangue in the western region
    W.B. Sun & Y. Wang

    Study on assessment system of rehabilitation on acid mine waste rock dump
    Y.B. Zhu, L.B. Zhou, L.P. Ju & Y.J. Zhu

    Part 6: Contaminated land remediation

    Spatial distribution of heavy metals in the abandoned tailings pond of Chaihe lead-zinc mine
    Z.Y. Wei, W. Zhang, J.H. Long, M. Yang & Q. Chang

    Physiological and ecological response of lorn to heavy metal toxicity under the action of chelate and AM mycorrhira joint remediation
    Y.Z. Wang, Z.Q. Zhao & X.N. Liu

    Bioremediation of Acid-Mine Drainage contaminated with acid and heavy metals in coal mine by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
    B.G. Ma & Z.Q. Hu

    Phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil by selection of plant species
    B.K.C. Chan, T. Luo & R.Y. Wang

    Pollution status of heavy metals in China’s metallic mining areas and treatment measures concerned
    Y. Chen

    Simulation of lateral migration of heavy metal in Huanjiang watershed, Guangxi province of China
    P.W. Qiao, X.Y. Zhou, J. Yang, T.B. Chen & M. Lei

    Mechanochemical stabilization of lead containing soil for contaminated site remediation
    W. Zhang, Q. Wang, H. Zhang, L.L. Wu, W.Q. Gao & L.B. Zhou

    Environmental problems and the ecological restoration of polluted land in ion-absorbed rare earth mine: A conceptual model
    S.W. Liu, X.D. Liu, Y.Y. Huang & X.J. Luo

    Application of POPs-contaminated soil in the cement industry with high pollutant destruction efficiency
    Y.Q. Li, H.Z. Wang, J. Zhang & W.J. Miao

    A brief review of the heavy metal pollution repair technology for mine soil
    Q. Li

    Part 7: Land reclamation and ecological restoration policies and management

    Environmental planning of post-mining landscapes
    W. Wende

    Comparison and reference on the systems of reclamation of the destructed land left over by history in China and overseas countries
    M. Luo & Y. Zhou

    Overview of international mine closure practices for capability building in China
    Y.Q. Zhao, B. Wang, Z.X. Li, C.P. Li & L. Zhang

    Recultivation and sustainable development of post-mining landscapes
    R.U. Syrbe

    Analysis of mine land reclamation regulation system from a new public management perspective
    X. Zhou, Y. Zhou & Z.Z. Du

    Mining area land ecological restoration industrialization—with National Geopark as example
    N. Yang & M.C. Fu

    Management hierarchy building for land reclamation of mining enterprises
    Z.Z. Du, Z.K. Bai & Y. Zhou

    Part 8: Surface mined land reclamation and ecological restoration

    Development of methods for post-mining land use planning for coal mines in urban areas in Quang Ninh, Vietnam
    K. Broemme, H. Stolpe, C. Jolk, S. Greassidis, A. Borgmann, B. Zindler & T. Mien

    Assessment of visual impact due to surface mining with the Lvi method
    V. Dentoni, B. Grosso & G. Massacci

    Fundamental study on application of fly ash as topsoil substitute for the reclamation of mined land in Indonesian open cut coal mine
    N. Inoue, A. Hamanaka, H. Shimada, T. Sasaoka & K. Matsui

    Stability effect of water content on dominant loess dumping areas
    D.H. Zhang, N. Inoue, A. Hamanaka, T. Sasaoka, H. Shimada & K. Matsui

    Evaluation of the current system for waste rock treatment considering the rock conditions in open pit coal mine, Indonesia
    S. Matsumoto, H. Shimada, T. Sasaoka, A. Hamanaka & K. Matsui

    Mine Facility Location Selection in open-pit mines using a new multistep-procedure
    M. Fazeli, M. Osanloo & S. Naghne

    Adit-strip extraction technology and numerical simulation analysis in open pit coal mine
    Y.L. Chen, G.M. Zhang & G.R. Feng

    An artificial reality for mine site rehabilitation—the industrial symbiotic approach
    M. Yellishetty, J. Li & V. Wong

    Physical modeling geomechanical stability of open-cast slopes and internal overburden dumps
    B.R. Rakishev, K. Seituly & O.S. Kovrov

    Research on the mine afforesting reclamation technology of waste dump in Shengli 1
    Opencast Coal Mine site
    D.C. Wang & Z. Shang

    The revegetation of south dump in Yuanbaoshan open pit coal mine
    Y. Wang & H.T. Yu

    Part 9: Case study on mining reclamation and ecological restoration

    The conception of ecology restoration and practice on mines—take the goafs located in Shenhua and Shendong Daliuda mine for an example
    X.J. Luo, Y.B. Gao, P. Zhao, Y.Y. Ma & X. Zhang

    Analysis on mining city ecological environment evaluation—a case study of Wu’an city
    G.F. Luo, J.J. Zhang, S.N. Li & H. Huang

    Surface regeneration of coal tips: 15 years of mine rehabilitation in a former coal mining region in Southwest Germany
    B.K.C. Chan, A.W.L. Dudeney & S. Meyer

    Mined land use selection using a modified version of TOPSIS method, that can handle uncertainty, by accepting inputs as D numbers
    V. Khechadoorian & M. Osanloo

    Why restore habitat? A case study on one small corner of the world: The cultural, regulatory, and public health drivers of habitat restoration in San Diego, California, USA
    M. Nieto & R.T. MacAller

    A case study of land reclamation and ecological restoration of mine
    F.D. Liu, X.Z. Xu, C.B. Zhao & C.X. Ji

    Research on land reclamation pattern in mining cities of loess plateau area—with Shuozhou city as an example
    D.H. Liu & Z.H. Xu

    Ecological restoration of coalmine spoils by establishing certain woody plantations in a dry tropical environment, India: A case study
    A.N. Singh & D.H. Zeng

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