362 Pages
    by AOCS Publishing

    Demonstrating the quantum leap genomics represents in technology, this book documents the initial research strategies, the development of genomic tools and resources, and the legume-community consensus on the research objectives that will guide the genomic characterization of major legume crops. The book presents this technical theme in a manner that helps readers answer the question, "What is genomics?" And finally, this book helps readers formulate an opinion on the question, "Why is genomic research needed?" The application of this technology in legume crop enhancement will ensure that U.S. agriculture remains competitive in domestic and global markets for legumes and legume crop products.


    Development and Status of the U.S. Legume Crops Genomics Initiative

    H. Roger Boerma and Marc Curtis

    An Introduction to Plant Genomics

    Arthur K. Weissinger and Sandra M. Allina

    Legume Phylogeny: Context for the Family, Major Groups, and the Relationships of Crop and Model Species

    Jeff J. Doyle

    Genomics and Genetic Diversity in Common Bean

    Phillip McClean, Paul Gepts, and James Kamir

    Genomics and Genetic Improvement in the Cool Season Pulse Crops Pea, Lentil, and Chickpea

    N.F. Weeden and F.J. Muehlbauer

    Genomics and Genetic Enhancement of Peanut

    Andrew H. Paterson, H. Thomas Stalker, Maria Gallo-Meagher, Mark D. Burow, Sangam L. Dwivedi, Jonathan H. Crouch, and Emma S. Mace

    Genomics Research in Alfalfa, Medicago sativa L.

    E. Charles Brummer

    Medicago truncatula as a Model Legume

    Sergey Ivashuta, Steven Gantt, and Carroll Vance

    Comparative Genomics of Glycine max, Medicago truncatula, Other Legumes, and Arabidopsis thaliana

    Nevin Dale Young

    EST Projects for the Study of Genome Evolution in Legumes.

    J. Schlueter, P. Dixon, and R. Shoemaker

    The Gene Space of the Soybean Genome

    Scott Jackson, Barbara Hass Jacobus, and Janice Pagel

    Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes—TILLING

    Rae Ritchie, Hunt Wiley, Dan Szymanski, and Niels Nielsen

    Genetic Engineering of Soybean: Strategies and Utility

    Tom E. Clemente and Ted M. Klein

    Mapping and Sequencing the Soybean Genome

    Gary Stacey and Henry Nguyen

    Bioinformatics: The Interpretation of Genomic Information

    Volker Brendel, Xiaokang Pan, and Michael E. Sparks

    Soybean Microarrays: A Genomic Tool for Crop Improvement

    Steven J. Clough and Lila O. Vodkin

    DNA Marker-Assisted Selection for Improvement of Soybean Oil Concentration and Quality

    Vincent R. Pantalone, David R. Walker, Ralph E. Dewey, and Istvan Rajcan

    Genomic Approaches for Developing Soybeans with Resistance to Pests (Soybean Cyst Nematode)

    Benjamin F. Matthews

    Allergenic Responses to Legume Proteins

    Eliot M. Herman


    Richard F. Wilson (USDA, Beltsville, Maryland, USA)