1st Edition

Leisure Myths and Mythmaking

Edited By Brett Lashua, Simon Baker, Troy Glover Copyright 2023
    132 Pages
    by Routledge

    132 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book centralizes powerful leisure stories that may otherwise be understood as myths—sometimes recognized, often less so—that circulate in the field of leisure studies and beyond. In everyday use, a myth perpetuates a popularly held belief that is false or untrue. However, in social and cultural theories, myths are more complex as partial truths that privilege particular versions of a shared social reality. We see myth as having an “absent presence” in leisure studies, and want to know what myths are, what they do, and how they circulate and shape people’s leisure lives. Myths can do more than obfuscate; they often animate people’s lives, motivate collective action, and inspire change.

    As the chapters in this edited volume explore in further detail, leisure myths and mythmaking involve complex relations in the gaps between reality and imagination—from the shared myths of musical legends to myths of placemaking and communities, as well as from origin myths of sport practices to fantasy and festivals, to the importance of storytelling as mythmaking in tourism. In different ways, each of these chapters alerts the readers to the “absent presence” of myths and mythmaking in leisure research.

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Leisure Sciences.

    Introduction: Leisure Myths and Mythmaking: Introduction to the Special Issue

    Brett Lashua, Simon Baker and Troy D. Glover

    1. The Myth of the Repack Group: Some Problems and Provocations from an Actor-Network Perspective

    Jim Cherrington

    2. The Myth of Skating History: Building Elitism into a Sport

    B. A. Thurber

    3. Creating the Extraordinary: The Social Practices of a Fantasy Event

    Ilja Simons

    4. Spring Celebration, Hıdrellez: Myth and Play

    Ilkay Tas Gursoy

    5. The Crossroads: Selling Your Soul for Rock n’ Roll

    Justin Harmon

    6. Rural Sport Spectacles: Ice Hockey, Mythologies, and Meaning-Making in Rural Canada

    Kyle A. Rich

    7. Storytelling for Mythmaking in Tourist Destinations

    Licia Calvi and Moniek Hover

    8. Placemaking as Unmaking: Settler Colonialism, Gentrification, and the Myth of “Revitalized” Urban Spaces

    Robyn Moran and Lisbeth A. Berbary


    Brett Lashua is Lecturer in Sociology of the Media and Education at University College London, UK. Brett’s interdisciplinary research spans cultural sociology, youth leisure, popular culture, and media studies, underpinned by interests in cultural histories and cultural geographies.

    Simon Baker teaches Architecture at the University of Sheffield, UK, and is Founder and Director at Group Ginger Architects.

    Troy D. Glover is Professor and Department Chair of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo, Canada.