Leisure in the Time of Coronavirus : A Rapid Response book cover
1st Edition

Leisure in the Time of Coronavirus
A Rapid Response

ISBN 9780367702601
Published March 28, 2022 by Routledge
352 Pages

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Book Description

As the world grapples with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, on almost every news website, across social media, as well as in its (many) absences, leisure has taken on new significance in both managing and negotiating a global crisis.

Leisure in the Time of Coronavirus: A Rapid Response, amidst the disruption, inconvenience, illness, fear, uncertainty, tragedy, and loss from COVID-19, generates discussions that enable leisure scholars to learn and to engage with wider debates about the crucial role of leisure in people’s lives. The pandemic has brought tourism to a standstill with borders closed and travel restricted. From home (for those fortunate enough to have them), in physical isolation, and in attempts to socialize, at no time in recent memory has leisure seemed so vital, and yet also so hauntingly absent. Leisure, therefore, remains an important lens through which to view, question, and understand the world.

The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the journal, Leisure Sciences.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Leisure in the Time of Coronavirus: A Rapid Response

Brett Lashua, Corey W. Johnson and Diana C. Parry

1. Color-Coded Activity Charts and Beachbody: "Momming" in COVID-19

Callie Schultz, Linda Oakleaf and Karen Paisley

2. Single Women’s Leisure during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Audrey R. Giles and Jacquelyn Oncescu

3. Pandemic Motherhood and the Academy: A Critical Examination of the Leisure-Work Dichotomy

Brooke N. Burk, Anna Pechenik Mausolf and Linda Oakleaf

4. Laughing While Black: Resistance, Coping and the Use of Humor as a Pandemic Pastime among Blacks

Corliss Outley, Shamaya Bowen and Harrison Pinckney

5. Beyond Hypervisibility and Fear: British Chinese Communities’ Leisure and Health-Related Experiences in the Time of Coronavirus

Bonnie Pang

6. Capitalism and the (il)Logics of Higher Education’s COVID-19 Response: A Black Feminist Critique

Terah J. Stewart

7. "If We’re Lost, We Are Lost Together": Leisure and Relationality

Felice Yuen

8. Power and Social Control of Youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Myra Gayle Gabriel, Aishia Brown, Maria León and Corliss Outley

9. Leisure Behind Bars: The Realities of COVID-19 for Youth Connected to the Justice System

Maria León, Kevin Rodas and Mora Greer

10. Rainbows, Teddy Bears and ‘Others’: The Cultural Politics of Children’s Leisure Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Utsa Mukherjee

11. Are You OK, Boomer? Intensification of Ageism and Intergenerational Tensions on Social Media Amid COVID-19

Brad A. Meisner

12. Promoting Older Adults’ Physical Activity and Social Well-Being during COVID-19

Julie S. Son, Galit Nimrod, Stephanie T. West, Megan C. Janke, Toni Liechty and Jill J. Naar

13. Prosumption, Networks and Value during a Global Pandemic: Lockdown Leisure and COVID-19

Alexander John Bond, Paul Widdop, David Cockayne and Daniel Parnell

14. "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" @Dnice #ClubQuarantine: Digitally Mediating Ritualistic Leisure Spaces during Isolation

Brandy N. Kelly Pryor and Corliss Outley

15. COVID-19 and its Impact on Volunteering: Moving Towards Virtual Volunteering

Erik L. Lachance

16. "Washing Hands, Reaching Out" – Popular Music, Digital Leisure and Touch during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Eric T. Lehman

17. What Do You (Really) Meme? Pandemic Memes as Social Political Repositories

Shana MacDonald

18. Self-Isolated but Not Alone: Community Management Work in the Time of a Pandemic

Matthew E. Perks

19. Masturbating to Remain (Close to) the Same: Sexually Explicit Media as Habitual Media

Jonathan Petrychyn

20. #QuarantineChallenge2k20: Leisure in the Time of the Pandemic

Monika Stodolska

21. Why Don’t We Play Pandemic? Analog Gaming Communities in Lockdown

Matt Coward-Gibbs

22. By Bread Alone: Baking as Leisure, Performance, Sustenance, During the COVID-19 Crisis

Gwyn Easterbrook-Smith

23. Distancing from the Present: Nostalgia and Leisure in Lockdown

Sean Gammon and Gregory Ramshaw

24. Less Sex, but More Sexual Diversity: Changes in Sexual Behavior during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Justin J. Lehmiller, Justin R. Garcia, Amanda N. Gesselman and Kristen P. Mark

25. Dogs Unleashed: The Positive Role Dogs Play during COVID-19

Rebecca Mayers

26. Queer Isolation or Queering Isolation? Reflecting upon the Ramifications of COVID-19 on the Future of Queer Leisure Spaces

Austin R. Anderson and Eric Knee

27. This Must Be the Place: Distraction, Connection, and "Space-Building" in the Time of Quarantine

Marko Djurdjić

28. Neighboring in the Time of Coronavirus? Paying Civil Attention While Walking the Neighborhood

Troy D. Glover

29. Rural-Urban Interdependencies: Thinking through the Implications of Space, Leisure, Politics and Health

Kyle Rich

30. From Gym Rat to Rock Star! Negotiating Constraints to Leisure Experience via a Strengths and Substitutability Approach

D J Williams

31. Leisure Matters: Cross Continent Conversations in a Time of Crisis

Mark Havitz, Mark P. Pritchard and Frédéric Dimanche

32. Where Is Leisure When Death Is Present?

Karen M. Fox and Lisa McDermott

33. On Not Knowing: COVID-19 and Decolonizing Leisure Research

Bryan S. R. Grimwood

34. Pandemic Precarity: Aging and Social Engagement

Shannon Hebblethwaite, Laurel Young and Tristana Martin Rubio

35. A People’s Future of Leisure Studies: Leisure with the Enemy Under COVID-19

Rasul A. Mowatt

36. Biopolitics, Essential Labor, and the Political-Economic Crises of COVID-19

Jeff Rose

37. Mass Hysteria, Manufacturing Crisis and the Legal Reconstruction of Acceptable Exercise during a Pandemic

Brian Simpson

38. Football is "the most important of the least important things": The Illusion of Sport and COVID-19

Jack Black

39. Hosting the Olympics in Times of a Pandemic: Historical Insights from Antwerp 1920

Bram Constandt and Annick Willem

40. Festivals Post Covid-19

Karen Davies

41. Purveyors of One Health: The Ecological Imperative Driving the Future of Leisure Services

Daniel Dustin, Gene Lamke, James Murphy, Cary McDonald, Brett Wright and Jack Harper

42. Thinking through the Disruptive Effects and Affects of the Coronavirus with Feminist New Materialism

Simone Fullagar and Adele Pavlidis

43. Adventure in the Age of COVID-19: Embracing Microadventures and Locavism in a Post-Pandemic World

Susan Houge Mackenzie and Jasmine Goodnow

44. The Future is Unwritten: Listening to the Rhythms of COVID-19

Brian E. Kumm, Joseph A. Pate and Callie S. Schultz

45. Advice for Leisure Studies: Reflections on the Pandemic From a Retired Professor

Diane M. Samdahl

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Brett Lashua lectures in Cultural Sociology at the Institute of Education, University College London. His scholarship is concerned with social inequalities read through youth leisure, popular music, critical cultural heritage, and urban geographies, underpinned by a commitment to participatory arts-based research methods.

Corey W. Johnson is Professor at the University of Waterloo. His theorizing and qualitative inquiry focuses on the power relations between dominant (white, male, heterosexual, etc.) and non-dominant populations in the cultural contexts of leisure, providing important insight into both the privileging and discriminatory practices in contemporary settings.

Diana C. Parry is Professor in Recreation and Leisure Studies and Associate Vice-President of Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion at the University of Waterloo. Diana’s research utilizes a variety of feminist theories to explore the personal and political links between women’s leisure and women’s health, broadly defined.