1st Edition

Lesbians & Child Custody A Casebook

Edited By Dolores J. Maggiore Copyright 1992

    This work represents a collection of the most pertinent writing of the past fifteen years in the United States and Canada on the topic of lesbians and child custody. Articles were selected on the basis of their relevance, succinctness, and representativeness of the various aspects of child custody involving lesbians. Some of the original psychological studies comparing lesbian mothers to heterosexual mothers were sacrificed in favor of the piece by Patricia Falk, a thorough review of the psychological literature. For others, the length of the manuscript was prohibitive as was the case with the thorough, step-by-step Lesbian Mothers Litigation Manual by Donna Hitchens and Roberta Achtenberg of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

    The Perspective of the Lesbian as M other, Co-M other, Noncustodial Mother, Nonmother, Lesbians Choosing Children: The Personal Is Political Revisited, Self-Contradictions, My Door Is Always Open, Confronting the Courts, The Perspective of the Mental Health Professional, As Expert Witness, Lesbian Mothers: Psychosocial, Assumptions in Family Law, The Best Interests of the Child with a Lesbian Mother, Lewis Children of Lesbians: Their Point of View As Therapist, Clinical Implications of Lesbian Mother Studies, A Lesbian Family Struggle: Clinical Issues, Mothering as a Lesbian Issue, Against All Odds: Lesbian Mother, Family Dynamics, The Perspective of the Legal Professional, Editors of The Harvard Law Review Family Law Issues Involving Children, Lesbians Choosing Motherhood: Legal Implications of Co-Parenting, Lesbian Mothers: A Lesbian-Feminist Perspective on Research, Lesbian Mothers, Lesbian Families: Legal Obstacles, Legal Challenges


    Dolores J. Maggiore (Edited by)