1st Edition

Lessons from The Maestro
Crafting a Successful Fight/Stunt Career in Theatre and Film

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ISBN 9780367637729
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Book Description

In Lessons from The Maestro: Crafting a Successful Fight/Stunt Career in Theatre and Film, famed Hollywood and theatre stuntman, trainer, and fight director David Boushey writes about his life, the history of stage and screen combat and stunt work, and how to enter the entertainment industry.

Charting his illustrious career that spanned over 45 years, 400 theatre credits, and 45 films, Boushey narrates the events and decisions that lead him to enter the entertainment industry and documents for the first time his founding of multiple national and international associations for fight directors and stuntmen. He provides a roadmap for individuals aspiring to work in the theatre and film industry, providing information on training, auditioning, networking, unions, different paths one might take, and tips on how to be a successful stunt performer in a competitive industry. 

Part autobiography, part how-to guide to the entertainment business from the foremost authority in stage combat and stunt work, this is an invaluable resource for professional and aspiring fight and intimacy directors and stunt performers in theatre and film. 

Table of Contents

1.In the Beginning  2. With a Little Help from My Friends  3. Jolly Old England  4. Homeward Bound  5. Creating the Society of American Fight Directors  6. A University Collaboration  7. “Paddy” and the Golden Years of Hollywood  8. Meeting a Legend  9. Famous Stunt Performers  10. Reaping the Whirlwind  11. Surviving the Game  12. The United Stuntmen’s Association  13. The International Stunt School  14. Discovering the IOSP  15. Partnering and Auditioning  16. Starting and Running Your Business  17. Contacts and Connections  18. Joining the Unions  19. Live Stunt Shows  20. Careers and Compromises  21. Creating Your Own Future  22. Fulfilling a Dream  23. Artistry and Achievements  24. Theatre and Film Stories  25. Personal Credentials and Reviews  26. Closing Thoughts and Testimonials

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David L. Boushey is the Founder of The Society of American Fight Directors, The United Stuntmen’s Association, and the International Stunt School. He is an inductee into the Hollywood Stuntmen's Hall of Fame and has been an instructor in the combat arts at more than 100 universities and colleges worldwide.


From Students

"The Reason to Sing is an imperative addition to the library of acting technique. This is one of our greatest masters giving you a master class on the practicalities of acting through song. Enjoy stepping into his classroom. It’s a magical place to be."

Annaleigh Ashford

"Craig Carnelia taught me how to act. He has an uncanny ability to reach the heart of a song and the heart of his students. His students are not just singers. They are storytellers."

Sutton Foster

"Craig saw promise, intelligence, and capability in my acting before I could acknowledge or value those qualities in myself. Through his gentle encouragement and disarming honesty, I was offered a safe place to explore every facet of myself and examine those facets until I learned to love and respect them."

Barrett Wilbert Weed

"Simply put: I owe my career to Craig – every audition, performance, award nomination and accolade. He gave me the confidence-of-self to sing each note and lyric with purpose, truth and integrity. His class will forever be my Northstar."

Brandon Uranowitz

"Craig’s teaching left an indelible mark on my acting and in my writing. I still hear his voice when I approach new material or a new role. Oh, and I booked a lot of Broadway shows because of his class."

Jennifer Sanchez

"Throughout my seven years of studying with Craig, I observed his uncanny ability to introduce the artist to themself. He would consistently intuit exactly what each student required to use their entire being to tell truth through art. His role in my life has been immense both as an artist and a human."

Laura Dreyfuss

"Craig’s teaching changed the course of my career. The work we did together re-shaped the relationship I have with song, and gave me permission to "not perform" and to trust that I am enough. Craig’s work creates an environment of vulnerability and honesty which results in searingly poignant communication between artist and audience. Beginning with my work in Craig’s class, I was able to build on that, and have ended up in some of the smartest and most courageous rooms in New York.

Beth Malone

"I’ve had the great pleasure of taking Craig’s class on and off for many years. His unique approach to musical theater acting, through personalization, relationship, and storytelling, has the ability to unlock even the most difficult of acting challenges. He was crucial to my finding confidence, and useable tools as a young actor, and I still think of his class often, across all mediums of my work."

Aaron Tveit

"Craig Carnelia is perhaps the most influential teacher in my study of musical theatre. Coming from a strictly classical music background, I only understood acting on a performative level. Craig broke me of the habit of ‘just singing’ and freed me to communicate through song."

Elizabeth Stanley

"Encountering Craig’s class was a pivotal moment in my journey as an actor. He has an uncanny ability to observe his students and draw out their truths by responding to what is most human in them. He is deeply present with his students and that level of presence is something I continue to aspire to in my work and life."

Ato Blankson-Wood

"I could write a book. Craig’s teaching is simultaneously tangible and visceral, yet also meditative and beyond the confines we set for ourselves. I cannot recommend him enough and hope this book inspires the creation of more studios and communities such as the one he created on West 72nd Street."

Erika Henningsen


From Universities

"This book is wonderful! Craig Carnelia offers a clear methodology, a step-by-step process to discover surprising authenticity and originality in the acting of songs. He has illuminated a supportive, insightful and inspiring acting process that creates the illusion that this master acting coach is standing by your side. It’s this intimate collaboration between the author and the reader (the teacher and the student) that makes this book so uniquely valuable to the student. I intend to use no other textbook in my Music Theatre Techniques class at Northwestern University from now on."

David H. Bell, Director of Music Theatre, Northwestern University

"As a master teacher of Musical Theatre, Craig Carnelia cuts to the heart of songs and makes them immediate for young performers. He espouses an admirable balance of insightful interpretation, emotional acting and crisp musicality. His master classes are always highly anticipated events at CCM."

Aubrey Berg, Chair Emeritus, CCM Musical Theatre Program

"Craig Carnelia is something of an industry standard in the teaching world regarding this subject. Utilizing the very best of Meisner, Stanislavsky, Uta Hagen and several other master teachers, his distillation of these ideas is profound, simple and accessible. A master instructor in his own right, there is something here for every aspiring and established singing artist."

Robert Westenberg, Professor of Theatre and Coordinator, BFA Musical Theatre Program, Missouri State University

"Craig Carnelia is the Master Teacher of Acting a Song. Elon’s Music Theatre students have been very fortunate to participate in and observe his many master classes on campus. Everyone leaves his classes inspired and carrying with them unique and valuable tools for their next performance. I trust you will be similarly inspired by The Reason to Sing."

Catherine McNeela Nt.D, Professor of Performing Arts and Coordinator of Music Theatre, Elon University