1st Edition

Lessons in Creativity from Musical Theatre Characters

By James C. Kaufman, Dana P. Rowe Copyright 2024
    220 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    220 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Lessons in Creativity from Musical Theatre Characters marries art and science with a new and exciting collaboration between one of the world’s leading creativity scholars and an internationally renowned musical theatre composer. This book will help readers tap into their creativity and unleash their own creative potential as they start their careers.

    Blending cutting-edge research, juicy anecdotes, lived experience, hands-on activities, and gentle advice, authors James C. Kaufman and Dana P. Rowe take readers on a journey to explore and enhance their own creativity. Each chapter addresses a key aspect of creativity, from how to overcome blocks to understanding one’s personal strengths all through the lens of Musical Theatre characters along with insights from those within the industry. Kaufman and Rowe shatter creativity myths (such as the tormented artist or having one big break) that may be harming the reader’s potential growth. Probing questions, fun quizzes, and engaging exercises will help the reader reflect on the material and develop strategies for their next step. All throughout, the readers can learn from the tales of Sweeney Todd, Maria Von Trapp, Alexander Hamilton, Christine Daaé, and countless others to inspire their own creativity.

    This book is ideal for aspiring theatre professionals, students of performing arts, and theatre and creativity scholars.

    Overture: Waiting in the Wings  PART I Your Creative Spark  1. Making Your Entrance: Finding Your Original Voice 2. Hitting Your Mark: The Importance of Appropriateness  3. Thinking On Your Feet: The Creative Process  4. Finding Your Light: Your Creative Aspirations  PART II Your Creative Tools  5. Keeping It Fresh: Staying Open to New Things  6. What’s Your Motivation?: Passion and Balance  7. Showing Them What You’ve Got: The Creative Self  8. Crying on Cue: Monitoring Your Mood  PART III Your Creative Life  9. Leaving the Drama on the Stage: The Myth of the Mad Genius  10. Taking Your Show on the Road: Know When to Make a Change  11. Dreaming Your Dream: Your Journey of Success  Exit Music: The Show Must Go On


    James C. Kaufman is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut, USA. He has written/edited more than 50 books, including The Creativity Advantage. A former president of the American Psychological Association’s Division 10, he has won numerous awards.

    Dana P. Rowe is the composer of 11 musicals, including the off-Broadway hit Zombie Prom, and the Olivier-nominated West End shows The Witches of Eastwick and The Fix. As a certified personal development coach, he specializes in working with creative professionals.