1st Edition

Liberalism and its Practice

Edited By Dan Avnon, Avner De-Shalit Copyright 1999

    Liberalism and its Practice brings together leading authorities who provide an excellent insight into the meaning and practice of liberalism. This book explores current debates surrounding liberalism at the end of the twentieth century and what it has to offer in practice. Its focus is two of liberalism's greatest emerging challenges: multiculturalism and states struggling with the transition to democracy. It considers considers the significant tensions that these pressures bring to liberal frameworks and asks what the viable alternatives are.

    Chapter 1 Introduction, Dan Avnon, Avner de-Shalit; Part 1 Liberalism at the end of the century; Chapter 2 Squaring the circle, Ralf Dahrendorf; Chapter 3 Can weak-state liberalism survive?, Stephen Holmes; Chapter 4 Hayek in Chile, Mario Sznajder; Chapter 5 The invisible hand and the cunning of reason*An earlier version of this paper appeared in Social Research, 64 (1997), pp. 181–98., Edna Ullmann-Margalit; Part 2 Liberalism in multicultural societies; Chapter 6 Feminism and multiculturalism, Susan Moller Okin; Chapter 7 Balancing unity and diversity in multicultural societies, Bhikhu Parekh; Part 3 Alternatives to liberalism; Chapter 8 Group hatreds and democracy, Frank Cunningham; Chapter 9 The civic argument for socialism, Ronald Beiner; Chapter 10 Coimnunitarianism, David Miller;


    Dan Avnon and Avner de-Shalit are both Senior Lecturers in Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.