1st Edition

Libraries as Dysfunctional Organizations and Workplaces

Edited By Spencer Acadia Copyright 2023
    316 Pages
    by Routledge

    316 Pages
    by Routledge

    Libraries as Dysfunctional Organizations and Workplaces expands the "dysfunctional" concept in the professional and academic LIS discourse by exposing the internal problematics of libraries, especially at the social and organizational levels.

    Including contributions written by LIS professionals and scholars, the book demonstrates that although many libraries do well at attending to users and managing external information they often fail at taking care of their own employees and addressing internal workplace issues. Acadia and the contributing authors explore the problem of dysfunctional libraries so that the LIS profession can come to terms with the systemic dysfunction in their institutions and begin solution-oriented progress toward new and sustainable functionality. The book analyzes the dysfunctional nature of modern libraries, while simultaneously proposing solutions to reduce and alleviate dysfunction. Through theory and application, it takes an explicit practice-based approach with the intent to inform and explain dysfunction as experienced in the library workplace at individual and structural levels and perspectives.

    Libraries as Dysfunctional Organizations and Workplaces brings the dysfunction discourse to the attention of LIS academics and scholars so that further theoretical and empirical research can proceed from and subsequently be addressed in library and information schools. The book will also be essential reading for librarians and LIS students currently working or preparing to work in public, college, and university libraries.

    Chapter 1: An Introduction to Dysfunction in the Library Workplace

    Spencer Acadia and Kyndal Vogt

    Chapter 2: The Dysfunctional Library and Academic Librarian Turnover

    Amanda Foster Kaufman, Amy F. Fyn, Millicent Weber and Christina Heady

    Chapter 3: Improving Dysfunctional Recruitment and Retention in Academic Libraries by Honoring the Whole Person

    Erica Lopez

    Chapter 4: Precarity Doesn’t Care: Precarious Employment as a Dysfunctional Practice in Libraries

    Adena Brons, Chloe Riley, Ean Henninger and Crystal Yin

    Chapter 5: Discrimination as Dysfunction: Why do Libraries Have a Problem with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

    Briana Zaragoza and T. Gonzalez

    Chapter 6: Workplace Dysfunction and Intellectual Freedom in Public Libraries

    Miranda Doran-Myers and Crystal Schimpf

    Chapter 7: The Saboteur in the Academic Library

    Kate Dohe, Celia Emmelhainz, Maura Seale and Erin Pappas


    Chapter 8: "Put the Fucking Salary in the Job Ad!": An Analysis of an Anonymous Corpus of Tweets

    Tim Ribaric

    Chapter 9: You are Seen: An Analysis of Library Dysfunction Found in Online Memes

    Éthel Gamache and Spencer Acadia

    Chapter 10: A Descriptive Study of Workplace Bullying in U.S. Libraries during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Carol Anne Geary and Spencer Acadia

    Chapter 11: Work Alienation in Academic Libraries: A Marxist Analysis of Library Dysfunction

    Zorian M. Sasyk

    Chapter 12: Bamboo Ceiling Reframed: Exclusion through Social Practices and Structures in Libraries

    Silvia Vong

    Chapter 13: Combating Destruction: Organizational Power and Conflict in Academic Libraries

    Sara Parme and Amy Pajewski

    Chapter 14: Dysfunction by (Dis)organization: The Academic Library within University Structure and Organization

    Jasmine Hoover


    Spencer Acadia is an assistant professor in the Research Methods and Information Science Department at the University of Denver, U.S.A.