1st Edition

Library Collaborations and Community Partnerships Enhancing Health and Quality of Life

    284 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    284 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Library Collaborations and Community Partnerships illustrates the value of libraries and their resources through an array of alliances to improve health and enhance people's lives. It is unique in its illustration of key principles of collaboration, partner engagement, shared leadership, project development and outcomes measurement, as well as the challenges inherent in collaborations among diverse partners.

    The book includes collaboration exemplars focused on education, health, information literacy and capacity building for populations that experience access and resource disparities. It highlights the innovative use of existing assets, environments and diverse professions to broaden access to resources and information to those in need. The strategies, challenges, outcomes and lessons learned that are described in the volume have application for a variety of settings and populations.

    Highlighting the key role that libraries play in guiding successful interprofessional collaborations with communities, Library Collaborations and Community Partnerships should be of interest to academics, students and professionals engaged in library and information science, education, health care, social services and community organizations. 

    Part I – Theoretical Foundations

    1. Introduction

    Vicki Hines-Martin

    2. Unrecognized Roles of Libraries in Collaborations to Improve Communities

    Fannie M. Cox

    3. Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration

    Vicki Hines-Martin

    4. Communities and Community Engagement

    Henry R. Cunningham

    Part II – Project Exemplars

    Section A – Information Literacy

    5. Introduction

    Fannie M. Cox

    6. Building Wellness Partnerships in Graduate Library and Information Science (LIS) Education

    Loriene Roy, Yan Zhang, and Nora Rose

    7. Information Literacy and the Undergraduate Curriculum: Engaging Faculty and Enhancing Student Learning

    Hugh Burkhart

    8. Fiscal Fitness Through Financial Literacy

    Rosalind K. Lett

    9. Expanding Health Information Outreach through Academic Health Science Partners

    Elizabeth Kiscaden and Jacqueline Leskovec

    Section B – Education

    10. Introduction: Libraries Addressing the Educational Needs of the Community

    Henry R. Cunningham

    11. Information Literacy through Service-Learning

    Michael F. Russo

    12. Engaged, Educated and Entertained: Employing a Facilitated Discussion Model

    Marilyn Harhai

    13. The Carver Cubs Summer Book Club: A Reciprocal Collaboration Between a Neighborhood Library and a Graduate Elementary Teacher Preparation Program

    Estanislado S. Barrera IV, Kim Skinner, and Brandon Reilly

    14. The Monthly Health Talk: How a consumer health library became a hub for a successful health education event through partnerships and community engagement

    Rita Kang, Phyllis Mancini, Valeria Raivich, and Miu Lin Wong

    Section C – Health and Behavior

    15. Introduction

    Vicki Hines-Martin

    16. Dog in Residence: An Interprofessional Wellness Program at an Academic Health Sciences Library

    Gail Y. Hendler and Julia Havey

    17. Free Food at the Library: Becoming a Point of Access for Vulnerable Families

    Elizabeth Lynch and Kelly MacGregor

    18. Healthy Start, Healthy Future for All: Building a Community Coalition to Early Childhood Health

    Ophelia T. Morey, Mary K. Comtois, Christy Panagakis

    19. Team Vittles: A Made-from-Scratch Approach to Tackling Childhood Hunger in Ohio

    Shane Hoffman, Janet Ingraham-Dwyer, JoLynn Wheatley, Sarah Schaff

    20. The Ask: Partnering to Connect At-Risk Teens with Sexual Health Resources

    Elizabeth Lynch and Rebecca McFarland

    21. Physical Activity and Libraries: How Library-Recreation Partnerships Contribute to Active Living

    Noah Lenstra

    Section D – Capacity Building

    22. Introduction: Building Community Capacity through Partnerships and Collaborations

    Henry R. Cunningham

    23. Hoop City Blooms: Mason Square Community Garden and Public Health Initiative

    Caitlin Kelley and Ellen Sulzycki

    24. Making Agency Funding Work for Your Community

    Talicia Tarver, Montie’ Dobbins, William Olmstadt, David Duggar, and Julia M. Esparza

    25. Patient Empowerment: A Partnership between Academia, Community-Based

    Organizations, and Public Libraries

    Kara Burke, Elizabeth Irish, Enid Geyer, Ingrid Allard, Linda Miller, Maria Buhl,

    and Lauren Manning

    26. Transformative Global Health Education and Community Empowerment

    Moira Rogers, Robin Young, Cecilia Uribe de Chavez, and Wilfrido Torres

    Part III – Perspectives, Challenges, and Future Directions

    27. Perspectives, Challenges, and Future Directions

    Vicki Hines-Martin, Henry R. Cunningham, and Fannie M. Cox


    Vicki Hines-Martin is Professor and Assistant Dean, Office of Community Engagement and Diversity Inclusion at the University of Louisville, School of Nursing, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

    Fannie M. Cox is the Outreach and Reference Librarian, and Associate Professor, University of Louisville Libraries in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

    Henry R. Cunningham is the Director of Community Engagement at the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.