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American Interpretations of Natural Law A Study in the History of Political Thought

American Interpretations of Natural Law: A Study in the History of Political Thought

1st Edition

By Benjamin Fletcher Wright
June 30, 2016

This book illustrates the deep roots of natural law doctrines in America's political culture. Originally published in 1931, the volume shows that American interpretations of natural law go to the philosophical heart of the American regime. The Declaration of Independence is the preeminent example ...

Reflections on American Progressivism

Reflections on American Progressivism

1st Edition

By Sidney A. Pearson
September 30, 2014

In American politics, at least since the Civil War, the great philosophical divide is between "progressives" and "founders" of the American regime. The quarrel has come to be defined in the media as a contest between liberals and conservatives. This book explores the ideological underpinnings of ...

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