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Francesco Petrarch's Rime Disperse, Series A

Francesco Petrarch's Rime Disperse, Series A

1st Edition

Edited By Joseph A. Barber
May 01, 1991

First published in 1991. It was the lyric poetry of Petrarch that popularized the sonnet in European literature, that set the standard for love poetry for centuries to follow. Compared to the large volume of prose, poetry and notes in Latin, the corpus of Petrarch’s Italian writings is small: the ...

The Romance of Flamenca

The Romance of Flamenca

1st Edition

Edited By E. D. Blodgett
September 01, 1995

Variously described as a comedy of manners, a psychological romance, and a type of fabliau, the 13th-century narrative Flamenca is the best medieval romance written in Occitan. Its uniqueness springs from qualities that anticipate the preoccupations of modern-day narrative. Not content with being...

Brunetto Latini The Book of the Treasure - Li Livres dou Treasure

Brunetto Latini: The Book of the Treasure - Li Livres dou Treasure

1st Edition

By Brunetto Latini
December 01, 1992

First published in 1993. Part of a library on Medieval Literature this volume is a translated version of 'The Book of the Treasure' by Brunetto Latini, who was a teacher of Dante and is remembered in Dante's Inferno in Canto 15. The Book of the Treasure is a compendium of primarily classical ...

The Writings of Medieval Women An Anthology

The Writings of Medieval Women: An Anthology

1st Edition

Edited By Marcelle Theibaux
January 01, 1994

"Royal and saintly women are well-represented here, with the welcome addition of women from the Mediterranean arc...Garland has done a solid job of presenting this book." -- Arthuriana"The Anthology gives a fine sense of the great range of women's writing in the Middle Ages." -- Medium Aevum...

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