Life Chemistry Research : Biological Systems book cover
1st Edition

Life Chemistry Research
Biological Systems

ISBN 9781774630846
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
350 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This volume contains a collection of topical chapters that promote interdisciplinary approaches to biological systems, focusing on fundamental and relevant connections between chemistry and life. Included are studies and experiments as well as invited lectures and notes by prominent leaders on a wide variety of topics in biology and biochemistry. By describing the complementary nature of chemistry and biology, the book presents the biological processes in detailed chemical terms, providing a fascinating look into the emerging field of chemical biology.

Table of Contents


Part I: Biological Medicine

A Step Towards Personalized Medicine; I. R. Oviya

Treating Fungal Dermatophytic Infections; M. Sharanya and R. Sathishkumar

A Note on Integrated Holistic Approach for Cancer Pain; M. Sharanya and R. Sathishkumar

System for Complex Express–Analysis of Microbical Infection, as Well as Biotesting of Various Media, Products and Preparations; V. S. Sibirtsev

A Study on the Influence of the Treatment by the Cleaned Soluble Proteins to the Fragmented Sarcoplasmic Reticulum; O. M. Alekseeva

A Research Note on Features of Water Vapor Sorption of Chitosan Medicinal Films; Angela S. Shurshinaa, Elena I. Kulisha, and Sergei S. Kolesov

A Research Note on Creation of Film Chitosan Coverings with the Included Medicinal Substances; A. S. Shurshina and E. I. Kulish

Part II: Biological Materials

Dimebon Effect on the Fluidity of Mice Synaptosomal Membrane by EPR Spin Labeling Method; N. Yu. Gerasimov, O. V. Nevrova, V. V. Kasparov, A. L. Kovarskij, A. N. Goloshchapov, and E. B. Burlakova

Bioconversion of Solid Organic Wastes by Maggots of Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia illucens); I. P. Savchenkova

Chondrogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose Tissue Derived Stromal Cells; I. P. Savchenkova

Investigation of Properties of Fito-Stimulate Cyano-Bacterial Communities Obtained from Lower Volga Ecosystems; Bataeva Yulia

A Research Note on Heavy Metals Change Effects of Piracetam on Learning and Memory; O. V. Karpukhina, K. Z. Gumargalieva, S. B. Bokieva, and A. N. Inozemtsev

A Case Study on the Effects of Alkylresorcinols (Methylresorcinol and Hexylresorcinol) on the Enzymatic Activity of Two Types of Hydrolases; E. I. Martirosova, N. A. Grebenkina, and I. G. Plashchina

Investigation on the Action of Two Types of Biological Active Substances to the Soluble Proteins That Enriched the Animal’s Blood Serum; O. M. Alekseeva and Yu. A. Kim

Mechanism of Protective Action of Antiozonants; S. D. Razumovsky, V. V. Podmasteryev, and G. E. Zaikov

Synthesis of 3’-¿-Fluoronucleosides Using Pyrimidine Nucleoside Phosphorylase of Thermusthermophilus and Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase of Escherichia Coli; A. I. Beresnev, S. V. Kvach, G. G. Sivets, and A. I. Zinchenko

Part III: Biological Science

Application Stable Radicals for Study of Behavior of Biological Systems; M. D. Goldfein and E. G. Rozantsev

Biopharmaceuticals: An Introduction to Biotechnological Issues and Practices; Sanjay Kumar Bharti and Debarshi Kar Mahapatra

Application Efficiency of Microbial Preparation Designed to Intensify Disposal of Lipid Compounds in Wastewaters; M. S. Chirikova, T. P. Shakun, and A. S. Samsonova

Volatile Steroids as Potential Regulators of Reproduction in the House Mouse; M. A. Klyuchnikova and V. V. Voznessenskaya

Olfactory Function as a Marker of Neurodegenerative Disorders: Tests for Olfactory Assessment and Its Applicability for the Russian Population; V. V. Voznessenskaya, A. E. Voznesenskaya, M. A. Klyuchnikova, and E. I. Rodionova

Modification of Receptor Status in Groups of Proliferative Activity of Breast Carcinomas; A.A. Brilliant, S. V. Sazonov, and Y. M. Zasadkevich

A Research Note on Resuscitation of Viable But Nonculturable Probiotic Bacteria; Yu. D. Pakhomov, L. P. Blinkova, O. V. Dmitrieva, O. S. Berdyugina, and N. N. Skorlupkina

Immunological Databases and Its Role in Immunological Research; Anamika Singh and Rajeev Singh

A Case Study on the Development of a New Aerobic-Anaerobic Bioremediation Technology; Sergey Gaydamaka and Valentina P. Murygina

A Research Note on Biotechnological Preparations for Enhancing the Quality of Domestic Fish Mixed Feed; D. S. Pavlov, N. ¿. Ushakova, V. G. Pravdin, L. Z. ¿r¿vtsov¿, ¿. ¿. Liman, S. V. Ponomarev

A Case Study on Development of a New Aerobic-Anaerobic Bioremediation Technology; Sergey Gaydamaka and Valentina P. Murygina

Development of Nontoxic Methods of Rodent Population Control as an Alternative Approach for Big Cities; V. V. Voznessenskaya and T. V. Malanina

A Case Study to Evaluate Efficiency of Microbial Preparation Promoting Bioremediation of Wastewaters Polluted with Lipid Compounds; M. S. Chirikova, T. P. Shakun, and A. S. Samsonova


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Roman Joswik, PhD is director of the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry in Warsaw, Poland. He is a specialist in the field of physical chemistry, chemical physics, radiochemistry, organic chemistry, and applied chemistry. He has published several hundred original scientific papers as well as reviews in the field of radiochemistry and applied chemistry.

Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc, is head of the Polymer Division at the N. M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, and professor at Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Russia, as well as professor at Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan, Russia. He is also a prolific author, researcher, and lecturer. He has received several awards for his work, including the Russian Federation Scholarship for Outstanding Scientists. He has been a member of many professional organizations and on the editorial boards of many international science journals.

A. K. Haghi, PhD, holds a BSc in urban and environmental engineering from University of North Carolina (USA); a MSc in mechanical engineering from North Carolina A&T State University (USA); a DEA in applied mechanics, acoustics and materials from Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France); and a PhD in engineering sciences from Université de Franche-Comté (France). He is the author and editor of 165 books as well as 1000 published papers in various journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Haghi has received several grants, consulted for a number of major corporations, and is a frequent speaker to national and international audiences. Since 1983, he served as a professor at several universities. He is currently editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Chemoinformatics and Chemical Engineering and Polymers Research Journal and on the editorial boards of many international journals. He is a member of the Canadian Research and Development Center of Sciences and Cultures (CRDCSC), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.