Life-Cycle Civil Engineering : Proceedings of the International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering, IALCCE '08, held in Varenna, Lake Como, Italy on June 11 - 14, 2008 book cover
1st Edition

Life-Cycle Civil Engineering
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering, IALCCE '08, held in Varenna, Lake Como, Italy on June 11 - 14, 2008

ISBN 9780415468572
Published June 20, 2008 by CRC Press
990 Pages

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Book Description

Life-Cycle Civil Engineering contains the papers presented at the First International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE’08), held in Villa Monastero, Varenna, Lake Como, Italy, 10-14 June, 2008. It consists of a book and a CD-ROM containing 150 papers, including eight keynote papers and 142 technical contributions from 28 countries.

The papers deal with the state of the art as well as emerging concepts and innovative applications related to all main aspects of life-cycle civil engineering. Major topics covered include: life-cycle damage processes, life-cycle assessment and design, life-cycle monitoring, maintenance and rehabilitation, life-cycle performance of special structures, life-cycle cost of structures and infrastructures, and life-cycle oriented computational tools.

This volume is aimed to significantly contribute to promote recent advances in the field of life-cycle civil engineering. It will serve as a valuable reference to all concerned with life-cycle performance of civil engineering systems, including students, researchers, and engineers from all sections of civil engineering.

Table of Contents

Keynote lectures

  • Life-cycle considerations in risk-informed decisions for design of civil infrastructures
  • Structural integrity monitoring for dependability
  • Practical approaches to the application of life-cycle civil engineering for infrastructures in Korea
  • Life cycle optimization in earthquake engineering
  • Life-cycle cost of civil infrastructure with emphasis on bridges
  • The new life of the Theatre alla Scala
  • Life-cycle assessment of marine civil engineering structures
  • Increasing a building’s life-cycle in regions of high seismic risk

Life-cycle damage processes

  • Mechanical behavior of clay bricks and restoration mortars subject to thermal actions
  • Ageing and lifecycle of building envelopes and thin shells made of quasi-brittle conglomerates of glass and epoxy resin
  • Concrete composition and service life of reinforced concrete structures exposed to chloride bearing environments
  • FEM-Models of cathodic protection systems for concrete structures
  • Structural behavior of cable-stayed bridges under damage
  • Damage propagation and structural robustness
  • Increasing durability of recycled cement bound materials: laboratory investigation on the effects of bituminous emulsions
  • Life cycle deterioration and cost comparison of bridge deck designs including rehabilitation strategies
  • In-situ chemical analysis for life cycle health management
  • Comparison of corrosion accelerated tests performed in reinforced concrete structures using voltage and current induction
  • Influence of localized corrosion of steel bars on structural performance of reinforced concrete beams
  • Development of a damage-recovery relationship based on variable re-curing of fire-damaged high-strength mortar
  • New developed expansive ultra rapid hardening fiber reinforced concrete for bridge deck repair
  • Corrosion characterization of reinforcing bar in existing RC structure
  • Reasons for repair need in Finnish concrete facades in practice
  • The effects of mineral additions on chloride penetration into concrete under the frost action
  • Stochastic modeling of corrosion propagation for service life prediction of chloride contaminated RC structures
  • The critical role of marine bacterial processes in the development of models for pitting corrosion of structural steels
  • Feasibility analysis of the use of stainless steel reinforcement for concrete members subjected to aggressive exposure conditions
  • Seismic loss estimation based on end-to-end simulation
  • Fatigue damage measures with a statistical model for the Wöhler field
  • Discussion concerning the multi-ranked deterioration forecasting model based on incomplete inspection data
  • The behavior of a building as a part of its conceiving
  • Effect of spatially variable corrosion damage on strength and time-dependent reliability of RC beams
  • Service-life performance of reinforced concrete structures in corrosive environments
  • Effect of cracking on long-term performance of reinforced concrete slabs
  • Dilatometric tests combined with computer simulations and parameter identification for in-depth diagnostic analysis of concrete dams

Life-cycle assessment and design

  • Life-cycle analysis of buildings with R/C frames
  • Direct Displacement Based Design and Force Based Design of precast concrete structures
  • Lifetime seismic performance of precast reinforced concrete industrial buildings
  • Life-cycle multi-objective optimization of deteriorating structures
  • Fatigue design of precast structural concrete plates for access floors
  • Integration of degradation prognosis of concrete structures into life cycle management
  • Increasing pavements durability through construction: a model for compaction design
  • Service life predictions for new and rehabilitated concrete bridge structures
  • Combined reinforcement
  • New aspects on bridge design for durability
  • Fuzzy probabilistic analysis of prestressed concrete structures
  • Modeling maximum live load effects on highway bridges
  • Analysis of the local ductility in reinforced concrete beams dimensioned according to Eurocode 8
  • Serviceability as a significant factor of the bridge life-cycle
  • Inspection and evaluation of existing structures: a task for brave engineers
  • Minimum life-cycle cost design and optimal earthquake intensity decision-making
    of aseismic structures based on finite element reliability analysis
  • Evaluation of the response of concrete structures along their service life by nonlinear evolutive analysis methods
  • Strengthening of aged RC structures using spreadsheet analyses with optimisation methods and linearised moment-curvature relations
  • Uncertainty in structural capacity and influence on seismic demand and damage
  • Cost-based design and renewal strategy for long-life structures
  • Probabilistic treatment of bridge monitoring data and associated errors for reliability
    assessment and prediction
  • Life-cycle design of residential buildings: appearance and reality of ecological assessments
  • The influence of design and detailing on the life and maintenance of a bridge
  • Life-cycle performance of structures: combining expert judgment and results of inspection
  • Bending performance of reinforced concrete member deteriorated by corrosion
  • Investigating the effects of corrosion on 45-year-old prestressed concrete bridge beams
  • Analytical modelling of FRP strengthened steel beams
  • Estimation of life-cycle fatigue damage for suspension bridge hangers
  • Safety assessment of civil engineering structures throughout their life-cycle
  • Reliability-based fatigue assessment of welded connections
  • Simple supported RC bridge design process considering durability
  • Probabilistic durability design of RC structures in Persian Gulf using DuraPGulf model
  • Strengthening with textile reinforced concrete—reliability based design with imprecise probability
  • Fatigue life of precast decks of high speed railway bridges
  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis of frames with arbitrary plastic hinges

Life-cycle monitoring, maintenance, and rehabilitation

  • Life-cycle reliability analysis and selective maintenance of deteriorating structures
  • A comparison of tomographic reconstruction algorithms for acoustic non destructive testing of stone masonry
  • Features extraction techniques for sonic and ultrasonic NDT on building materials
  • Measuring the displacements of a steel structure by GPS units
  • Including structural monitoring activities in safety probabilistic formulations
  • Maintenance strategies for large span suspension bridges against fatigue and corrosion
  • Bridge management system techniques application to Italian highways network
  • Behavior of RC bridge girders strengthened with CFRP laminates
  • Aspects of sustainability of repair-systems for concrete structures
  • Experimental identification of cable damping parameters towards robust design against aeroelastic instability
  • Seismic retrofitting of bridges
  • Widening and strengthening of bridge decks with composite materials
  • Maintenance and inspection of stay cables using prestressing steel at a German bridge
  • Assessment of bridge capacity through proof load testing
  • Strengthening reinforced concrete T connections by steel straps
  • Development of a software-tool for the life-cycle management of bridges
  • Traffic load modeling based on structural health monitoring data
  • Corrosion detection in reinforced concrete structures using static and dynamic response measurements
  • Prediction and quantification models of bridge condition in Korea
  • Lifespan evaluation of 8 bridges of the Indiana Toll Road: A case study
  • Birth certificate as an important tool for public-private-partnership projects
  • Invention of crack inspection system using a light wave survey camera with a built-in crack scale
  • Structural health monitoring for life cycle management of bridges
  • Peeling failure along the interface in FRP-strengthened beams subjected to transverse loads
  • Optimal inspection and maintenance strategies for bridge network using supply and demand approach
  • The life-cycle maintenance strategy for the bridge system
  • Life time assessment of steel bridges via monitoring and testing
  • A risk ranking strategy for network level bridge management
  • Monitoring based structural performance assessment
  • On the road of multi-performance profiles aided maintenance
  • Development of a work carriage for tunnel maintenance
  • Selection of repair method for concrete facades
  • Monitoring based performance prediction of steel bridges against traffic loading exemplified at the Europabrücke A maintenance concept for concrete tunnel linings in soft soil conditions
  • Inspection of bridges in Austria—Practice and outlook

Life-cycle performance of special structures

  • Probability-based durability design and performance-based concrete quality control of a concrete harbor structure Structural safety evaluation of a r.c. arch bridge
  • Towards life-cycle assessment of foundations of guyed towers in electrical transmission lines
  • Life-cycle performance of bridge decks in aggressive environments
  • Structural reliability of the "Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana" in Rome EUR
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of the ‘‘Incoronata’’ viaduct along the Salerno Reggio Calabria highway
  • Experiment based performance prediction of long span bridges subjected to non-uniform excitation
  • Functionality and strength of arch concrete dams cracked by shrinkage
  • Effects of soil-structure interaction on the seismic damageability of coupled wall-frame structures on pile foundations
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of the Monte Bianco Tunnel
  • Design of durable bridges by using self-compacting concrete filled steel tubes
  • Structural reliability analysis and monitoring program applied to a roller-compacted concrete dam
  • Seismic vulnerability of historical buildings: the Royal Palace of Naples
  • Effect of unsteady aerodynamic admittances on life cycle of guyed masts
  • Medium-term life-cycle monitoring of random behaviour components of in-service pile-supported wharves

Life-cycle cost of structures and infrastructures

  • Maintenance—LCC analysis based on real data
  • A new efficient methodology for large scale outsourcing of maintenance
  • Life cycle cost evaluation of the as-built cover layer in reinforced concrete bridge decks
  • Recycling C&DW: a way for closing the concrete loop
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis in pavement type selection: state-of-the-practice
  • Financial viability of TPSM applied continuous composite bridges
  • Effect of cumulative seismic damage on life-cycle cost of reinforced concrete bridges
  • An information model for life-cycle cost management of cable-stayed bridge
  • Guidelines for LCC analysis and evaluation of public construction projects in Korea
  • Design of green engineered cementitious composites for pavement overlay applications
  • Development of life-cycle cost based budget allocation system for bridge group
  • LCC case studies for bridges in different design phases
  • Life-cycle cost assessment and service life estimate of precast concrete culverts
  • A successive LCC model development of marine RC structures exposed to chloride attack using a Bayesian approach
  • Optimal floor plan design of high-rise apartment buildings based on life-cycle cost consideration Life-cycle cost analysis for fire protection of buildings
  • FRP bridge deck life cycle cost analyzer
  • Life cycle cost and function analysis in value based design decision
  • Equipment replacement decisions based on life-cycle cost analysis
  • Life cycle analysis of waterfront structures (a qualitative process model)
  • An integrated life cycle assessment and life cycle analysis model for pavement overlay systems

Life-cycle oriented computational tools

  • Advanced fragility curves of Interdependent Lifelines Using Decision Making Process
  • Intelligent agents for life cycle management of structures and infrastructures in seismic areas
  • Hierarchical ordering of extensometers readings from Itaipu dam
  • Algorithm for identification of damage on bridge piers
  • Analysis, heuristics, and uncertainty of hybrid life cycle assessment: agriculture and construction case studies
  • Advanced performance evaluation system for existing concrete bridges with machine learning
  • ost versus sustainability of reinforced concrete building frames by multiobjective optimization
  • Model based reasoning for life-cycle structural engineering
  • Value analysis for decision making on highway cross-sections

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