1st Edition

Life-Cycle of Engineering Systems: Emphasis on Sustainable Civil Infrastructure
Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE 2016), 16-19 October 2016, Delft, The Netherlands

ISBN 9781138028470
Published October 4, 2016 by CRC Press
472 Pages

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Book Description

This volume contains the papers presented at IALCCE2016, the fifth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE2016), to be held in Delft, The Netherlands, October 16-19, 2016. It consists of a book of extended abstracts and a DVD with full papers including the Fazlur R. Khan lecture, keynote lectures, and technical papers from all over the world.

All major aspects of life-cycle engineering are addressed, with special focus on structural damage processes, life-cycle design, inspection, monitoring, assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation, life-cycle cost of structures and infrastructures, life-cycle performance of special structures, and life-cycle oriented computational tools.

The aim of the editors is to provide a valuable source for anyone interested in life-cycle of civil infrastructure systems, including students, researchers and practitioners from all areas of engineering and industry.

Table of Contents


Carbon choices: Bringing CO2 into life-cycle decision-making
D.W. Davies, L.L. Johnson, T.P. Corigliano & M.P. Young


Reliability-based maintenance of complex structures for life-cycle performance
A.H.-S. Ang &W. Fan

Providing a second service life for bridges
E. Brühwiler

Integrated life cycle design and assessment of concrete structures – contribution to sustainability and resiliency in a changing world
P. Hájek &A. Lupíšek

Life Cycle Management to increase social value at renovations and replacements
M.J.C.M. Hertogh & J. Bakker

Developments in the management of flood defences and hydraulic infrastructures in The Netherlands
S.N. Jonkman, H.G. Voortman,W.J. Klerk & S. van Vuren

Developing realistic deterioration models
R.E. Melchers

Life cycle structural integrity management of offshore steel structures
T. Moan

Railroad infrastructure management enabled by structural health monitoring
F. Moreu & B.F. Spencer Jr.

Innovation of construction materials for more durable structures with less maintenance fee
T. Uomoto & I. Nishizaki


MS1: Life-cycle performance of structural systems under multiple hazards
Organizers: F. Biondini & D.M. Frangopol

Climate change, hurricanes, and the performance of coastal bridges
A. Mondoro & D.M. Frangopol

Degradation uncertainties and life-cycle performance of a structure
M.J. Shah

Influence of the exposure scenario on corrosion damage and life-cycle seismic performance of RC structures
A. Titi, F. Biondini, S. Bianchi & D.M. Frangopol

Life-cycle structural assessment of industrial heritage buildings
F. Biondini, S. Tattoni &A. Titi

Evaluating the seismic behaviour of precast concrete connections in the life-cycle of concrete structures
S. Saghi & H. Shariatmadar

Multi-hazard life-cycle performance of tall buildings under seismic and wind loads
I. Venanzi, O. Lavan & S. Fabrizi

Risk quantification for life-cycle management of infrastructure considering the effect of maintenance behavior
R. Osawa & R. Honda

Overall collapse and reliability analysis of RC structures under stochastic seismic excitations
H. Zhou & J. Li

Evaluation of the response of RCC dams to earthquakes with different frequency contents
D. Porras Navarro González, A. López López & E. Rosado Tamariz

MS2:Vibration-based health monitoring, damage identification and residual lifetime estimation
Organizers: E. Reynders, G. Lombaert, E. Chatzi & C. Papadimitriou

A comparison of two Kalman-type filters for robust extrapolation of offshore wind turbine support structure response
K. Tatsis & E. Lourens

A discontinuous class of filtering methods for the identification of non-smooth dynamical systems
M.N. Chatzis, E. Chatzi & S.P. Triantafyllou

A new method for structural damage detection and localization based on modal shapes
I. Duvnjak, M. Rak & D. Damjanovi´c

An application of Gram-Schmidt process on structural modal parameters identification
W.C. Su & C.S. Huang

An experimental investigation on the health monitoring of the new City Hall building in Bucharest based on real-time data transmission
C.S. Dragomir, I.-G. Craifaleanu, D. Dobre & E.S. Georgescu

An information theoretic framework for optimal experimental design
C. Papadimitriou, C. Argyris & E. Chatzi

Assessment of vibration intensity as a condition and safety indicator for short-span bridges
J.J. Moughty, J.R. Casas & F. Rodrigues

Comparison of optimal sensor placement algorithms via implementation on an innovative timber structure
C. Leyder, E. Chatzi, A. Frangi & G. Lombaert

Compressed sensing strategy for BIGDATA in output-only system identification
T.J. Matarazzo & S.N. Pakzad

Damage assessment of real buildings
G.S.Wang, Y.R. Li & F.K. Huang

Damage identification on bridges using ambient vibration testing
N.L.D. Khoa, M.M. Alamdari, P. Runcie &V.V. Nguyen

Damage localization in beam-like structures under moving load by empirical mode decomposition
M.J. Khosraviani & M. Ghasemi

Monitoring dynamic stiffness that predicts concrete structure degradation
N. Mostafa, R. Loendersloot, T. Tinga, A.D. Reitsema & D.A. Hordijk

Effective virtual sensing scheme for fatigue assessment of monopile offshore wind turbines
A. Iliopoulos, D. Van Hemelrijck, N. Noppe,W.Weijtjens & C. Devriendt

Evaluation of wind turbine seismic behaviour during life cycle functioning based on numerical FEA
C.P. Olariu & G.M. Atanasiu

Modal strain identification from low-amplitude FBG data using an improved wavelength detection algorithm
D. Anastasopoulos, P. Moretti, G. De Roeck, E. Reynders, T. Geernaert, B. De Pauw, U. Nawrot & F. Berghmans

Modelling damage for successful detection-localization of damage
D. Larbi, A. Bouazzouni &A. Behtani

ResoCable® – a quick in-situ non-destructive test method for external prestressed tendons and stay cables
S. Siegel

Verification of joint input-state estimation by means of a full scale experiment on a footbridge
K. Maes, G. De Roeck, G. Lombaert, K. Van Nimmen, E.M. Lourens, A. Rezayat & P. Guillaume

Vibration-based damage severity estimation basing on a non-model damage feature
M.P. Limongelli, M. Domaneschi & L. Martinelli

Wind turbine blade damage detection and localization via spatiotemporal Kalman filtering
Y. Ou, V. Dertimanis & E. Chatzi

MS3: Life-cycle performance assessment of civil engineering systems
Organizers: M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol

A multi-objective optimization approach for sustainable pavement management
J. Santos, A. Ferreira, G. Flintsch &V. Cerezo

Analytical solutions for cohesive concrete cracking due to non-uniform corrosion of the steel reinforcements
N. Xiao, F.C. Yang, Y. Chen & H.P. Chen

Assessment of the structural behavior of corrosion-affected RC beams: Experimental study and modeling
S. Lim, M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol

Bayesian inference for the assessment of the carbonation front in RC structures
E.L. Portela, T.N. Bittencourt & F. Biondini

Analysis of deviation correction of concrete piers with transverse and longitudinal displacement
Y. Zeng & H. Tan

Effect of RAP on the mechanical properties of registered asphalt mixtures in Flanders
J. Anthonissen,W. Van den Bergh & J. Braet

Effects of the spatial variability of saturated permeability on slope safety factor
J. Lei, Z.H. Chen & J.H. Huang

Life-cycle optimization of FRP-strengthening interventions for RC bridge superstructures
D.Y. Yang, D.M. Frangopol & J.G. Teng

Life-cycle reliability assessment of corroded bridges under multiple hazards
T. Yanweerasak, R. Takemoto, M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol

Point-based POMDP solvers for life-cycle cost minimization of deteriorating structures
K.G. Papakonstantinou, C. Andriotis & M. Shinozuka

Risk-informed performance assessment and updating of fatigue-sensitive structures at component and system level
Y. Dong & D.M. Frangopol

Urban infrastructure in connection to sustainability issues
A. Hafner, G. Vollmann & M. Thewes

Use of Bayesian updating of time-dependent performance indicators for prediction of structural lifetime and critical inspection points in time
C. Xing, M. Van Kerkhove, R. Caspeele & L. Taerwe

Structural optimization for advanced life-cycle engineering solutions
M.P. Sarkisian

Reliability of corrosion detection in reinforced concrete structures – impact of the half-cell potential evaluation
S. Keßler & C. Gehlen

MS4: Life cycle engineering for hydraulic structures, levees, and other water related infrastructure
Organizers: F. den Heijer, H. Yokota & M. Hofmann

A framework for life-cycle management of public infrastructure
W.J. Klerk & F. den Heijer

A simple estimation method of the probability distribution of residual deformation of gravity type quay walls considering the variation of earthquake ground motion
T. Hirai &T. Nagao

A system approach for replacement strategy of hydraulic structures
W.D. van derWiel, G. Klanker,W.J. Klerk, E. Persoon, J.Wessels &A. deWit

Actual developments, treatment options and future waterway asset management implementation for the waterway Danube
M. Hoffmann &T. Hartl

Towards a new approach to estimate the functional end of life time of hydraulic infrastructures
S. van Vuren, K.Wojciechowska, J. Vieira da Silva, R.P. Nicolai, P. Bernardini, H. van Twuiver & M. Streekstra

Asset management of the subsurface: A new way to manage subsurface functions?
M. Blauw & L. Maring

Design of RC caissons for breakwater against repeated impact load due to collision of concrete blocks
Y. Kawabata, E. Kato, K. Yamamoto & M. Iwanami

Innovative design for floating structures on Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia
X.Y. Xu, A. Vann, Y.J. Tang & N. Xiao

An integrated approach for life cycle management of water reservoirs
M. Vidaud, O. Bernard, S.P.J. Spencer & H. Vicente

Lifecycle optimization of portfolios of hydraulic structures
H. Voortman, H. Tuin,W. Seinen & B. Jonkman

Remaining lifetime concept for existing hydraulic structures
C. Kunz

Risk-based maintenance management system for waterways infrastructures in Germany
H. Schmidt-Baeumler

Sensitivity analysis on repair prioritization for mooring facilities
H. Yokota, K. Hashimoto &T. Tani

Styles of public asset management in Dutch regional water management
M.W. van Buuren, J.A. Bil & G.J. Roovers

Structural health monitoring in strategies for life-cycle management of dikes: A case study in the north of the Netherlands
W.J. Klerk,W. Kanning, M.T. van der Meer & J.W. Nieuwenhuis

MS5: Building information models (BIM) for the lifecycle
Organizers: J. Bakker, A. Adriaanse, B. Mommers & M. de Jonge

A Dutch concept library (CB-NL) to support BIM for the life cycle
J. Bakker & H.F. Stolwijk

A research review on building information modelling in infrastructure projects
B. Dongmo-Engeland & C. Merschbrock

BIM role to enable sustainability and better asset performance over the life-cycle (comparative context)
V. Nushi, F. Bejtullahu & E. Jakupi

Data clouds for product life-cycle management
S.S. Stolk, D. Oostinga & N. Roest

The use of BIM for deconstruction and reuse: Literature review and future needs
K. Johannes, J.T. Voordijk &A.M. Adriaanse

Government’s perspective on BIM and sustainability in transport infrastructure in Europe and China
Y. Liu, S. van Nederveen & M. Hertogh

Life-cycle cost calculations supported by building information modelling software – unrealised potential
E. Hjelseth

A hybrid linked data approach to support asset management
B. Luiten, M. Böhms, A. O’Keeffe, S. van Nederveen, J. Bakker & L.Wikström

The possibility of using BIM for nonlinear life-cycle analysis of concrete structures
R. Pukl, P. Pálek & J. Cˇervenka

Towards more integrated information management solutions for lifecycle asset management for integrated infrastructure projects
Z. Li, S. van Nederveen & R.Wolfert

Standardization of condition assessment methodologies for structures
C. Kuijper & D. Bezemer

BIM in the ‘New International Airport in Mexico City’ project
E. Kortstee & L. van der Geest

TRIMS: A risk-based information model to manage object data
M. Bakx-Leenheer &A. Lutterop

BIM supporting economic optimization of seismic retrofit of existing structures
U. Vitiello, A. Salzano, D. Asprone &A. Prota

MS6: Issues and challenges in real-world applications of structural health monitoring
Organizers: C.W. Kim, Á. Cunha, L. Sun & P.J. McGetrick

A fundamental investigation to survey the state of RC bridge decks with vertical acceleration given by FWD test
H. Onishi, T. Santo, S. Chida & K. Ouchi

A novel damage indicator from a multivariate linear system model
Y. Goi & C.W. Kim

Bridge condition assessment from long-term monitong by means of Bayesian hypothesis test
C.W. Kim, Z.Wang, T. Morita, M. Kawatani & K. Takase

Damping and frequency of a sag cable attached with a pre-tensioned Shape Memory Alloy wire
H.J. Zhou, Y.H.Wu, G.Z. Yao, L.B. Zhou, F. Xing & L.M. Sun

Deflection based monitoring as a bridge damage indicator
E. O’Brien, P.C. Fitzgerald, E. Sevillano & C.H. Carey

Experimental validation of spectro-temporal compressive sensing for vibration monitoring using wireless sensor networks
R. Klis, E. Chatzi &V. Dertimanis

Fatigue life assessment of three offshore wind turbines
W.Weijtjens, N. Noppe, T. Verbelen, C. Devriendt &A. Iliopoulos

Health monitoring of real structures by distributed optical fiber
A. Barrias, J.R. Casas, S. Villalba & G. Rodriguez

Monitoring and model updating of an FRP pedestrian truss bridge
G. Hayashi, C.W. Kim, Y. Suzuki, K. Sugiura, P.J. McGetrick & H. Hibi

Performance analysis of long-span cable-stayed bridge based on long-term monitoring data
Y. Zhou, L. Sun & S. Sun

Radar interferometry as a tool for structural health monitoring: Current situation and perspectives of the technique for the next decade
G. Luzi, M. Crosetto & C. Gentile

Structural health monitoring and damage detection of an arch bridge using a minimum mean square error estimator
J. Kullaa, F. Magalhães & Á. Cunha

Substructural identification using input-output observations and neural network
A.K.T. Park & M. Torbol

MS7: Life-cycle maintenance technology and management system for concrete roads in severe chloride environment region
Organizers: S. Kimura & S. Miyazato

Analytical study on structural performance of PC T-shape beam with various deterioration scenarios
H. Ito, S. Fukada, N. Arima & M. Moriyama

Chloride ion penetration under two-dimensional freeze-thaw attack
K. Hashimoto, H. Yokota &T. Taniguchi

Cracking of cover-concrete by rebar corrosion in reinforced concrete
K.Watanabe & S. Todoroki

Evaluation of a stainless steel bar embedded in carbonation curing concrete
T. Nakashima, S. Miyazato, K. Yokozeki &T. Torichigai

Examination of the validity of monitoring method for bridge damaged by chloride using UAV
M. Tokunaga & H. Sugiyama

Forecast improvement of chloride profiles in road structures using LA-ICP-MS
F. Binder, S.L. Burtscher &A. Limbeck

Influence of bleeding on durability of horizontal steel bars in RC column specimen
K. Kawaai & I. Ujike

Modelling the life-cycle of concrete gravity sewers subject to microbial corrosion
T.Wells & R.E. Melchers

NMR study of salt transport in porous material during steady state wick action
R. Pishkari, L. Pel, M. Van Soestbergen & O.C.G. Adan

Research of tunnel appendage conservation monitoring with MEMS technology
M. Nomura, S. Tomoto, A. Nishijo, T. Kunimi & S. Kimura

Technical, ecological and economical assessment of welded joints for offshore wind energy plants
T. Zinke, P.Weidner &T. Ummenhofer

Wetting and drying cycles with NaCl solution in model microchannels to understand chloride ion transport in concrete
Y. Sakai &T. Kishi

MS8: Construction in the context sustainable development
Organizers: B. Hausman & S. de Vos Effting

Complete retrofitting solutions of precast concrete panel buildings using lightweight steel systems
A. Floricel, A. Vataman, A. Ciutina &V. Ungureanu

Desire for quantitative information in a qualitative information context: Induction of sustainable development via decision making in real estate and construction
B. Hausmann, K. Richter & J. Schwarz

Development of a ranking algorithm for the green building attributes – A case of Indian cities
G.S. Vyas, K.N. Jha & D.A. Patel

Economic, environmental and social cost-benefit analysis for road construction works
M. Hauck, C. Giezen, S.C. Calvert, E.E. Keijzer, S.E. de Vos-Effting, D. van Vliet & J. Voskuilen

Effect of transportation distance, energy mix and allocation of fly ash on the life-cycle assessment of concrete
D.K. Panesar, C.J. Churchill & K. Seto

Effects of different reference study periods of various buildings on material input and global warming potential
A. Hafner, S. Schäfer & K. Krause

Efficiency assessment of various solutions for the thermal rehabilitation of multi-storey buildings
S. Pescari, C. M˘adu¸ta, V. Stoian & D. Dan

LCA of different construction types depending on the building class
S. Zeppenfeld, P. Schneider &W. Lang

Life cycle assessment of mortars and concretes with recycled construction and demolition wastes
R.R. de Paula & R.D. Toledo-Filho

Life cycle engineering for roads (LCE4ROADS), the new sustainability certification system for roads from the LCE4ROADS FP7 project
E.G. Bustamante & R.F. Flores

From LCA to LCC in infrastructure: Reducing CO2 emissions in infrastructure
C.J.L.M. Luijten, M. Said, C.H.J. Bouwheer & J.G. de Gijt

Sensitivity of bridge life-cycle costs and sustainability measures to parameter uncertainty
N. Vishnu & J. Padgett

The influence of databases on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of building components – A comparison of databases using three different wall constructions
P. Mahler & P. Schneider

Is a stronger building also greener? Influence of seismic design decisions on building life-cycle economic and environmental impacts
S.J.Welsh-Huggins &A.B. Liel

MS9: Modeling time-dependent behavior and deterioration of concrete
Organizers: M. Alnagger, R.Wendner, G. DiLuzio & G. Cusatis

Degradation modelling based renovation strategy for concrete facades
A. Köliö, J. Lahdensivu & M. Pentti

Effects of environmental stressors and material properties on life-cycle durability of reinforced concrete structures
D. Khatami & B. Shafei

Finite element modeling of concrete cover cracking due to non-uniform corrosion of reinforcement
J. Zhang, X. Ling & Z. Guan

Markov chain modelling for life-cycle performance assessment of coastal flood defences
M.B. Mehrabani & H.-P. Chen

Non-destructive measurements of 1H, 23Na and 35Cl profiles in cementitious materials with NMR
L. Pel & P.A.J. Donkers

Performance predictions based on coupled chemo-mechanical simulations
L.-M. Czernuschka, K. Ninˇcevi´c, G. Boumakis & R.Wendner

Seismic life-cycle cost analysis of aging highway bridges under pitting and uniform corrosion: A comparative study
P. Sood, J. Ghosh & J. Padgett

Time-variant reliability analysis incorporating multiple deterioration and live load models
V.G. Berenji & F. Akgul

Coupled transport-degradation behavior of reinforced concrete: State-of-the-art
A.N. Ababneh

MS10:Assessment of structural capacity by proof loading
Organizers: Y. Yang, E. Lantsoght, A. de Boer & D. Hordijk

Acoustic emission measurement in the proof loading of an existing bridge affected by ASR
Y. Yang, D.A. Hordijk &A. de Boer

Assessment and failure test of a prestressed concrete bridge
N. Bagge, J. Nilimaa, T. Blanksvärd, B. Täljsten, L. Elfgren, H. Sundquist &A. Carolin

Development of stop criteria for proof loading
E.O.L. Lantsoght, Y. Yang, R.H.D. Tersteeg, C. van der Veen &A. de Boer

Initial in-service response and lateral load distribution of a prestressed self-consolidating concrete bridge using field load tests
E.S. Hernandez & J.J. Myers

Preparation in proof load test projects
E.A.H. Teunissen, F.G.A. Linthorst & D. den Boef

Shear load testing of hollow core slabs
G. Schacht, G. Bolle & St. Marx

Some relevant experiences from proof load testing of concrete bridges
P. Olaszek, J.R. Casas & G. ´ Swit

MS11: Reliability analysis of structural systems and reliability-based optimal design and assessment
Organizers: R. Steenbergen & R. Caspeele

A bridge life-cycle cost optimization methodology
J.O. Almeida, R.M. Delgado & P.F. Teixeira

Analysis for cracking progress of concrete dam based on double scale variables damage-based cohesive crack model
T.Z. Xu

Computationally efficient estimation of the probability density function for the load bearing capacity of concrete columns exposed to fire
R. Van Coile, R. Caspeele, P. Criel, L.Wang, G.P. Balomenos, M.D. Pandey &A. Strauss

Discussion on the probabilistic assessment of fatigue with respect to reference periods
S. Lachinger, C. Aichinger, A. Tamparopoulos &A. Strauss

Influence of codal provisions on life-cycle cost estimates of highway bridges
S. Shekhar, J. Ghosh & S. Ghosh

LCE-analysis of existing anticorrosive coated bridges based on the parameters ageing, remaining load bearing capacity & reliability as a basis for an adaptation of the future maintenance strategy
R. Veit-Egerer, M.Widmann, J. Rajasingam, T. Petraschek &T. Heber

Comparing the life-cycle cost of optimal bridge designs using a lifetime reliability-based approach
T. García-Segura, V. Yepes, D.M. Frangopol & D.Y. Yang

Numerical simulation of unprotected solid steel beams at elevated temperatures
F.A.A. Zakwan, R.R. Krishnamoorthy, A. Ibrahim &A.M.M. Ismail

The use of nested sampling for prediction of infrastructure degradation under uncertainty
H.R.N. Van Erp &A.D. Orcesi

MS12: Integrative monitoring for the life-cycle performance of engineering structures
Organizers: A. Strauss & D.M. Frangopol

Analysis of damage model of mechanical system under long-lasting dynamic load
M. Bocian, K. Jamroziak, M. Kosobudzki & M. Kulisiewicz

Determination of load lines for train crossings on a tied arch bridge
M. Pfaffinger, M. Mensinger & M. Haslbeck

Drive-by bridge damage detection using road reaction force
A.A. Elhattab, N. Uddin & E. O’Brien

Drive-by bridge inspection using inverse dynamics optimization algorithm
A.A. Elhattab, N. Uddin & E. O’Brien

Durability of concrete structure with attached marine growth in tidal zone
T. Chlayon, M. Iwanami & N. Chijiwa

Benefits and future of the dynamical monitoring of structures
P.-E. Thévenin, T. Vassail, M. Fontan, P. Collet & B. Pilot

Inspection, structural health monitoring and maintenance of a cable-stayed bridge in Vienna, Austria
P. Furtner

Numerical investigation of bridges with the aim of condition assessment in applying the Deformation Area Difference method (DAD-method) and selecting appropriate measurement techniques
D. Erdenebat, D.Waldmann & F.N. Teferle

Safety assurance of problematic concrete bridges by automated SHM: Case studies
K. Islami & N. Meng

Sensor-enabled geogrids for stabilization and instrumentation of Earth structures
H. Yazdani & K. Hatami

Subsequent sensor installation for corrosion monitoring of reinforced concrete structures
H. Budelmann, I. Dreßler & H.-J.Wichmann

The Netherlands changing for a European skid resistance measurement method
T.A. Bennis, F.G.M. Bouman, H.P. Nugteren,W.H. Van Ooijen & E. Vos


SS1: Learning from excellent performance
Organizer: K. van Breugel

Critical success factors of construction projects: A survey on Brazilian companies
A.C. Pacagnella Junior, M.S. Paschoal & O. Pacífico

Dynamic deformations of reinforced concrete beams during their total service-life
R.P. Veerman &A. van Beek

Lattice-based simulation of water and chloride transport in cracked-unsaturated concrete on mesolevel
L.C.Wang, J.W. Bao & S.L. Yang

Deterministic versus probabilistic approach of the factor method for the service life prediction of ceramic claddings
A. Silva, J. de Brito & P.L. Gaspar

Long-term performance of marine structures in The Netherlands – Validation of predictive models for chloride ingress
K. van Breugel, R.B. Polder & M.R. de Rooij

SS2: Durable materials for longevity of ageing concrete infrastructure
Organizers: H. Jonkers & K. van Breugel

Self-healing of corrosion damage in reinforced concrete through the application of polymeric nano-materials: Brief review of recent studies
D.A. Koleva & H.M. Jonkers

Ageing of materials in civil structures
A. van Beek

Comparison for permeability resistance between concrete and mortar
T. Iyoda

Durability design of reinforced concrete structures with stainless steel reinforcement
F. Lollini, M. Gastaldi & L. Bertolini

Effect of prevention for chloride ion using both of CA2 and expansive admixture to low heat Portland cement
T. Ito &T. Iyoda

Mechanical and microscopic properties of hybrid fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete
W.J. Long, J.G. Shi, H.L. Zhu,W.L. Peng, H.C. Chen & N.X. Han

Multiple self-repair of concrete cracks by encapsulated methyl methacrylate
K. Van Tittelboom, B. Vanlerberghe, N. De Belie, M. Araújo & S. Van Vlierberghe

Study on estimation technique of hydration on concrete in the mold by electrical resistance value
M. Ota &T. Iyoda

SS3: Engineering adaptation to climate change
Organizer: A. O’Connor

Climate change effect on deterioration of concrete structures in Finland
T.A. Pakkala, A.-M. Lemberg, A. Köliö & J. Lahdensivu

Life-cycle modeling of critical slopes in Mexico, including the effect of strong rainfalls
D. De Leon & J.S. Perez

On risk-based design of structures exposed to changing climatic actions
M. Sýkora, D. Diamantidis, J.V. Retief, C. Viljoen & Á. Rózsás

Energy balance and global warming potential of soil bioengineering structures
M. von der Thannen, S. Hörbinger, H.P. Rauch, R. Paratscha, R. Smutny &A. Strauss

SS4: Long term performance optimization
Organizer: P. Bakker

Determining a functional responsibility allocation between public and private parties in a long-term maintenance contract for waterworks
O.D. Brommet, R. Schoenmaker, M.J.C.M. Hertogh, G.R. Kleijn vanWilligen &Y. Chen

Interaction of long-term performance objectives and short-term performance requirements; a vision of RWs’ asset management approach in 2030
F. Lamain, T. Zwanenbeek & P.J.T. Bakker

Life-cycle impact assessment of highway pavements for supporting maintenance and rehabilitation decisions
M.I. Sotiropoulou, N. Moschonas &A.P. Chassiakos

Objective risk based structural assessment of existing concrete structures
R.P.H. Vergoossen, A.R.M.Wolfert & E.A.B. Koenders

Risk-based decision framework for resilient highway bridges
Z. Lounis & H. Almansour

Probabilistic maintenance model for dynamic traffic management systems on highways in The Netherlands
Z. Muhurdarevic

SS5: Risk based maintenance from life cycle perspective
Organizer: M. Franssen

CONSISTEND: A model to calculate the influence of the construction process on the life span of asphalt and its implementation in tenders
L.M. Abspoel, J.F.M.Wessels, M. Turk, H. Bailey, A. Hannah, A. O’Connor & C. Leahy

Introduction of a semi-probabilistic moisture safety model for tall timber-based building shell – a risk based durability approach
S. Ott, A. Tietze & S.Winter

Risk based asset management of pipeline networks for gas and water
L.M. Abspoel,W.M.G. Courage,W. van den Broeck & H. Kruse

Risk based asset aspects in order to cope with successful life-cycle civil engineering
M.J.P.M. Franssen & P.J.M. Hafkamp

Risk-based ageing management process and technology SimeoTM Ageing dedicated to maintenance optimization of civil work structures
A. Tixier, B. Capra, S. Dias, D. Vervoort & B. Rancurel

Validating the calculated reliability and availability in Dutch storm surge barriers (and other infrastructural works)
G.R. Kleijn vanWilligen & H. van Meerveld

SS6: Dynamic contracting: Optimal performance over the life cycle due to better cooperation between contact partners
Organizers: M. Hertogh &W. Leendertse

Planning and contracting of transport infrastructure in a dynamic environment
W. Leendertse, T. Busscer, J. Arts & F. Verhees

In search for contract flexibility in a dynamic environment: A theoretical framework
H.C. Demirel, L. Volker, M. Hertogh &W. Leendertse

Life-cycle performance as results of basic design considerations
S. Zmigrodzki

Towards the combination of risk analysis, constructability and sustainability for the lifecycle management of construction projects
D. Kifokeris &Y. Xenidis

SS7: Standardization of performance indicators and goals for the life-cycle management of highway bridges
Organizers: J. Campos e Matos & J.R. Casas

Applied and research based performance indicator database for highway bridges across Europe
A. Strauss, K. Bergmeister, A. Mandic Ivankovic & J. Campos e Matos

An overview of COST Action TU 1406, quality specifications for roadway bridges (BridgeSpec)
J. Campos e Matos, J. Amado, S. Fernandes & N. Galvão

Bridge life-cycle prediction through visual inspection data updating
M.A. Zanini, F. Faleschini & C. Pellegrino

Challenges in BMS quality plan development
M. Kušar & J. Šelih

Quality control plans and performance indicators for highway bridges across Europe
J.R. Casas

Multi-objective bridge performance goals
I.S. Oslakovic, N.P. Høj & G. Klanker

SS8: Focussing on end-of-lifetime scenarios: Demolition and deconstruction as part of an integrated view on lifetime engineering
Organizer: P. Kamrath

Focussing on end-of-lifetime scenarios: Demolition and deconstruction as part of an integrated view on lifetime engineering
P. Kamrath

Structural damage identification based on non-destructive and destructive investigation of PCT girder removed due to salt damage
N. Arima, S. Fukada, M.T. Ha, M. Moriyama &T. Miyashita

Study on maintenance management for deteriorated concrete by JSCE-342
S. Miyazato, T. Yamamoto, R. Takahashi, T.Watanabe & K. Kobayashi

The means of deconstruction engineering
P. Kamrath

The relationship between damages in road pavement and customer feedback
K. Takahashi, S. Kimura & M. Moriyama

SS9: Cost reduction and societal benefits over the life cycle due to monitoring of existing structures and innovative repair techniques
Organizers: J. Kruithof &W. Peelen

Cost benefit analysis of monitoring modular joints in the Dutch highway network
W.H.A. Peelen &A.H.J.M. Vervuurt

Electro active repair of concrete: Innovation for increased repair durability
R.B. Polder & M.R. Geiker

Evaluation of thirteen civil infrastructure monitoring pilots in The Netherlands
G.T. Luiten,W.H.A. Peelen & R. Drieman

Example of a fatigue life evaluation of noise barriers along a high speed railway line
S. Lachinger, M. Kwapisz, M. Ralbovsky & H. Kari

Failure mode evaluation of reinforced concrete bridge columns with isolators subjected to severe ground motions
H. Matsuzaki, M. Onodera & M. Suzuki

Life expectancy estimation for large pipeline networks based on satellite monitoring
J. Maccabiani & I. Visser

Motion-blur-compensated structural health monitoring system for tunnels using pre-emphasis technique
T. Hayakawa & M. Ishikawa

SS10: Managing infrastructure assets: From performance data to optimal strategies
Organizers: A. Hartmann & B. Adey

Railway bridge asset management using a Petri-Net modelling approach
P.C. Yianni, D. Rama, L.C. Neves & J.D. Andrews

Assessment and decision-making framework for existing concrete structures
A. Vidovic, I. Zambon &A. Strauss

Assessment of need for renewal on a multi-network level
L. Klatter & H. Roebers

Comparison of pavement condition prediction and life cycle cost models on road section and network level
M. Hoffmann &V. Donev

Holistic asset management and life cycle costs of road tunnels
M. Hoffmann

Implementation of life cycle costing in port infrastructure
J.G. de Gijt, A.P. Louwen & H. Voogt

Lifetime and replacement cost analysis for concrete bridges and overpasses in the Dutch highway network
R.P. Nicolai, H.E. Klatter & S. van Vuren

Monte Carlo simulation-based life-cycle assessment method for an old roof steel truss
E. Garavaglia, L. Sgambi & N. Basso

Optimal maintenance decisions for metro tunnels in soft soil
Q. Ai, Y. Yuan, X. Jiang & S. Mahadevan

Optimization of maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement strategies on road pavements
M. Hoffmann &V. Donev

Practical application of a framework for analyzing replacement strategies for civil structures
G. Klanker & E. Uijtewaal

Risk based maintenance for civil structures
B.R. Mante, N. Eekels & C.P.W.J. Genders

The optimal maintenance strategy in BMS considering probability of measuring error
J.H. Lee, K. Cha, S.M. Ahn & J.S. Kong

Use of a future maintenance demand indicator for network level asset management decision making
H. van Meerveld, R. Schoenmaker, J.F.M.Wessels & J. Bakker

Using pavement monitoring data for maintenance budget estimation
R. Hess

Common misunderstandings in life cycle costing analyses and how to avoid them
M. van den Boomen, R. Schoenmaker, J.G. Verlaan &A.R.M.Wolfert

The modular knowledge matrix and recommendation for inspection and advice on civil structures
M.R. Reusen &A. Jonker

SS11: Learning cycles in life-cycle asset management
Organizers: A. Hartmann & I. Stipanovic

A framework for evaluating the performance of infrastructure assets. Application to the life-cycle of road and railway bridges
H. Patrício & N. Almeida

A framework for strategic replacement of infrastructure: Dealing with complexity, long term uncertainties and stakeholder involvement
G.J. Roovers, G. Klanker, P. Bernardini & M. Tosserams

A risk-based model for maintenance decision support of civil structures using RAMS
T.C. Viana da Rocha, I. Stipanovic &A. Hartmann

Life-cycle cost explored by the integrated design and delivery solution framework
B. Dongmo-Engeland & E. Hjelseth

Longtime monitoring with smart sensor networks: The case of the Zwartewaterbrug
T. Siebel, A. Friedmann,W. Strobel, M. Guse &A. Hartmann

Ontology based exchange mechanism for Systems Engineering information
L.C. Van Ruijven

Economic End of Life Indicator (EELI)
J. Bakker, J.H. Roebers & J. Knoops

SS12: Performance of concrete during life-cycle
Organizers: X. Ren, X. Gao & J. Li

Compressive behavior of concrete under different loading rates: Experimental analysis
X. Yan, X. Ren & J. Li

Durability design criteria for concrete structures – An overview of existing codes, guidelines and specifications
S.M.C. Diniz, J. Padgett & F. Biondini

Performance evaluation of reinforced concrete tunnel suffering chloride attack
J.H.Wang, M. Nakano, H. Tanaka, K. Matsuyama &A. Koizumi

Experimental research on influence of concrete cover on bond behaviors between concrete and corroded bars
H. He, M. Yang & J. Gong

Study of stirrup corrosion on bond-slip behavior of reinforcing steel in concrete
H. Zhou, H. Huang, X. Liang & X. Zhang

Time-dependent flexural capacity of the reinforced concrete beams
X. Gao, Z. Li & J. Li

SS13: System capacity and robustness for new and existing structures
Organizers: A. Strauss, R. Caspeele, J. Campos e Matos & K. Bergmeister

Development of a methodology for environmental life cycle assessment of alpine protective structures
R. Paratscha, A. Strauss, R. Smutny, M. von der Thannen, S. Hörbinger & H.P. Rauch

Lifecycle performances of conventional and soil bioengineering construction materials
G. Kalny, H.P. Rauch, K. Rados, A. Strauss-Sieberth,W. Loiskandl &A. Strauss

Robustness of an existing pre-stressed concrete bridge
H. Guimarães, J. Fernandes & J.C. Matos

Safety format requirements for RC columns design based on stochastic simulations
J. Podrou˘zek &A. Strauss

Software system to support the planning process of road bridges
M. Dimmer & H. Flederer

Structural robustness evaluation at selected damage cases of bridges
T. Kami´nski

The complex approach to optimization of composite bridges
J. Žitný, P. Ryjáˇcek & M. Lepš

SS14: Marine structural longevity
Organizers: M. Collette & P. Hess

An intelligent system for vessels structural reliability evaluation
A.L. Michala, N. Barltrop, P. Amirafshari, I. Lazakis & G. Theotokatos

Evaluation of the effects of design uncertainty on the damage tolerance of composite patches
S. TerMaath, J. Retherford, E. Stevens & R. Timilsina

Fatigue life updating for vessel fleets
M.D. Groden, Y. Liu & M.D. Collette

Ship structure fatigue and life cycle risk management approaches
K. Stambaugh & M.L. Kaminski

Structural fatigue life assessment and maintenance needs for a new class of US Coast Guard Cutters
I. Drummen, R. Hageman & K. Stambaugh

Structural health monitoring planning of ship structures in a life-cycle perspective
S. Sabatino & D.M. Frangopol


A stochastic model for damage evolution of mode II delamination fatigue of composite wind turbine blades
C. Zhang & H.-P. Chen

An experimental study on the influence of initial degree of saturation in mortar on water absorption of mortar with containing chloride ions
Y. Kato, Y. Ikeda, S. Naomachi & E. Kato

Corrosion modelling and performance indicators
C. Andrade, N. Rebolledo & F. Tavares

Damage propagation in corroded reinforcing bars with the effect of inelastic buckling under low-cycle fatigue loading
M.M. Kashani, A.J. Crewe & N.A. Alexander

Flexural rigidity of corrosion-affected RC beam in marine environment
Z.H. Lu, X.D. Yang &Y.G. Zhao

Model for the long-term corrosion of cast iron pipes buried in soil
R.B Petersen & R.E. Melchers

Parameter identification of deterioration models by Delphi interview
J. Bödefeld

Study on assessment of chloride ion penetration in concrete subjected to wet-dry cycle
K. Koike, T. Yamaguchi, K. Takewaka, Y. Akira, G. Larkins & K. Fukushige

The bond deterioration of plain round bars subjected to lateral tensile-compressive stresses
X. Zhang, C. Lv, Z.Wu & J. Ou

Derivation of budget requirements for different levels of fairway quality based on harmonized maintenance strategies for inland waterways
K. Haselbauer, A. Haberl, M. Hoffmann, R. Blab, M. Simoner &T. Hartl

A methodology for the evaluation of performance and damage of RCC dams under dynamic seismic actions
A. López López, D.P. Navarro González & L.E. Pérez Rocha

The effect of information on the performance of a multiagent system for post-disaster evacuation
G. Bunea, G.M. Atanasiu & F. Leon

Value of information on the risk/benefit of infrastructure exposed to strong winds in Mexico
D. De Leon & L. Esteva

Rational asphalt technology in function of true life-cycle extension of flexible pavements – how it can be done
D.S. Opacic

Effects of corrosion by chloride ion on time-dependent seismic reliability of RC bridges in Persian Gulf zone
A. Kalantari & S. Rezaei

Assessment railway bridges over the riverWaal near Zaltbommel
P.C. Vos & B.H.M. van den Broek

Automated road survey and pavement management on porous asphalt
W.L.C. van Aalst, G.B. Derksen, P.P.M. Schackmann, E. Zwier, F.G.M. Bouman & P. Paffen

Determining the remaining lifespan of concrete structures
T.W. Groeneweg, J.G.A. van Hulst & J.G.A.M. Reinders

About the economic life prediction for existing RC buildings
M. Vona, P. Harabaglia, M. Mastroberti & B. Manganelli

Reduced nonlinear finite element models for quick-scan assessment of concrete infrastructure
D. Ferreira,W.P. Kikstra, M. Hendriks, G.J. Schreppers &A. de Boer

Remaining life prediction of an aged bridge based on carbonation tests for cross-section cutting-off girders
A. Miyamoto & R. Kiviluoma

Pigeon colony algorithm (PCA) and its applications
T.H. Yi, K.F.Wen & H.N. Li

A MAP method with nonparametric priors for estimating P-S-N curves
X. Liu & D. Lu

Deterioration distributions of tunnel lining in cold region
A. Sutoh, O. Maruyama, T. Sato & H.T. Kanekiyo

Expert judgment in life-cycle degradation and maintenance modelling for steel bridges
A. Kosgodagan, O. Morales-Nápoles, J. Maljaars &W. Courage

Parameter estimation for ARX models with missing data
M. Horner & S.N. Pakzad

Performance assessment of bridges under multiple hazards
A. Alipour &A. Fioklou

Iterative point estimate method for probability moments of function
W. Fan, Y.Wang, J.Wei, Z. Li & P. Deng

A review on the causes and mechanisms of damages of elastomeric bridge bearings
R. Akbari & S. Maalek

A study on the relationship between pH distribution and degradation depth using the drilled powder
K. Eguchi, Y. Kato, Y. Kaneko & D.N. Katpady

Bridge curvature for detecting bridge damage location
E.G.Winardi, A.A. Elhattab, N. Uddin & E. O’Brien

Bridge damage detection using the inverse dynamics optimization algorithm
Y.M. Mohammed, N. Uddin & E. O’Brien

Damage identification focused on deterioration degree of bridge members using self-organizing feature map
T. Kitahara, T. Yamaguchi & S. Donomoto

Damage identification through finite element model updating using wavelet damage function
W. Zhang & L.M. Sun

Dynamic identification of a bridge pile modeled in continuous-time domain
L. Te¸su & G.M. Atanasiu

Investigation of shear fracture mechanism by digital image correlation systems
P. Castillo, L. Jirovsky, M. Marcon, R.Wendner &A. Strauss

Non-destructive assessment of concrete defects using the pulse-echo method – laboratory experiences
M. Vogel, E. Kotan & H.S. Müller

Use of automated, imaging methods for the support of structural inspection
R. Holst

Reliability-based design method of suppressing chloride ingress for RC buildings located in coastal regions of Taiwan
C.K. Chiu

Monitoring and detection of damage in cement composite under sulphate attack
S. Moharana & B. Garg

Corrosion damage research of stayed cable under coupling salt spray environment and loading
Y. Guowen, D. Guojun & L. Shiya

Deterioration situation of road infrastructure (bridge and tunnel) in cold region
T. Sato, A. Sutoh, O. Maruyama & H.T. Kanekiyo

Experimental investigation of the lithium transport mechanisms in cementitious materials by NMR
S. Venglovska, L. Pel & O.C.G. Adan

Investigating building settlements via very high resolution SAR sensors
G. Nicodemo, D. Peduto, S. Ferlisi & J. Maccabiani

Set-up for establishing residual service-life monitoring of bearing capacity and road design of Dutch highways
C. Giezen, S.D. Mookhoek, M. Schelland, P. Paffen, F.G.M. Bouman, A.E. van Dommelen, S.M.J.G. Erkens, R. Hofman, M.M. Villani &T.A. Bennis

Intermit integrated monitoring on long-term performance of an arch bridge
Z. Zhou, X. Shi & X. Ruan

An effective anchorage system for reinforced concrete beams with fiber reinforced polymer composites
R.H. Haddad, C.S. Marji & R.Z. Al-Rousan

Experimental study on cathodic protection effect of galvanic anode system applied to reinforced concrete
N. Someya, E. Kato &Y. Kato

Extending the life of bridges
A. Peiris & I.E. Harik

Factors affecting sacrificial anode to protect reinforcing steel corrosion
P. Sancharoen, A. Mahasiripan & S. Tangtermsirikul

Fatigue life assessment of orthotropic steel deck with UHPC pavement
Y. Yuan, X. Jiang, C.Wu & X. Qiang

Improved asset performance using high strength concrete overlay renovation technique
P. Moore, F. van Berge-Henegouwen, G. Dilsiz & H. de Vries

Incremental seismic rehabilitation of RC buildings: An application to the school buildings of Basilicata region (Southern Italy)
A. Masi, G. Santarsiero & G. Ventura

Innovative bio-composite systems for re-design of timber structures
C.E. Lanivschi, A. Secu, E. Decher & G.M. Atanasiu

Lifting up a 270 meters length sinking bridge over Guadalquivir river with the technique of Jet-Grouting
C. Jurado

Micropiling two bridges in construction in the Motorway M-410 in Madrid (Spain)
C. Jurado

Parametric study on concrete-filled steel tubular T-joints under axial load
I. Musa, F.R. Mashiri & X. Zhu

Prolonging the lifetime of steel highway bridges
M.F. Faber & M. Reniers

Ductility enhancement of concrete members under blast load using CFRP external strengthening
H. Almansour, Z. Lounis & B. Kadhom

Sustained load performance of adhesive fastening systems in concrete
R. Nilforoush, L. Elfgren & M. Nilsson

The repair method of preventive maintenance for reducing of open-cut communication tunnel life cycle cost
T. Ishikawa, T. Deguchi & K. Kawabata

Development of risk cost optimized maintenance strategy for infrastructure
C.-Q. Li, H. Baji &W. Yang

Life cycle assessment of high rising residential building in Southeast China
L. Huang, G. Krigsvoll, Y. Liu & F. Johansen

Life-cycle cost analysis of steel bridges under severe chloride exposure: A comparison between conventional and corrosion-resistant steel
M. Soliman & D.M. Frangopol

Maintenance strategy of highway bridges based on life cycle function
Y. Xiang, D. Guo & Q.Wu

Optimizing the procurement under life cycle cost aspects
E. Stocker & D. Koch

Exploring the important factors for success of private construction projects
R. Padmini

Behavior of base-isolated liquid storage tanks under synthetic near-fault earthquake pulses
C. Alhan, E. Güler & H. Gazi

Numerical investigations on circular fiber reinforced elastomeric bearings
P. Castillo Ruano, E. Apostolidi &A. Strauss

Performance estimation for multi degree of freedom structure with negative stiffness by a bilinear elastic single degree of freedom system
C. Qu, H. Li & L. Huo

Preventive condition-based tamping for railway tracks: A decision support model
R. Li, K.B. Salling, A. Zoeteman &A.R.M.Wolfert

Professional and sustainable decision making with life cycle management
M. van Noort

Risk based rail asset management
J. Swier

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