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Life-Cycle of Structural Systems
Design, Assessment, Maintenance and Management

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Published October 21, 2014 by CRC Press
466 Pages

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Book Description

Life-Cycle of Structural Systems: Design, Assessment, Maintenance and Management contains the papers presented at IALCCE2014, the fourth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE2014), held in Tokyo, Japan, November 16-19, 2014. It consists of a book of extended abstracts (466 pp) and a DVD (2332 pp) with 312 full papers including the Fazlur R. Khan lecture, 7 keynote lectures, and 304 technical papers from 38 countries.

All major aspects of life-cycle engineering are addressed, with special focus on structural damage processes, life-cycle design, inspection, monitoring, assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation, life-cycle cost of structures and infrastructures, life-cycle performance of special structures, and life-cycle oriented computational tools.

The aim of the editors is to provide a valuable source for anyone interested in life-cycle of civil infrastructure systems, including students, researchers and practitioners from all areas of engineering and industry.

Table of Contents

Symposium organization

Life-cycle of structural systems: Recent achievements and future directions
D.M. Frangopol & M. Soliman

An investigation of two methodologies to determine optimal life cycle activity profiles for bridges
B.T. Adey & Z. Mirzaei
Failure times of concrete structures in aggressive environment
F. Biondini & D.M. Frangopol
Time-dependent earthquake risk assessment modeling incorporating sustainability metrics
A. Rao, M. Lepech & A.S. Kiremidjian
Big-data based infrastructure management: Toward assetmetrics
K. Kobayashi & K. Kaito
Exploring reliability based bridge design framework against accidental loads – ship collision
H.-M. Koh, J.-H. Lim, J. Song & W. Park
Climate change risks and climate adaptation engineering for built infrastructure
M.G. Stewart
Practical application of life-cycle management system for shore protection facilities
H. Yokota

MS1:Vibration-based health monitoring, damage identification and residual lifetime estimation for civil engineering structures
Organizers: G. Lombaert, E. Reynders, C. Papadimitriou & E. Chatzi

Grey-box direct identification of structures based on continuous-time models
G.M. Atanasiu & V. Horga
Standardization of vibration based condition indicators for structural health monitoring and life cycle engineering
H.Wenzel, R. Veit-Egerer & P. Furtner
Practical application of a long term health monitoring system for short- and medium-span bridges by using public bus A. Miyamoto & A. Yabe
Model-based data compression for vibration monitoring usingWireless Sensor Networks
R. Klis & E.N. Chatzi
Continuous strain prediction for fatigue assessment of an offshore wind turbine using a joint input-state estimation algorithm and a modal interpolation algorithm
K. Maes, G. De Roeck, G. Lombaert, A. Iliopoulos, D. Van Hemelrijck, C. Devriendt & P. Guillaume
Comparison of piezoelectric materials for energy harvesting from civil infrastructure elements for use in health monitoring
P. Cahill, V. Pakrashi, N. Jackson & A. Mathewson
Identification and damage assessment of real buildings using recursive hybrid genetic algorithm
G.S.Wang, Y.C. Tsai & F.K. Huang
Temperature effect for natural frequencies of a steel langer truss girder bridge
T. Okumatsu, S. Nakamura, T. Nishikawa, T. Kojima & Y. Mitsui

MS2: Integrative monitoring for the life-cycle performance of engineering structures
Organizers: A. Strauss & D.M. Frangopol

Bayesian experimental design of a RC wind turbine tower incorporating modal sensitivity based Structural Health Monitoring
M.K. Hovgaard & R. Brincker
Influence of SHM and adaptivity concepts on time-dependent reliability of structures
A.E. Del Grosso & P. Basso
Long-term monitoring for settlement of earth dam
W. Anigacz & E. Kokocinska-Pakiet
Comprehensive infrastructure life-cycle assessment
A. Strauss, H. Grossberger, K. Bergmeister, T. Zimmermann, M. Ralbovsky, K. Alten, S. Lachinger & M. Petschacher
Non-destructive structural assessment method using imaging technology and infrared thermography
M. Matsumoto, K. Mitani, N.F. Catbas & S. Hiasa
Monitoring and data-visualization of displacement for NATM tunnel constructions
S. Akutagawa, H. Zhang, M. Terashima & K. Tsujimura
Fatigue assessment of concrete offshore wind energy foundations
A. Strauss, T. Zimmermann, S. Urban, K. Bergmeister & D.M. Frangopol

MS3: Seismic performance evaluation of structures considering aging and deterioration
Organizers: Y. Kajita, J.E. Padgett & T. Kitahara

Effects of soil structure interaction for a historical monument located in highly seismic area
C.P. Olariu, G.M. Atanasiu & V. Murarasu
Experimental study on seismic behavior of precast reinforced concrete beam-column joint
X. Gao, L. Xu & Y. Zhang
Performance-based seismic design of a retaining wall
C. Jurado
Dynamic behavior of a steel pipe sheet pile foundation during liquefaction in the revetment
N.T. Trung, O. Kiyomiya & T. An
Loading capacity on steel piers corroded at the contact area between steel column and concrete footing
Y. Kajita & T. Kitahara
Study on deterioration of seismic capacity for RC bridges attacked by corrosion
Y.C. Sung, H.H. Hung, C.C. Chen, M.C. Lai & C.C. Hsu
Brief comparison of US and European regulations for the qualification and design of seismic anchors
P. Mahrenholtz & J. Olsen
Comparative assessment of multiple deterioration mechanisms affecting the seismic fragility of aging highway bridges
J. Ghosh & J.E. Padgett
Modelling nonlinear behaviour of corrosion damaged RC bridge piers subject to cyclic loading
M.M. Kashani, A.J. Crewe, N.A. Alexander & L.N. Lowes
Seismic response characterization of a curved rigid-frame bridge using three dimensional nonlinear dynamic analysis
T. Takeda, T. Nagayama, T. Mizutani & Y. Fujino
Effects of crustal movements on civil engineering systems learned from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
M. Kamiyama
Nonlinear dynamic response of a multi-span integral bridge with corrosion damaged RC piers
M.N. Choine, M.M. Kashani, L.N. Lowes, A. O’Connor, A.J. Crewe, N.A. Alexander & J.E. Padgett
Numerical evaluation of seismic performance of RC bridges due to aging of isolated rubber bearing
Y. Kishi & T. Kitahara
Temperature estimation of rubber bridge bearings under environmental conditions
Y. Kitane, S. Kunii & Y. Itoh
The excitation experiment results and the centrifugal shaking test results from non-destructive testing of existing timber pile foundations
T. Kohno, T. Nanazawa & S. Nakatani

MS4: Challenges in real-world applications of structural health monitoring
Organizers: Y. Fujino, M. Kawatani, C.W. Kim, T. Nagayama, P.J. McGetrick & T. Mizutani

Experimental investigation of a wavelet based drive-by bridge inspection system incorporating pattern recognition
P.J. McGetrick & C.W. Kim
Experimental investigation on carbon fiber reinforced concrete for structural health monitoring
F.Y. Yeh, C.C. Hsu, M.C. Lai, K.C. Chang & W.C. Liao
Experimental study of damage identification for health monitoring system by using piezoelectric element
T. Obata, Y. Nishimura & F. Kume
Development of new structural health monitoring method for bridge decks based on small FWD system
H. Onishi, N. Shimizu, T. Santo & M. Miyamura
A field experiment on a simply supported steel truss bridge for damage detection utilizing statistical patterns of identified modal parameters
K.C. Chang & C.W. Kim
Utilizing reproduced autoregressive model for damage detection of real truss bridges
C. Kim, S. Kitauchi, K. Sugiura & M. Kawatani
Detection of state changes of RC columns in shaking table tests by singularity analysis of their acceleration responses T. Mizutani, T. Hida, Y. Fujino & T. Nagayama
Vision-based 6-DOF structural displacement measurement system for partial replacement of PC bridge members
W. Myeong, D. Lee, H. Kim & H. Myung
Damage assessment of a railway bridge based on vibration monitoring
Y. Oshima, K. Sugiura & J.Y. Kim
Structural health monitoring of railroad bridges usingWireless Smart Sensors (WSSs): Recent real-world experiences in North America
B.F. Spencer Jr., F. Moreu & R.E. Kim
An investigation on modal damping ratio as an indicator of invisible damage in PC bridges
A.J. Dammika, R. Sheharyar, R. Takanami, H. Yamaguchi & Y. Matsumoto
Damage detection of a bridge model based on strain modal analysis
T. Wang, F.N. Catbas & O. Celik
Bridge deflection estimation using Kalman filter for data fusion
S. Cho, J.-W. Park, M. Bae & S.-H. Sim
Feasibility investigation of a bridge damage identification approach using vehicle-induced vibration response
X. He, T. Matsumoto, T. Hayashikawa, F.N. Catbas, H. Hattori, C.W. Kim, H. Furuta & M. Kawatani

MS5: Modeling time-dependent behavior and deterioration of concrete
Organizers: R.Wendner, G. Cusatis & K. Bergmeister

Experimental investigation on the relationship between the spatial variation of steel weight loss and the cracking width of RC members using X-ray photograms
S. Lim, H. Jiang, M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol
Characterization of concrete for fastening systems
R.Wendner, M. Marcon, J. Vorel & G. Cusatis
Evaluation of residual strength of corrosion damaged reinforced concrete structures
J. Nepal & H. Chen
Simulating acoustic nonlinearity change in accelerated mortar bar tests: A discrete meso-scale approach
M. Alnaggar, G. Cusatis, J. Qu & M. Liu
Model B4: A multi-decade prediction model for creep and shrinkage
R.Wendner, G. Boumakis, M. Hubler & Z.P. Bažant
Time-dependent reliability analysis of CFST arches for out-plane stability considering concrete creep
W. Jiang & D.G. Lu
Controlling early-age temperature variations in concrete bridge decks
J.E. Bolander & K. Kim
Effects of concrete creep and its randomness on long-term deflection of prestressed box girder
T. Tong, R. Wendner, A. Strauss, W. Wang & Q. Yu
Numerical simulation of self-healing in cementitious composites
G. Di Luzio, L. Ferrara & V. Krelani
Modeling processes related to corrosion of reinforcement in concrete: Coupled 3D FE model
J. Ožbolt, F. Oršanic & G. Balabanic
A physical mechanism based continuum damage modeling of fatigue strength of concrete
J.S. Liang & J. Li
Modeling of fatigue damage of concrete with stochastic character
Z.D. Ding & J. Li

MS6: Life-cycle performance of structural systems
Organizers: F. Biondini & D.M. Frangopol

Symptom-based reliability analysis and lifetime prediction for tensile structure considering stress relaxation
N. Xiao & J.Wan
Brazilian bridges life cycle assessment using deterioration models
M.L. Almeida Jr., T.N. Bittencourt & L.C. Meneghetti
Degradation uncertainties and life-cycle performance of a structure
M.J. Shah
Lifetime incremental dynamic analysis of concrete structures
A. Titi & F. Biondini
Comparisons of prediction models for time-dependent reliability forecasting of bridge structures based on SHM data X.P. Fan & D.G. Lu
Non-prescriptive approaches to enhanced life-cycle performance
M.P. Sarkisian
Optimum strategies for repair and maintenance of multistory building structures exposed to seismic risk
L. Esteva, O.J. Diaz-Lopez & D. Aldama
Life-cycle cost policies based on uncertain structural data and stochastic models
K.G. Papakonstantinou & M. Shinozuka
Integrating hazard-induced damage and environmental impacts in building life-cycle assessments
S.J.Welsh-Huggins & A.B. Liel
Markovian approach for life-cycle assessment and maintenance planning of a steel bridge
E. Garavaglia, L. Sgambi & N. Basso
On the robustness to damage in the Life-Cyle Assessment (LCA) of deteriorating bridges
E.S. Cavaco, L.A.C. Neves & J.R. Casas
Utilizing infrared technologies as a non-destructive evaluation for maintenance of concrete structures
S. Hiasa, A.Watase, R. Birgul, M. Matsumoto, K. Mitani & F.N. Catbas
Sustainability-based bi-objective optimization for seismic retrofit of bridge networks considering risk attitudes
Y. Dong, D.M. Frangopol & S. Sabatino
System reliability and the redundancy factor by simplified modeling
B. Zhu, D.M. Frangopol & B.M. Kozy

MS7:Tunnel life-cycle management and engineering including required performance of structures and facilities, prediction method in remaining life, risk management, maintenance technology, and inspection techniques
Organizers: A. Koizumi, S. Kimura, H. Dobashi & M. Nomura

Spalling risk evaluation and maintenance prevention technology in road tunnel
Y. Uno & S. Kimura
Application and effect of new technology in lining concrete construction for long-life of mountain tunnels
N. Nishimura, A. Ichikawa, M. Seki, K. Yoshida, T. Domon & K. Nishimura
Maintenance and measures adopted to extend useful life of tunnels at Tokyo Metro
Y. Mutou
A risk exposure method of tunnel management for expressways
T. Suzuki, M. Moriyama, T. Hira & S. Kimura
The development of low cost Mechanical OSV (On Site Visualization) and its application on Bai Chay Bridge approach road in Vietnam
C. Izumi, S. Akutagawa, H. Zhang & K. Tsujimura
A study on soundness evaluation and rational maintenance for mountain tunnels
H. Yamada & S. Kimura
A framework for maintenance of shield tunnels with secondary linings using strength and life-cycle cost as indicators
J.H.Wang, M. Nakano, H. Tanaka & A. Koizumi
New lining soundness survey in deep shafts utilizing digital video cameras
M. Nomura & K. Naotsuka
An experimental study on maintenance and repair of communication cable tunnels constructed by shield tunneling method
T. Sudo, T. Ishikawa, R. Hirasawa, H. Hoshino & A. Koizumi
Shield tunnel database on construction data
M. Sugimoto & Y. Nishida

MS8: Rehabilitation, retrofitting and redundancy of aged steel bridges
Organizers: T. Yoda, O. Kiyomiya, T. An, H. Kasano & W. Lin

Research on optimal scheme of system transformation for self-anchored suspension bridge
C. Li, H. Ke, J. He, Y. Zhang & H. Li
Rehabilitation and retrofitting of historical metal bridges: Code aspects, assessment procedures and intervention techniques
R. Ansatti
Retrofit and rehabilitation of short-span steel railway bridges in Japan: Field test and numerical study
W. Lin, T. Yoda, N. Taniguchi, S. Satake & Y. Sugino
After-fracture redundancy analysis of an aged truss bridge in Japan
T. Yoda, H. Ge,W. Lin, H. Kasano, K. Nogami, J. Murakoshi, T. Enomoto & D. Tashiro
Strength verification of steel truss gusset plates subjected to compressive force
H. Kasano, T. Hirayama, T. Yoda, K. Nogami, J. Murakoshi, T. Enomoto & D. Tashiro
Performance of steel I-girder strengthened by concrete encasement under hogging moment
J. He, C. Li, Y. Liu & A. Chen
Numerical analysis on redundancy of continuous twin I-girder steel concrete composite bridges
H. Lam, T. Yoda,W. Lin, H. Kasano & H. Ge
A study on the aged railway steel bridges renewed by hybrid structures
N. Taniguchi,W. Lin, M. Hansaka, F. Ohkubo, S. Satake & Y. Sugino
Experimental analysis of steel bridge decks and retrofit procedures
R. Ansatti, L. Brignoli & A. Clivi
Evaluation for corrosion state of reinforced gusset plate connection on steel truss bridge
T.X. Nguyen, K. Nogami, M. Kurihara, T. Yoda, H. Kasano, J. Murakoshi & T. Enomoto
Structural performance of a steel cable-stayed bridge due to the loss of stay cables
T. An & O. Kiyomiya
Connection behavior of cable-pylon anchorage with steel bracket and anchor beam
S. Zheng, Y. Liu & H. Xu
Application of rubber-sleeved studs on steel and concrete composite deck in railway bridges
X. Xu, Y. Liu, M. Yuan & W. Ren
Mechanical behavior of stud shear connector in steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC)
C. Xu, H. Masuya & S. Fukada
Influence of deterioration of truss bridge structures and orthotropic steel deck to pavement structure
T. Viet Hung

MS9: Probabilistic modeling for the assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of aging infrastructures
Organizers: K. Bergmeister, D. Novák, A. Strauss, R. Pukl, B. Teply, D. Lehký & J. Cervenka

Experimental-computational determination of mechanical fracture parameters of concrete for probabilistic life-cycle assessment
L. Routil, D. Lehký, H. Šimonová, B. Kucharczyková, Z. Keršner, D. Novák, T. Zimmermann, A. Strauss & B. Krug
Partial safety factors for an existing single span railway bridge – case study using an engineering based recalibration process
S. Lachinger, M. Ralbovsky & A. Strauss
Functional quantization of probabilistic life-cycle performance models
P. Bocchini, M.J. Miranda & V. Christou
Maintenance of earth sea dykes in changing environmental and structural conditions
H. Chen
Bayesian stochastic modeling of pitting corrosion and inference using MCMC simulation
H. Qin & D.G. Lu
Target reliability levels for assessment of existing structures considering economic and societal aspects
M. Sykora, M. Holicky, K. Jung & D. Diamantidis
A software prototype for assessing the reliability of a concrete bridge superstructure subjected to chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion
R. Schneider, S. Thöns, J. Fischer, M. Bügler, A. Borrmann & D. Straub
Review of MR&R activities for concrete bridge decks in the U.S.
Y. Yoon & M. Hastak
Performance-related assessment of existing infrastructures against the background of chloride-induced corrosion
M. Vogel, E. Kotan & H.S. Müller
Performance deterioration model of concrete structures based on stochastic processes
L. Chen, W.J. Qu & P. Zhu

MS10: New trends in infrastructure management systems
Organizers: J. Campos e Matos, D.M. Frangopol, A. Strauss & D. Novák

Framework necessary for sustainable maintenance of local government’s social capital infrastructures
Y. Kawanishi, O. Maruyama & C. Miki
An advanced highway asset management system
U. Berardinelli, L.C. Neves, J.C. Matos & H. Guimarães
Life-cycle based management system for inspection and evaluation of bridges
Y.C. Sung, C.C. Chen, H.H. Hung, K.Y. Liu, M.C. Lai, C.C. Hsu & K.C. Chang
Development of a performance model for telematics equipment in highways
S. Fernandes, J. Campos e Matos & J. Cabral
Integrative monitoring measurements of perforated steel sheets
E. Apostolidi, K. Bergmeister, R. Hilber, A. Strauss, O. Zeman, T. Zimmermann, P. Kremnitzer, C. Rauch & B. Schembera
Streamlining field inspections for infrastructures life-cycle management
B. Gonçalves, J. Campos e Matos, P. Lourenço & P. Gonçalves
Optimization of the ultimate capacity of a reinforced concrete slab bridge
D. Novák, O. Slowik & R. Pukl
Guidelines for implementing cross-asset management: Road infrastructure networks
A.Weninger-Vycudil, S. Deix, A. O’Connor & V. Pakrashi

MS11: Life-cycle effects of surface penetrants on concrete structures
Organizers: H. Tsuruta & S. Miyazato

Influence of application method of surface penetrant materials on chloride attack
S. Miyazato & M. Tanaka
Prediction of chloride ion penetration into concrete with silane water-repellent material
H. Tanaka & T. Miyagawa
A study on prediction method of chloride ion penetration into concrete with surface penetrants
D. Hanaoka, T. Amino, T. Habuchi, S. Miyazato & S. Tabata
A study on the lifecycle of reinforced concrete structures treated with surface penetrants
T. Sawada, S. Hokimoto, H. Naito, T. Ogasawara, T. Sakai & T. Fukute
Life-cycle effects of combination of surface penetrants in combining silicate and silane type surface penetrants on inhibition of deterioration in concrete
H. Tsuruta & K. Shimakawa
Fundamental study on characteristics of silicate based surface penetrants and effects of improvement on concrete structures
H. Hazehara, M. Soeda & S. Hashimoto

MS12: Life-cycle performance based infrastructures maintenance
Organizers: A. Chen, Y. Yuan, Z. Li & X. Ruan
Life-cycle performance assessment of RC bridges with maintenance actions under uncertainty
H. Tian, X. Jin & A. Chen
The evaluation of the bridge safety assessment by disposed bridge
W.W. Lee, K.H. Lee, M.C. Jeong & J.S. Kong
The capacity of reinforced concrete bridge regarding corrosion of rebar
X. Tu, Z. Li, A. Chen & B. Hu
The process of conducting condition based maintenance of tunnels
Q. Ai, Y. Yuan, X. Jiang & S. Mahadevan
Performance-based predictive maintenance of shield tunnels
X. Jiang, Y. Yuan & X. Liu
Vehicle load identification of long-span bridges based on dynamic image recognition: Theoretical research and application in Sutong Bridge
A. Chen, Y. Pan, Z. Pan & R. Ma
Management and maintenance on overturning stability of box girder bridges with column piers
Z.J. Zhou, X.F. Shi & X. Ruan
Force chain based description for indentation hardness of concrete
H.K. Liu & J. Li
Site-specific vehicle load models based on WIM data for long span bridges assessment
R. Zhu, X.F. Shi & X. Ruan

MS13: Infrastructure system identification and monitoring
Organizers: C.T. Ng & S.K. Au

Evaluation of signal processing schemes in guided wave damage identification
C.T. Ng
Optimal sensor placement and model parameter identification for distributed-parameter structures
T. Yin
Image-based structural health monitoring of research-scale wind turbine blade
C.H. Loh, Y.T. Huang,W.Y. Hsiung & Y.S. Yang
Advances in structural health monitoring system architecture
P. Runcie, S. Mustapha & T. Rakotoarivelo
Uncertainty quantification in system identification
S.K. Au & F.L. Zhang
Uncertainty quantification of damage detection features derived from frequency response models
Z. Mao & M.D. Todd
Neural network identification of bolt forces of semi-rigid steel connections basing on dynamic data
L. Ziemianski & A. Kozlowski
Temperature effects on modal frequencies of long-span cable-stayed bridges
L. Sun, Y. Zhou & D. Xie
Modal identification of a cable-stayed footbridge
R. Cantieni
System reliability-based damage detection of truss structures using selective expansion scheme
W.H. Kang & S.-H. Sim
Global assessment method of road distresses
G. Loprencipe, G. Cantisani & P. Di Mascio
Accurate probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants through parallel computing
M. Torbol
A general methodology for crack inspection and monitoring of short span bridges
R. Akbari & Y. Rafiei
Wavelet-based damage identification of structures under unknown support excitations
J. Li, H. Hao & L.Y. Chieng
Fault-tolerant seismic vibration control of a building with sensor reliability evaluated by the Kalman filter
S. Tanaka & M. Kohiyama
Amplitude-dependent modal properties of an eleven-span motorway bridge under forced vibration conditions
G.-W. Chen, S. Beskhyroun & P. Omenzetter
A reliable visual inspection method for the assessment of r.c. structures through fuzzy logic analysis
F. Mistretta, M.V. Piras & M.L. Fadda

SS1: Evaluation of cover concrete quality for ensuring durability of concrete structures
Organizers: K. Imamoto & T. Kishi

Comparison between rebound numbers using various rebound hammers and proposal of requesting method for relationship between rebound numbers and compressive strength
N. Yuasa
Novel method for obtaining threshold pore size and observing 3D pore network in concrete
Y. Sakai & T. Kishi
A simple on-site non-destructive evaluation method for the cover concrete quality by spraying small amounts of water onto the concrete surface
S. Nishio, H. Ueda & T. Kishi
A study on the method for evaluating the performance of cover concrete to resist the rebar corrosion in RC structure
K. Shimozawa, M. Nagayama, K. Imamoto & J. Yamasaki
Study on the quality of fragile surface layer of concrete by the thickness of member section
M. Aba, Y. Sakoi, Y. Tsukinaga & Y. Gondai
Study on quality evaluation method for the surface of concrete by measuring the contact time from an impact
S. Iwano & K. Morihama
Preliminary studying on early-age cracking concrete due to coupling effects of thermal, restraint and shrinkage stresses
H. Hu, Z. Chen, X.Wang & K. Chen
Effect of curing condition on air permeability coefficient measured by in-situ test method
K. Kawaai, I. Ujike, S. Kunikata & S. Okazaki
Evaluation of carbonation progress of existing concrete structure based on air permeability of concrete cover
K. Imamoto, K. Shimozawa, M. Nagayama, J. Yamasaki & A. Tanaka
Criteria for nondestructive inspections using Torrent air permeability test for lifespan of concrete structures
I. Kurashige & M. Hironaga
Evaluation of covercrete quality by surface water absorption test
A. Hosoda & K. Hayashi

SS2: Life-cycle assessment of performance in concrete bridge decks under severe conditions
Organizers: I. Iwaki & S. Tsuchiya

Estimation on deterioration process model of concrete structure received chloride induced damage with considering repeated repairing
M. Matsushima, K. Matsuda & M. Yokota
Study on detailed investigations of practical RC road bridge decks rebuilt after fifty years’ service life and its remaining fatigue durability
T. Maeshima, Y. Koda, K. Oyamada & I. Iwaki
Performance evaluation of an RC bridge deck retrofitted by partial-depth repair using shrinkage-compensated ultra-rapid-hardening steel-fiber-reinforced concrete
Y. Koda, I. Iwaki, K. Matsumoto, H. Yamagishi & S. Tsuchiya
Punching shear mechanism of reinforced concrete slabs with corroded reinforcing bars
Y. Tanaka & T. Sudoh
Fatigue life assessment of RC bridge deck considering both dynamic response of saturated concrete and action of impact load
C. Fujiyama, T. Kaji &Y. Ogiyama
The finite element analysis about RC bridge deck deteriorated by salt attack
A. Kamiharako, Y. Koda & I. Iwaki

SS4: Performance assessment of concrete structures strengthened
with externally bonded FRP composites under combined mechanical and environmental actions
Organizers: Y. Sato & J.G. Dai

Strengthening effect of externally bonded CFRP sheets on pretensioned PC beams with ruptured strands in flexure
K. Matsumoto, T.T.D. Nguyen, J. Niwa, A. Iwasaki, Y. Sato & T. Tsutsumi
Modeling flexural behavior of RC beams strengthened with FRP by using RBSM
Y. Sato & K. Farah
Crack spacing of CFRP laminates strengthened RC beams with coupled mechanical and environmental damages
D. Zhang, Y. Zhao, S. Li & T. Ueda
Bond behaviors of RC strengthened with polyurea resin and CF sheet at high temperature
M. Arazoe, T. Arai, S. Yamanobe, A. Kobayashi & Y. Sato
FE modeling of FRP-strengthened RC beams subjected to standard fire exposure
J.G. Dai & W.Y. Gao
Bending behavior of fire damaged reinforced concrete slabs strengthened with NSM CFRP rods and repairing material overlay
W. Pansuk & C.N. Thi

SS5: LCC and risk evaluation on geotechnical and geo-environmental problems
Organizers: I. Yoshida, S. Nishimura, C. Liu & Y. Wang

Reliability-based seismic stability analysis of natural slope
M. Shinoda
Maintenance strategy of slopes improved by ground anchors based on Life Cycle Cost: A case study in Kansai area, Japan
H. Ohtsu, T. Suksawat, S. Kumamoto & S. Kamide
Sequential data assimilation for a subsurface flow model with the ensemble Kalman filter
S. Yamamoto, M. Honda, M. Suzuki, H. Sakurai & P.J. van Leeuwen
Fragility characteristics about a damage of expressway embankment caused by the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake
S. Nakamura
Optimal sampling placement based on value of information
I. Yoshida, Y. Otake & Y. Honjo
Reliability analysis of retaining wall considering layer thickness uncertainty
Y. Honjo, Y. Otake & T. Kusano
A basin scale assessment of landslide probability from differential interferometry of synthetic aperture radar
K.-L.Wang & J.-T. Lin
Development of an approximate equation for settlement estimation of geosynthetic reinforced unpaved road
C. Liu, I. Liu & Y. Ho
Reliability-based design of earth-fill dams regarding heavy rains and earthquakes
S. Nishimura, T. Shuku, T. Shibata & K. Fujisawa
An eco-friendly design method for geotechnical structures based on LCC
T. Shuku, S. Nishimura, Y. Shimokado & T. Shibata

SS6: Sustainable bridge technologies in structure, design and construction
Organizers: K. Aoki & A. Kasuga

Lifting up a 270 meters length sinking bridge over Guadalquivir river in Alcalá del Río (Spain)
C. Jurado
Seismic and flood-resistance capacity promotion and service life elongation method for existing bridge by employing substructure replacement technique
D. Chang, D. Dzeng, C. Chang & M. Yu
Development of non-metal bridge contributed to high durability
T. Oshiro, T. Matsui, A. Kasuga & N. Nagamoto
Approach to the design and experimental study on integral abutment bridges for Japanese highways
Y.Wada, T. Nanazawa & S. Endo
Estimation of traffic-induced vibration of continuous girder highway bridges
M. Tsubomoto, M. Kawatani & K. Mori
Study on durability improvement of concrete structure using surface penetrants
Y. Hirose

SS7: Structures in marine environments
Organizers: H. Yokota, M. Iwanami & E. Kato

Effect of admixtures and curing condition on the corrosion resistance properties of reinforced concrete
S. Okazaki, I. Ujike & S. Kasuga
Proposed method for simple deterioration diagnosis of existing fishing port facilities using impact-echo
T. Kaneda, Y. Yoshizuka, T. Fujita, T. Okano, T. Kasai, S. Date & T. Nishizaki
Prediction of extreme crack width of concrete coastal facilities based on extreme statistics
K. Furuya, S. Komatsu, H. Yokota, K. Hashimoto & E. Kato
Thickness of the corrosion-filled paste and the corrosion layer at steel/concrete interface
H.J. Ding, Y.X. Zhao & W.L. Jin
An experimental study on relationship between chloride content in mortar and passivity condition of embedded steel bar
H. Hamada, D. Yamamoto, Y. Sagawa & T. Ikeda
A fundamental study on improvement of flexural capacity by lining method for pier piles using UHP-SHCC
R. Tanaka, T. Amino, T. Habuchi, M. Kunieda, M. Iwanami, E. Kato & Y. Kawabata
Shear fatigue mechanism of reinforced concrete beams with cracks due to rebar corrosion
Y. Yamada, M. Iwanami & N. Chijiwa
Development of the temporary DRY-UP method to secure dry working space
I. Kurogome, A. Moriwake, T. Habuchi, A. Miyazawa, H. Tsuruoka & D. Hanaoka
The movement of ions in concrete due to electrochemical chloride extraction
H.Y.T. Nguyen,W. Pansuk & P. Sancharoen
Development and application of wireless corrosion sensor using RFID technology for reinforced concrete
T. Satoh, A. Eriguchi & S. Miyazato
Estimation of amount of air-borne sea salt adhered to a structural surface
Y. Kaneshiro, K. Noguchi, Y. Kang, H. Shirato, T. Yagi & H. Hattori
Corrosion resistant property of stainless steel bars in concrete under marine environment
T. Yamaji, H. Hamada, S. Mizuma & T. Okabe
Investigation of monitoring method for detecting the cracks due to steel corrosion in concrete using specific resistivity T. Nishida, M. Iwanami, N. Otsuki &Y. Kawabata
Study on the corrosion of rebars in fly ash concrete during moderate to high corrosion rate
I. Zafar &T. Sugiyama

SS8: Life cycle management as focus area within asset management
Organizer: J. Bakker

Sustainable development information in construction processes – purpose, performance and demands in engineering and management economics
B. Hausmann & K. Richter
BRP building resource performance – development of an operational material flow management system for construction project development
S. Ott, S.Winter, B. Hausmann & A. Hafner
Introducing LCC in maintenance decision making on network level
J.F.M.Wessels, R. Schoenmaker, H. van Meerveld, J. Bakker & J. Schavemaker
A business case of the estimated profit of Life Cycle Management principles
G.H.A.M. Fuchs, I. Keuning, B.R. Mante & J.D. Bakker
The interface challenge in risk-based asset management
T. Viana da Rocha & A. Hartmann

SS9: Building Information Models (BIM) for the lifecycle
Organizer: J. Bakker

A Dutch Concept Library (CB-NL) to support BIM for the life cycle
J.D. Bakker & B. Mommers

SS10: Life-cycle maintenance strategies and performance evaluation for reinforced concrete structures located in the multi-hazardous environment
Organizers: I.T. Yang & C.-K. Chiu

Life-cycle risk analysis for systems exposed to several multi-hazard sources
M.A. Jaimes, E. Reinoso & L. Esteva
Service life assessment for deteriorating RC buildings considering the effect of cumulative damage
C.-K. Chiu
Life-cycle maintenance decision support system using parallel computing
I.T. Yang & Y.C. Fu
Multi-objective decision-making supporting system of maintenance strategies for deteriorating RC buildings
C.-K. Chiu
Cyclic behavior of reinforced concrete beams with corroded longitudinal steel reinforcement
Y.C. Ou & N.D. Nguyen
Reliability analysis of bridge failure due to floods
K.W. Liao,W.L. Chen & B.H.Wu

SS11: Chemical degradation of concrete structure
Organizers: T. Ishida & K. Nakarai

Discussion on simplification of long-term modelling of chemical alteration of cement materials in radioactive waste repository environment
D. Sugiyama
Development of an electrical acceleration technique to evaluate leaching behavior from nuclear waste form
K. Hashimoto, H. Yokota, H. Kinoshita, W. Gashier & A. MacArthur
Chemical degradation of cementitious materials in various sulfate environments: Experimental results and model prediction
Y. Elakneswaran & T. Ishida
Effect of sand and binder to chemical resistance of mortar and concrete
T. Fujii, T. Ayano, P. Jariyathitipong & K. Hosotani
Influence of environmental condition on sulfate resistance of hardened cementitious materials using mineral admixtures
K. Sato, T. Saito, T. Saeki & M. Kikuchi
Modeling of physico-chemical property and mechanical characteristics of meso-scale mortar deteriorated by Ca leaching
T. Miura, Y. Sato & H. Nakamura
Study of carbonation mechanism of blast-furnace slag cement with different carbon dioxide concentrations
T. Iyoda, E. Toyomura, S. Goto & K. Asaga
Calcium leaching of cement paste in contact with bentonite mixed with carbonate for engineered barrier system
K. Nakarai, M. Shibata & H. Sakamoto

SS12:Application base assessment of fiber reinforced cement composites – challenges to durability
Organizers: Y. Uchida & M. Kunieda

Steel corrosion protective performance of UHP-SHCC with multiple fine cracks under bending
T. Amino, R. Tanaka, T. Habuchi, M. Kunieda, E. Kato, Y. Kawabata & M. Iwanami
Long-term durability of ultra high strength fiber reinforced concrete applied to the first prestressed concrete footbridge in Japan
T. Kawaguchi, K. Kono, S. Sugiyama, M. Ishida, S. Maehori, H. Musha, T. Kobayashi & M. Ikeda

SS13: Environmental performance of civil infrastructures via life cycle assessment
Organizers: L. Qing & Q. Shunzhi

Comparative study of warm mix asphalt and hot mix asphalt pavement based on LCA
S.Wu & S. Qian
Life cycle assessment of green buildings: A literature review
S. Qian & A.H. Hamdany
Life cycle assessment of long life pavements
B.Yu & Q. Lu
Eco-efficient demolition techniques and sustainable Construction and DemolitionWaste (CDW) recycling methods
P. Kamrath

Techniques on inspection, assessment, and monitoring for in-service bridges with scour potential
H.Wang, C.-H.Wang & C.-Y.Wang
A method of numerical analyses for predicting corrosion-induced mechanical deterioration of RC structures
K. Terada, S. Takase, Y. Kudo, S. Nishi, J. Kato, T. Kyoya, T. Ushida, K. Tsuno & T. Nakayama
Preliminary life cycle assessment of highway infrastructure designed with photocatalytic cover
C.J. Churchill, D.K. Panesar & K. Seto
Seismic intensity measure in consideration of nonlinear response of reinforced concrete columns
H. Matsuzaki, K. Kasahara, K. Nemoto & M. Suzuki
Connection | Disconnection: Increasing a structure’s life
M.P. Sarkisian
Degradation of dynamic bond-slip behaviors of corroded reinforced concrete: Experimental study
H.J. Zhou, X. Xv, D.R. Huang & F. Xing
Properties of lightweight self-compacting concrete prepared with rejected fly ash and furnace bottom ash
F. Xing, S.C. Kou,W.L.Wang & X.F. Chen
Modeling the principal-agent interaction in the operation of infrastructure systems
D. Páez-Pérez & M. Sánchez-Silva
Life extension of bridge cables with Zn-Al alloy galvanized wires
T. Jarwali, S. Nakamura & K. Suzumura
Experimental study on critical corrosion of concrete reinforcement under electrochemical acceleration
W.L.Wang, Z.C. He, X.F.Wang & F. Xing
Optimum replacing period of nonpermanent bridge components
P.Wei, R. Xiao & B. Sun
Case study of a limit state maintenance for rooftop waterproof facilities using the maintenance history data
Y. Shumuta, A. Yuyama, E. Kuromoto, Y. Dosho, M. Kato, T. Sekine, M. Iguchi & A. Iwata
Drawing variables & weighted values of climate & energy for school facilities intended to correct repair & replacement standard
C.K. Lee & T.K. Park
Seismic retrofitting of strategic buildings based on multi-criteria decision-making analysis
M. Vona & B. Murgante
Time dependent probabilistic analysis of a deteriorating reinforced concrete bridge
M. Šomodíková, J. Doležel, D. Lehký & D. Novák
Performance based waterway management – maintenance strategies and LCC optimization of measures
K. Haselbauer, M. Hoffmann, A. Haberl, R. Blab, M. Simoner & T. Hartl
Performance based waterway management – transport market and competitiveness
M. Hoffmann, K. Haselbauer, A. Haberl, R. Blab, M. Simoner & T. Hartl
Approach to robustness evaluation of selected bridge structures
T. Kaminski
An asset management strategy for a Dutch inland water system
F. den Heijer, M. Boomgaard, M. van Buren, T.E. van der Lei, J.K. van Deen & J. IJmker
Bridge life-cycle sustainability assessment based on Poisson and Renewal earthquake occurrence models
C. Tapia & J.E. Padgett
A trial infrastructure asset management for subway tunnels
T. Nishimura, S. Konishi, T. Murakami, H. Akagi, K. Maeda & S. Suzuki
Small-sample artificial neural network based response surface method for reliability analysis of concrete bridges
D. Lehký & M. Šomodíková
Impact of building’s lifespan on the life cycle assessment
Z. Stránská & K. Struhala
Rapid testing method for air-permeability of concrete in structure using borehole
A. Nonaka & N. Yuasa
Quantitative post evaluation of repair effect by visual inspection data
D. Mizutani, K. Kaito & K. Kobayashi
Non-destructive testing to evaluate soundness of adhesive portion around anchor bolts in concrete by elastic-wave simulation analysis-based electromagnetic pulse
H. Miyata, K. Tanaka, S. Uchida, T. Kamada, K. Nishigami & X. Liu
An optimal model for statistical deterioration prediction of sewerage concrete pipes
N. Tanaka, K. Kaito, T. Kamada, A. Yamanaka & M. Maenosono
Risk assessment of bridge fire safety based on AHP-FCE method
B. Sun, R.C. Xiao, J. Cheng & J. Huang
Life-cycle robustness in fastening technology: A Christian-Doppler laboratory
R.Wendner, K. Bergmeister & A. Sandini
Optimal design of ultra-high strength self-compacting concrete
W.J. Long,W.L.Wang, J. Chen, X.W. Xu & J.X. Chen
Modeling of long-term monitoring data using ARMAX-GARCH model
K. Kazumi, K. Kaito & K. Kobayashi
Bridge health index considering deterioration mechanism based on statistical analysis of visual inspection data
Y. Otake, Y. Honjo, T. Sasuga & A. Sato
Probabilistic modeling of flexible pavement performance and LCC – based service lives with failure distributions
M. Hoffmann & V. Donev
Flexural behavior of composite girders consisting of HFRP and UHSFRC slabs
I.S.K.Wijayawardane, H. Mutsuyoshi & S.V.T.J. Perera
Long-term performance analyses of Palace ofYouth, Culture and Sports towards sustainable development of Pristina V. Nushi, Sh. Nixha, N. Kabashi & M. Berisha
Structural health monitoring of Golden Horn metro crossing bridge in Istanbul – initial assessment and permanent monitoring
P. Furtner, M. Stöger & M. Fritz
Research on the new bridge strengthening system with prestressed CFRP strips
T.W. Siwowski & B. Piatek
Estimation of damage accumulation process in concrete tunnel lining
O. Maruyama, A. Sutoh, H. Kanekiyo, T. Satoh & H. Nishi
Performance-related concepts towards concrete construction with reduced carbon dioxide burden
H. Budelmann, A.Wachsmann,W. Hermerschmidt, H. Krauss, L. Lohaus, C. Begemann, A. Wolter & M. Heidmann
Experimental study on the influence of framework size and shape on the bleeding water of concrete
K. Mita & Y. Kato
Improved design of composite highway-bridges to enhance lifetime performance
H. Gervásio, L. Simões da Silva, A. Orcesi, N. Ta, P. Maier & U. Kuhlmann
Monitoring of corrugated steel plate culvert under service live loads
D. Beben
Confidence in life-cycle civil engineering decisions based on uncertain information
S.G. Reid
Use of steel plate shear walls for the lateral rigidity improvement of reinforced concrete frame
S.Z. Korkmaz & H.H. Korkmaz
Seismic performance improvement of infilled nonductile RC frames
S.Z. Korkmaz, A. Kilic, H.H. Korkmaz & M. Kamanli
Punching shear strength of flat slabs with different punching reinforcement configurations
M. Kamanli, I. Ezer & H.H. Korkmaz
An experimental study on the seismic performance improvement of nonductile reinforced concrete structures with external shearwall application
F. Bahadir, F.S. Balik, H.H. Korkmaz, M. Kamanli & A. Unal
Chloride attack and rehabilitation of the concrete pier of the Tozaki Bridge
K. Imai
Estimation of the deterioration for highway bridge RC slab by impact acoustics method
S. Kitagawa, S. Kimura, M. Moriyama, M. Nabetani & N. Utagawa
Application of seismic isolation system to nuclear power plants under earthquake risk
S. Kim, H.-P. Lee & M.-S. Jo
Vector-valued probabilistic seismic hazard analysis using the seismic wave inventory
K. Tanaka & T. Takada
Analysis of maglev-girder interaction and static/dynamic stability for design optimization
M. Jeong, K. Kim, J. Lee & J. Kong
Crack opening evolution in corroded confined reinforced concrete ties
L. Giordano, G. Mancini & F. Tondolo
Pull-out tests in presence of high level of corrosion
G. Mancini, D. Sabia, E. Pettinato & F. Tondolo
Alternative end scenarios for the LCA analysis of a steel-framed residential building
I. Zygomalas, D.N. Kaziolas, G.E. Stavroulakis, E. Zacharenakis, E. Efthymiou & C.C. Baniotopoulos
Aspects of a steel-framed building’s life cycle that influence its environmental sustainability
D.N. Kaziolas, I. Zygomalas, G.E. Stavroulakis & C.C. Baniotopoulos
Automatic data collection system for innovative long term bridge health monitoring based on public bus vibration
A. Yabe & A. Miyamoto
Trial of a site specific seismic hazard evaluation based on seismic observation records
S. Nakamura
Identifying the modal parameters of structure from seismic response in time-frequency domain
W.C. Su, C.S. Huang & C.Y. Liu
Time dependent reliability analysis for structure with performance changing sharply
W. Fan, P. Yang, Z. Li & P. Deng
Experimental study on interface corrosion between steel and concrete
A. Nakajima, Y. Sakamaki, M. Kuramochi, Y. Degawa & M. Iso
Sensitivity analysis of fatigue-induced sequential failure using system reliability approaches
Y.-J. Lee & W.-H. Kang
Durability of concrete using blast furnace slag cement mixed with Metakaolin based artificial pozzolan
K. Eguchi, K. Takewaka, T. Yamaguchi & Y. Hatanaka
Creep experiments and analysis of T-shaped beams subjected to loading and unloading at young age
P. Criel, R. Caspeele, S. Matthys & L. Taerwe
Setting design input motion based on the information of a set of possible ground motions
T. Miyamoto & R. Honda
Probabilistic evaluation on rock capturing performance of series check dam system
S. Katsuki, T. Horiguchi, R. Tateishi, N. Ishikawa & J. Shima
Suppression of ASR expansion due to electrochemical penetration of lithium supplied by various kinds of lithium solution
A. Nanasawa, J. Kushida, T. Ueda & M. Tsukagoshi
Optimal target reliability determination of nuclear containments by life-cycle economical perspective
S.-H. Kim,W.-H. Heo, M.-S. Choi & J.-H.Won
A first approach to soft rock slopes life cycle, using H/V ratio microtremors technique
O. Rincón, C.I. Guerra & M.S. Ocampo
Study on maintenance cost of urban expressways – case studies of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway and Hanshin Expressway
S. Takada, T. Mizutani & Y. Fujino
Surrounding environment and optimal target reliability of nuclear containment
K.-S. Kim, M.-S. Choi, S.-H. Kim & J.-H. Ahn
Experimental study of the stochastic nonlinear behavior of reinforced concrete frames
J. Li, D.C. Feng & X.L. Gao
Development of low cost bridge monitoring system for collapse detection with solar cell and proof test
H. Shirahata & N. Ueda
Analysis and comparison on crack width limit of standards and specifications for concrete bridge members in China and overseas
P. Lu, S.-N.Wang, G.-W. Yao & H.-J.Wu
Typical disease and its strengthening & treatment methods of superstructure of masonry arch bridges on mountainous highway
H.-J.Wu, H.-Y. Cai, J.-X. Xiang & P. Lu
Non-iterative bilinear properties of structural bearings
B. Govardhan, D.K. Paul & Y. Singh
Finite element modelling for SCFs in steel tubular T-joints with concrete-filled chord under axial loading in the brace
I. Musa, F.R. Mashiri, X. Zhu & L.W. Tong
Fatigue performance analysis and experimental study of steel trusses integral joint based on multi-scale FEM
H.-L.Wang & S.-F. Qin
Development of district impact analysis support system for district continuity plan
K. Takahashi,W. Shiraki, H. Iwahara, H. Inomo & C. Isouchi
Structural damage quantification using recurrence plot and merging particle filter
Y. Nomura, T. Sato & H. Furuta

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