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Life Writing, founded in 2004 by Mary Besemeres and Maureen Perkins, is one of the leading journals in the field of biography and autobiography.

Its title indicates that it reaches beyond traditional interpretations of biography and autobiography as genres belonging solely in the study of literature. It welcomes work from any discipline that discusses the nature of the self and self-expression and how these interact with the process of recording a life. Life writing is about expanding the ways in which we understand how lives are represented.

The journal has a special, though not exclusive, interest in cross-cultural experience. It also has the unique and unusual policy of carrying both scholarly articles and critically informed personal narrative. It is published four times a year and its editorial board comprises leaders in the field of life writing practice.

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Career Construction Theory and Life Writing Narrative and Autobiographical Thinking across the Professions

Career Construction Theory and Life Writing: Narrative and Autobiographical Thinking across the Professions

1st Edition

Edited By Hywel Dix
September 25, 2023

This volume applies the insight and methods of career construction theory to explore how autobiographical writing is used in different professional careers, from fiction and journalism to education and medicine. It draws attention to the fact that a career is a particular kind of artefact with ...

Essays in Life Writing

Essays in Life Writing

1st Edition

Edited By Kylie Cardell
September 25, 2023

This book showcases a unique, innovative form for contemporary life narrative scholarship. Life Narrative is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field defined through attention to diverse styles of personal and auto/biographical narration and to subjectivity and ethics in acts of self-representation. ...

The Selfless Ego Configurations of Identity in Tibetan Life Writing

The Selfless Ego: Configurations of Identity in Tibetan Life Writing

1st Edition

Edited By Lucia Galli, Franz Xaver Erhard
September 25, 2023

The essays collected in The Selfless Ego propose an innovative approach to one of the most fascinating aspects of Tibetan literature: life writing. Departing from past schemes of interpretation, this book addresses issues of literary theory and identity construction, eluding the strictures imposed ...

Autofiction, Emotions, and Humour A Playfully Serious Affective Mode

Autofiction, Emotions, and Humour: A Playfully Serious Affective Mode

1st Edition

Edited By Alexandra Effe, Arnaud Schmitt
December 26, 2022

Autofiction is often associated with humour, irony, and play. Moreover, authors of autofictional texts are frequently criticised for a lack of seriousness or for failing to straightforwardly and in their own voice engage with a given topic. Yet very few autofictional texts are exclusively, or even ...

Women and Ageing Private Meaning, Social Lives

Women and Ageing: Private Meaning, Social Lives

1st Edition

Edited By Margaret O’Neill, Michaela Schrage-Früh
May 12, 2022

This edited collection considers the ways older women’s life narratives redefine culturally imposed conceptions of what it means to grow older. Drawing on research from age studies as well as social and cultural gerontology, the contributors explore the subjective accounts and diverse voices of ...

Life Writing and Celebrity Exploring Intersections

Life Writing and Celebrity: Exploring Intersections

1st Edition

Edited By Sandra Mayer, Julia Novak
November 07, 2019

This book examines the relationship between life writing and celebrity in English-language and comparative literary and cultural contexts, focusing on historical as well as contemporary auto/biographical subjects. With contributions on the 18th-century actress Peg Woffington, Charles Dickens, Mary ...

Philosophy and Life Writing

Philosophy and Life Writing

1st Edition

Edited By D. L. LeMahieu, Christopher Cowley
December 03, 2018

In this volume, scholars from a number of academic disciplines illuminate how a range of philosophers and other thoughtful individuals addressed the complex issues surrounding philosophy and life writing. The contributors interrogate the writings of Teresa of Avila, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John ...

The Limits of Life Writing

The Limits of Life Writing

1st Edition

Edited By David McCooey, Maria Takolander
June 04, 2018

In the age of social media, life writing is ubiquitous. But if life writing is now almost universal—engaged with on our phones; reported in our news; the generator of capital, no less—then what are the limits of life writing? Where does it begin and end? Do we live in a culture of life writing that...

Writing Lives Together Romantic and Victorian auto/biography

Writing Lives Together: Romantic and Victorian auto/biography

1st Edition

Edited By Felicity James, Julian North
March 22, 2019

A diary entry, begun by a wife and finished by a husband; a map of London, its streets bearing the names of forgotten lives; biographies of siblings, and of spouses; a poem which gives life to long-dead voices from the archives. All these feature in this volume as examples of ‘writing lives ...

Border Crossings Essays in Identity and Belonging

Border Crossings: Essays in Identity and Belonging

1st Edition

Edited By Paul Arthur, Leena Kurvet-Kaosaar
September 04, 2018

The border between intimate memory and historical revelation is explored in this wide-ranging collection, which features original contributions from leading figures in the life-writing field from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA. The transmission and preservation of personal knowledge...

Body Language Narrating illness and disability

Body Language: Narrating illness and disability

1st Edition

Edited By G. Couser
October 19, 2017

As much as we may like to evade them, illness and disability inescapably attend human embodiment – we are all vulnerable subjects. So it might seem natural and inevitable that the most universal, most democratic, form of literature – autobiography – should address these common features of human ...

Life Writing After Empire

Life Writing After Empire

1st Edition

Edited By Astrid Rasch
December 20, 2016

A watershed moment of the twentieth century, the end of empire saw upheavals to global power structures and national identities. However, decolonisation profoundly affected individual subjectivities too. Life Writing After Empire examines how people around the globe have made sense of the ...

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