1st Edition

Life and Works of Alexander Csoma De Koros

By Theodore Duka Copyright 2001
    254 Pages
    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    This is Volume X in a series of sixteen on Buddhism. Originally published in 1885, this is a biography, brief note on the published works, essays and manuscripts of Alexander Csoma De Koros.

    Chapter 1 Introduction—Csomn's birthplace, parentage, and early childhood—Studies at Nagy Enyed in Transylvania, and at the University of Göttingen in Hnnover—Plans and preparations for the journey—Departure for the East; Chapter 2 Biographical sources — English and French authorities — Baron Hügel's data examined — First news of Csoma in India — His appearance at the frontier — Detained at Sabathu — Csoma's first letter to Captain Kennedy — Moorcroft's introduction; Chapter 3 Government orders respecting Csoma's stipend—Report as to his Tibetan studies in the past and plans for the future; Chapter 4 Second journey into Tibet—Csoma's position as to the Asiatic Society of Bengal—Return to Sabathú; Chapter 5 Embarrassing position—Csoma petitions Government to be allowed to visit Calcutta, or to go to Tibet for three more years to complete his studies; Chapter 6 Government orders on Csoma's last application — Dr. Gerard's visit to Kanum, and his letter to Mr. Fraser; Chapter 7 Csoma completes his Tibetan studies at Kanum; Correspondence with Dr. Wilson, Captain Kennedy, and Mr. B. H. Hodgson; Chapter 8 Csoma arrives in Calcutta—Resolution of Government of India as to the publication of his works—Was elected Honorary Member of Asiatic Society; Chapter 9 The Tibetan Grammar and Dictionary are published at Government expense—Mr. Prinsep's letter to Government—Prince Esterházy to Mr. Prinsep—Mr. Döbrentei of Pest to the same; Chapter 10 Csoma asks for a passport in November 1835, enabling him to travel in Hindustan — Leaves Calcutta — His last letters to Mr. Prinsep — Return to Calcutta in 1837; Chapter 11 Csoma's stay in Calcutta from 1837 to 1842—Last arrangements—Leaves Calcutta for the last time—Sets out on his journey to Lassa—Death at Darjeeling—Dr. Campbell's report—His grave and tombstone; Chapter 12 Prince Eszterházy's inquiry regarding Csoma's papers—List of some of them—Renewal of his tombstone at Darjeeling—Placed on the list of public monuments by the Government of India—His portrait—Conclusion;


    Theodore Duka