1st Edition

Light Propagation in Periodic Media Differential Theory and Design

By Michel Neviere, Evgeny Popov Copyright 1999

    Based on more than 30 years of research on differential theories of gratings, this book describes developments in differential theory for applications in spectroscopy, acoustics, X-ray instrumentation, optical communication, information processing, photolithography, high-power lasers, high-precision engineering, and astronomy. Introducing the Fast Fourier Factorization approach to improve the convergence of a truncated series, the book examines multilayers, stacked gratings, crossed gratings, photonic crystals, and isotropic and anisotropic materials; techniques and examples in grating design; and Maxwell equations in a truncated Fourier space.

    General Properties
    Basic Principles of the Differential Theory of Gratings
    Stacks of Gratings
    Fast Fourier Factorization (FFF) Method
    Maxwell Equations in Truncated Fourier Space
    Rigorous Coupled Wave (RCW) Method
    Coordinate Transformation Methods
    Gratings Made of Anisotropic Materials
    Crossed Gratings
    Photonic Crystals
    X-Ray Gratings
    Transmission Gratings
    Grating Couplers and Resonant Excitation of Guided Modes
    Differential Theory of Non-Periodic Media
    Fourier Factorization of Maxwell Equations in Nonlinear Optics

    Appendix I: The z-Dependence of the Total Field in Conical Diffraction
    Appendix II: Some Formulas about Toeplitz Matrices
    Appendix III: Expression of the Transverse Components of the Field in Terms of the Axial Ones
    Appendix IV: The Shooting Method in Matrix Notations
    List of Notations


    Michel Neviere, Evgeny Popov