1st Edition

Lighting Redesign for Existing Buildings

By Craig DiLouie Copyright 2011
    280 Pages
    by River Publishers

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    In Lighting Redesign for Existing Buildings, veteran lighting journalist and educator Craig DiLouie identifies opportunities to both save energy and improve lighting performance in existing buildings. The book outlines the decision-making process behind whether to retrofit or redesign an existing lighting system, describes basic lighting design techniques and how to evaluate lighting equipment, details lighting legislation and energy codes, identifies advanced lighting strategies, and describes the role planned maintenance can play in saving energy and ensuring long-term performance. Readers will gain in-depth insight into assessing and capturing their opportunities with better lighting.

    Retrofit or Relight?
    Advanced Lighting for Saving Energy
    Advanced Lighting for People
    The Building Survey: Scouting for Opportunity
    An Introduction to Light
    What Is Light?
    Good Task Visibility & Performance
    Maximizing Visual Comfort
    Rendering Colors & Skin Tones
    Lighting Design
    Design Matters
    Lighting Techniques
    Impact of Daylight
    Energy-Efficient Lighting Design Ideas
    Legislation & Codes
    The Law of Lighting
    Are CFLs Net Producers of Mercury?
    New York City: Largest Buildings Must Upgrade Their Lighting
    Commercial Building Tax Deduction Extended to 2013
    Energy Codes
    Lighting & LEED 2009
    Green Building Codes
    Evaluating Lighting Equipment
    Evaluating Light Sources
    What Is the Distribution of the Light?
    How Long Does the Lamp Last?
    How Much Light Does It Produce?
    Evaluating Luminaires
    Evaluating Lighting Controls
    Solid-State Lighting: LEDs
    LEDs: Taming the Wild, Wild West
    Lighting Maintenance
    Planned Lighting Maintenance
    Equipment Selection
    Lighting Disposal
    Commissioning Lighting & Control Systems


    Craig DiLouie (Author)