4th Edition

Lighting for Digital Video and Television

By John Jackman Copyright 2020
    294 Pages 194 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    294 Pages 194 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book gives a comprehensive overview of lighting equipment and techniques for digital production. Suitable for either beginners or more advanced users, the fully updated fourth edition covers human sight vs. film or video, the basic issues of contrast and exposure, with explanation of how exposure of digital video differs from analog video or film, electrical connectors, requirements, electrical load management, safety issues, and the latest LED systems.

    A variety of basic lighting setups for different situations are explained, with clear diagrams and photos showing the "look" of each approach. Techniques for shooting in available light and dealing with color problems in mixed lighting situations is examined. More advanced film-style lighting is covered, especially techniques in creating a convincing realistic look. A special section deals with solutions to common problems, ranging from reflections on glasses and dealing with white walls, to lighting very light-skinned and very dark-skinned subjects in the same shot. Special lighting situations, such as lighting night scenes or bluescreen sets, are covered in detail, with studio lighting covered in a dedicated separate chapter. The book is also peppered with anecdotes and trivia about lighting techniques and the lighting trade.

    It is the ideal text for both beginners studying lighting and cinematography, as well as more advanced practitioners.

    Table of Contents



    Chapter 1 Why is Lighting Important for Television and Video?

    Chapter 2 Human Vision, the Camera, and Exposure

    Chapter 3 Volts, Amps, and Watts

    Chapter 4 Lighting Instruments

    Chapter 5 Lighting Controls and Uses

    Chapter 6 Basic Lighting Techniques

    Chapter 7 Interview Setups

    Chapter 8 Solving Common Problems

    Chapter 9 Studio Lighting

    Chapter 10 Advanced Lighting Setups

    Chapter 11 Lighting Low-Budget Locations

    Chapter 12 Specialized Lighting

    Chapter 13 Imagination and Invention

    Appendix 1 Using a Light Meter for Video

    Appendix 2 Basic Primer in Signal Monitoring

    Appendix 3 Addresses of Manufacturers




    John Jackman is an author and filmmaker who has been involved in dramatic and video production since the mid-1970s. He has produced several feature films and documentaries and has contributed to numerous industry magazines.

    Praise for the previous edition:

    "If you don't know a tota light from a omni from a soft box or a fresnel; if you are unsure how to light a scene to achieve a particular look; if you think that lighting for a night shoot is to simply take your cam out at night and press 'record', if you fail to understand the difference between hard and soft light or find lighting terminology undecipherable, than this book is a must. Even if you already know all those things there are excellent and useful chapters for the advanced shooter and lighting tech covering low budget setups, advanced lighting setups." Steve Douglas, kenstone.net