1st Edition

Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection

By Eduard M. Bazelyan, Yuri P. Raizer Copyright 2000
    325 Pages
    by CRC Press

    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection presents a comprehensive and up-to-date review of lightning, including its hazards and protection techniques.

    The authors first discuss the effectiveness of conventional protective measures, supply technical advice and practical recommendations, and explore the prospects for the preventive control of a lightning leader, followed by a discussion of the initiation of a leader and return stroke and subsequent components. After including measurements useful for understanding lightning and its effects, the book describes the mechanism of lightning discharge processes. It then examines the effects of large aircraft, high-voltage lines, and other high-altitude constructions on lightning trajectory and leader attraction. The book concludes by studying the action of lightning's electrical and magnetic fields and the lightning current on industrial premises, power transmission lines, underground communications, aircraft and their electrical circuits, and the induction of a dangerous overvoltage.

    A clear, straightforward, and systematic presentation of complicated material, Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection provides deep insight into the physics of lightning, simple analytical estimates, and a detailed illustration of effects by computer simulation, making this resource essential for those who investigate lightning phenomena and who have to solve practical protection problems.

    Introduction: Lightning, its destructive effects and protection. The streamer-leader process in a long spark. Available lightning data. Physical processes in a lightning discharge. Lightning attraction by objects. Dangerous lightning effects of modern structures. Index.


    Bazelyan, Eduard M.; Raizer, Yuri P.