1st Edition

Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications Volume II

By T.K. Kirk Copyright 1980

    This book records the proceedings of an international seminar on lignin biodegradation held May 9 to 11, 1978 and provides a state-of-the-art summary of research. It reviews the lignin structure, morphological distribution in plant cell walls and the microbial catabolism of relevant aromatics.

    Part I: Models and methodology 1. Processing resources and attention 2. A review of the engineering models of information-processing and decision-making in multi-task supervisory control 3. Modeling the acquisition of dual—task skill in a connectionist/control architecture 4. Dual-task methodology: Some common problems Part II: Learning and performance 5. Issues for acquisition and transfer of timesharing and dual-task skills 6. Multiple cue probability learning and the design of inforirtation displays for multiple tasks 7. Vigilance and monitoring for multiple signals 8. Motor constraints in dual—task performance Part III: Mental workload 9. Workload assessment in multi—task environments 10. Performance-based and subjective assessment of workload in multi—task environments 11. Physiological metrics of mental workload: A review of recent progress 12. Psychophysiological assessment of workload in multi—task environments Part IV: Individual differences 13. Individual differences in multiple-task performance 14. Aging, divided attention, and dual-task performance 15. Development of skilled performance: An age—related perspective