1st Edition

Lignites Their Occurrence, Production and Utilisation

By Clifford Jones Copyright 2016
    192 Pages
    by Whittles Publishing

    This volume covers all aspects of the subject from the nature of lignites in situ to detailed coverage of fuel usage including figures for electricity generation and carbon dioxide release. Processing technologies including briquetting and carbonisation are described as are gasification, to make a fuel gas or a synthesis gas, and their conversion to liquid fuels. The book provides an international review, setting in context the use of lignite in various regions of the world.

    Background on the nature of lignites. Petrography. Lignite/brown coal in pre-industrial times and early in the industrial era. Electricity generation Germany. Electricity generation other European countries. Electricity generation North America. Electricity generation Asia. Power generation the Indian sub-continent. Power generation the former Soviet Union. Electricity generation Australia. Briquettes. Carbonised products. Gasification. Conversion to liquid fuels. Chemical substances from lignites. Unworked lignite deposits. Hazards with lignites. Leonardite. Examples of carbon capture and storage (CCS) at lignite-utilising plants. Co-combustion of lignites with other fuels. Comparisons with peat. Comparison with sub-bituminous coals. Lignite originating in isolated or undeveloped locations.


    Clifford Jones