1st Edition

Liminality and the Philosophy of Presence A New Direction in Political Theory

By Franziska Hoppen Copyright 2021
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book departs from the attempt by political theory to confront the challenges of political life with new concepts, offering instead a mode of thought so far excluded from the canon of political theory: the philosophy of presence. Making the experience of liminality the very centre of thought, it shows how embracing ‘in-betweenness’ allows us to discern the limits of both the political order and contemporary political theory. Through an examination of the works of Gustav Landauer, Eric Voegelin, Simone Weil and Václav Havel, the author demonstrates the manner in which ‘in-betweenness’ may be cultivated by way of the philosophy of presence as a method of self-enquiry into existence as it is experienced subjectively. Arguing that since externalisation is the essence of politics and that the way to a more just society lies inwards, through a confrontation with liminality, this study of how to read philosophers of presence renders their work intelligible to the contemporary discourse of crisis and will appeal to scholars of social, political and anthropological theory and philosophy.


    1. Liminality and the Discourse of Crisis 

    2. An Introduction to the Philosophy and Practices of Presence 

    3. Gustav Landauer - Absonderung  

    4. Eric Voegelin - Anamnesis 

    5. Simone Weil - Malheur 

    6. Václav Havel - Neklid 



    Franziska Hoppen holds a doctorate in Politics and Government from the University of Kent, UK, and currently works as a journalist in Berlin, Germany.