1st Edition

Linguistic Typology

Edited By Irina Nikolaeva Copyright 2019
    460 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book provides a state-of-the-art overview of work on linguistic typology, its history, its methodology, theoretical foundations and major achievements. It shows how the directions of current research reflect and inform work on linguistic theory.

    Part 11: Phonetics 1. Phonetic universals 2. Phonetically-based sound patterns: Typological tendencies or phonological universals? Part 12: Phonology 3. How (not) to do phonological typology: The case of pitch-accent 4. The distribution of phonological word domains: A probabilistic typology Part 13: Morphological typology 5. Split morphology: How agglutination and flexion mix 6. Canonical typology, suppletion, and possible words 7. Dimensions of morphological complexity Part 14: Word classes and categorization 8. Towards a typology of ‘mixed categories’ 9. Escaping ethnocentrism in the study of word-class universals Part 15: Grammatical features and categories 10. On nominal and verbal person marking 11. Typology of case systems: Parameters of variation 12. Evidentials: Their links with other grammatical categories 13. Gender and classifiers in concurrent systems: Refining the typology of nominal classification