New discoveries in genetics, molecular, and cell biology are not only enhancing our understanding of the etiology and progression of disease, but are finding applications in the development of new drugs or the implementation of new kinds of therapy. This book provides an in-depth review of emerging areas in biomedical research at the interface of science and clinical medicine. Written by a team of well-known experts, Lipidology: Translational Medical Science presents an authoritative overview of key advances in biomedical research and reviews the most important recent advances in lipidology, highlighting their relationship to cardiovascular disease.

    VLDL and Plasma Triglyceride. Obesity, Immunity and Atherosclerosis. Cardioprotective Mechanisms. Mechanism of Atherosclerosis. Novel Therapeutic Approaches.


    Daniel J. RaderChris J. Packard

    'This book provides a comprehensive overview of lipoprotein metabolism, which entails a wide variety of topics spanning several different disciplines.  The book will appeal to a wide audience of researchers in the field of cardiovascular disease'
    Clinical Chemistry Journal