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    by CRC Press

    Guide to current liposome drug delivery technology. Applications, preparation, pharmacokinetics, stability, passive and active targeting, and industrial production. Special emphasis on "stealth" liposomes (liposomes with extended circulation times).

    * Preparation of Liposomes:
    Materials - Lipid Selection - Selection of Method of Preparation - Characterization
    * Stability of Liposomes:
    Loss of Entrapped Drug - Changes in Liposome Structure - Phospholipid and Cholesterol Stability - Factors Affecting Liposome Stability - Freezing of Liposomes - Lyophilization
    * Pharmacokinetics of Liposome Products:
    Markers for Determination of Pharmacokinetics - Kinetics of Release of Liposomal in Tissues - Interactions of Liposomes with Cells - Route of Administration-Dependent Pharmacokinetics - Liposomes with Prolonged Circulation Times
    * Pharmaceutical Applications of Liposomes:
    Interactions of Liposomes with Cells - Liposomal Routes of Administration - Liposomal Applications - Liposome Toxicity
    * Targeting of Liposomes:
    Passive Targeting - Active Targeting - Pharmacokinetics of Site-Specific Drug Delivery - Targeting of pH-Sensitive Liposomes
    * Industrial Applications of Liposomes:
    Large-Scale Production - Removal of Nonencapsulated Drug - Freeze-Drying - Quality Control - Stability - Physical Stability - Chemical Stability - Sterilization


    Guru V. Betageri, Scott Allen Jenkins, Daniel Parsons