1st Edition

Liposomes in Drug Delivery

By Alexander T. Florence Copyright 1993

    This book is an outcome of the conference on the liposomes in drug delivery: 21 years held in University of London, in 1990. It covers themes such as novel carrier systems, newer and potential responsive or pulsatile systems, or systems such as liposomes which have a longer pedigree.

    1. Use of Liposomes as Carriers of Lipophilic Antitumor Agents 2. A Phase II Trial of Liposome-Encapsulated Doxorubicin in Advanced Measurable Breast Cancer 3. Initial Clinical Evaluation of TLC D-99: A Liposome Encapsulated Doxorubicin 4. Liposomal Therapy of Retroviral Infections: A Strategic Approach 5. Liposomes as Immunoadjuvants for Saccharide Antigens 6. Liposomes as Immunological Adjuvants for Peptide and Protein Antigens 7. Liposomes for Pulmonary Drug Delivery 8. Immunoliposome Targeting to Pulmonary Endothelium 9. Liposomes and the Skin 10. Liposomes and the Skin Permeability Barrier 11. Liposome Association with Inflammatory Tissue 12. Liposomes as Blood Surrogates 13. Coupling of Ligands with Liposome Membrane 14. Non-Ionic Surfactant Vesicles (Niosomes) as Vehicles for Doxorubicin Delivery


    AlexanderT. Florence