Liposomes in Gene Delivery  book cover
1st Edition

Liposomes in Gene Delivery

ISBN 9780849331091
Published March 13, 1997 by CRC Press
320 Pages

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Book Description

Many specialists are not familiar with both drug delivery and the molecular biology of DNA vectors. Liposomes in Gene Delivery covers both-molecular biologists will gain a basic knowledge of lipids, liposomes, and other gene delivery vehicles; lipid and drug delivery scientists will better understand DNA, molecular biology, and DNA manipulation. Topics include an introduction to nucleic acids, a theoretical description of DNA, recombinant technology, lipids and liposomes, stability and interaction properties of lipids and liposomes, complexation of lipids and liposomes with DNA plasmids, gene expression of genosomes in various models, structure-activity relationships, and transfection models. This is an excellent introductory text for graduate students, scientists, and researchers in molecular and cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, physical chemistry, colloid science, pharmacology, molecular science, and medicine.

Table of Contents

Gene Therapy
Strategies in Gene Delivery
Disease Applications of Gene Therapy
Genetic Diseases
Infectious Diseases
Neurological Diseases
Cardiovascular Diseases
Other Diseases
Nucleic Acids
DNA Structure and Conformation
DNA Stability and Interactions
Theoretical Description of DNA
DNA Condensation
Recombinant DNA Technology
Gene Expression
Promoters and Enhancers
Introns and PolyA Tails
Complementary DNA
Cytoplasmic Gene Expression
Reporter Genes
Gene Delivery
Naked DNA
Viral Systems
Nonviral Delivery Systems
Lipids and Liposome Composition
Cationic Lipids
Electrostatic Properties of Charged Lipids and Liposomes
Cationic Liposomes
Liposome Preparation Methods
Mechanism of Vesicle Formation
Liposome Stability
Characterization and Quality Control
Interactions of Liposomes with Cells and In Vivo
Toxicity or Safety of Cationic Liposomes
Liposomes and Cell Membranes
Liposome Applications
Genosomes (DNA-Lipid Complexes)
Reactivity and Stability
Structure of Cationic Lipid-DNA Complexes
Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution
Genosomes for Gene Delivery and Transfection
Expression In Vitro
Gene Transfection and Expression In Vivo
Parenteral Applications of Genosomes
Pulmonary Delivery
Other Delivery Routes
Genosome Administration into Humans
Structure-Activity Relationships
Structure-Activity Relationships of Cationic Lipids on the Molecular Level
Structure-Activity Relationships on the Colloidal Level
Mechanism of Transfection
Transfection In Vitro
Transfection In Vivo
Factors and Steps That Determine Transfection
Other Carrier Systems and Artificial Virus
Combination Complexes
Liposomes in the Delivery of Antisense Oligonucleotides
Antisense Oligonucleotides: Structure and Mechanism of Action
Liposomes for the Delivery of Antisense Oligonucleotides
An Overview of Some of the Results
Delivery of Proteins
Perspectives and Conclusion
Cationic Liposomes
Anionic Liposomes
Sterically Stabilized Liposomes
Conclusion and Afterword
Appendix A: Some Fundamental Concepts
Appendix B: Periodic System of Elements
Appendix C: Short Tutorial on Different Units
Appendix D: Geometric Parameters of Liposomes and DNA
Appendix E: Abbreviations
Appendix F: Glossary

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