1st Edition

Liquid Interfacial Systems Oscillations and Instability

    Despite factoring in countless natural, biological, and industrial processes, fixed attention on the singular attributes and behavior of fluids near or at interfaces has not received enough attention in the surface science literature. Liquid Interfacial Systems assembles and analyzes concepts and findings as an inclusive summation of fluid-fluid interfacial phenomena. This book covers excitation, stabilization, and suppression of instability at liquid interfaces. From the influential original research and scholarship of leaders in the discipline comes a volume to impart and explain definitions, scales, governing equations, and boundary conditions used in liquid interfacial system research.

    A first discussion of instability phenomena driven by the Marangoni effect; excitation of isothermal liquid surface instability by variable force fields; stabilizing influence of high frequency vibrations on the possible instability of an isothermalliquid surface; thermocapillary instability of the free surface of a plane liquid layer; convective instability of a liquid layer with a permeable partition; thermocapillary instability of two-layer systems with liquid-liquid or liquid-gas interfaces;thermocapillary instability in multilayer systems; thermocapillary convection of constrained interfaces; thermocapillary migration of bubbles and drops; spreading and layer breaking driven by the Marangoni effect; parametric wave excitation innonisothermal liquid layers; thermocapillary instability of a liquid interface under the joint action of high frequency vibration and the Marangoni effect.


    Birikh, Rudolph V.; Briskman, Vladimir A.; Velarde, Manuel G.; Legros, Jean-Claude