1st Edition

Liquid Scintillation Alpha Spectrometry

By W. McDowell Copyright 1994

    Alpha liquid scintillation was developed to obtain accurate analytical determinations of alpha-emitting nuclides where no other methods were sufficiently accurate. With the present emphasis on clean-up of radiation contamination, alpha liquid scintillation has become an important tool in the determination of low concentrations of alpha-emitting nuclides. This book is the first to address the subject of alpha liquid scintillation in its entirety. It also examines how alpha spectrometry by liquid scintillation can be done without interference from beta/gamma radiation. Scientists interested in the analysis of alpha-emitting nuclides for environmental monitoring, remediation clean-up, accountability, and research will find this to be a valuable book.

    1. Introduction 2. The Evolution of Alpha-Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry 3. Factors Influencing The Effectiveness of Liquid Scintillation for Alpha Spectrometry 4. Available Instrumentation 5. Accuracy and Reproducibility 6. Principles of Solvent Extraction


    W. McDowell