1st Edition

Literary Criticism: A Short History Modern Criticism

    First published in 1957, Literary Criticism: A Short History traces our aesthetic heritage from its classical origins up to the contemporary state of criticism in the English-speaking world.

    Divided into four volumes, each book adopts a fair and objective position in the presentation of various critical positions, and each critical theory is considered not only in competition with other critical theories, but also in vital dialectic with the creative literature of its own time.

    Volume Four focuses on Modern criticism and covers tragedy and comedy, symbolism, I. A. Richards’ critical theory, the semantic principle, Eliot and Pound, fiction and drama, and myth and archetype.

    Volume Four: Modern Criticism; 25: Tragedy and Comedy: The Internal Focus; 26: Symbolism; 27: I. A. Richards: A Poetics of Tension; 28: The Semantic Principle; 29: Eliot and Pound: An Impersonal Art; 30: Fiction and Drama: The Gross Structure; 31: Myth and Archetype; Part Five: 32: Epilogue; Index


    William K. Wimsatt, Jr. and Cleanth Brooks