1st Edition

Literary Studies A Practical Guide

By Tison Pugh, Margaret E. Johnson Copyright 2014
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    Literary Studies: A Practical Guide provides a comprehensive foundation for the study of English, American, and world literatures, giving students the critical skills they need to best develop and apply their knowledge. Designed for use in a range of literature courses, it begins by outlining the history of literary movements, enabling students to contextualize a given work within its cultural and historical moment. Specific focus is then given to the use of literary theory and the analysis of:

    • Poetry
    • Prose fiction and novels
    • Plays
    • Films.

    A detailed unit provides clear and concise introductions to literary criticism and theory, encouraging students to nurture their unique insights into a range of texts with these critical tools. Finally, students are guided through the process of generating ideas for essays, considering the role of secondary criticism in their writing, and formulating literary arguments. This practical volume is an invaluable resource for students, providing them with the tools to succeed in any English course.

    Introduction  Part 1: An Introduction to the English Language, Its Literatures, and Its Readers  1. A Brief Linguistic History of England  2. A Brief History of English Literature  3. A Brief History of American Literature  4. A Brief History of World Literature  5. A Brief History of Literary Criticism  Part 2: How to Analyze Poetry  1. Accent and meter  2. Poetic Terms and Figurative Language  3. Poetic Genres  Part 3: How to Analyze Plays  Part 4: How to Analyze Prose Fiction and Novels  Part 5: How to Use Literary Theory  1. Close Reading  2. Semiotics  3. Rhetorical Analysis  4. Genre and Genre Theory  5. Marxist Approaches  6. Ideology  7. Psychoanalysis  8. Gender and Feminist Theory 9. Queer Theory  Part 6: How to Analyze Films  Part 7: How to Write about Literature and Film: A Practical Guide  1. How and Why to Write an Essay


    Tison Pugh is Professor in the Department of English at the University of Central Florida, USA.

    Margaret E. Johnson is Professor of English at Idaho State University, USA.