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Lithium-Related Batteries
Advances and Challenges

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ISBN 9781032203898
March 10, 2022 Forthcoming by CRC Press
384 Pages 154 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

Lithium-Related Batteries: Advances and Challenges serves as a comprehensive treatment of advanced microscopic properties of lithium- and sodium-based batteries. It focuses on the development of the quasiparticle framework and the successful syntheses of cathode/electrolyte/anode materials in these batteries.

• Highlights Li-ion batteries and Na-ion batteries, as well as lithium sulfur-, aluminum-, and iron-related batteries.

• Describes advanced battery materials and their fundamental properties.

• Addresses challenges to improving battery performance.

• Develops theoretical predictions and experimental observations under a unified quasi-particle framework.

• Targets core issues like stability and efficiencies.

This book will appeal to researchers and advanced students working in battery development, including those in the fields of materials, chemical, and energy engineering.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. 2. Small Polaron – Li ion Complex Diffusion in the Cathodes of Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries. 3. Enrich Optical Excitations of LiFeO2. 4. Positive Electrode Stability in Higher Voltage Region. 5. Layered Cathode Material for Sodium-ion Batteries: Synthesis, Structure, and Characterization. 6. Essential Geometric and Electronic Properties in Stage-n Graphite FeCl3-intercalation Compounds. 7. Studying the Anisotropic Lithiation Mechanisms of Silicon Anode in Li-ion Batteries Using Molecular Dynamic Simulations. 8 First-Principles Study of the Optical Properties of Monolayer and Lithium Intercalated HfX2 (X = S, Se, or Te) for Lithium-Ion Batteries. 9. Mn-based Oxide Nanocomposite with Reduced Graphene Oxide as Anode Material in Li-ion battery. 10. In-Situ Synthesis of Solid-State Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries. 11. Rich Quasiparticle Fundamental Properties of LiS2/LiO2 Electrolyte in Lithium Sulfur Battery. 12. Diverse Quasiparticle Phenomena in P2S5 Electrolyte in Lithium Sulfur Battery. 13. Cathode/Electrolyte Interface in High-Voltage Lithium-ion Batteries: A First-Principles Study. 14. Electrode/Electrolyte Interfaces in Sodium-ion Battery: Roles, Structure, and Properties. 15. Concluding Remarks. 16. Open Issues and Challenges. 17. Problems

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Ngoc Thanh Thuy Tran works as a postdoctoral researcher at Center for Micro/Nano Science and Technology, National Cheng Kung University. Wen-Dung Hsu is Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University. Jow-Lay Huang is Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University. Ming-Fa Lin is NCKU Distinguished Professor of Physics, National Cheng Kung University.