1st Edition

Lives of Shakespearian Actors, Part III, Volume 1 Charles Kean, Samuel Phelps and William Charles Macready by their Contemporaries

    Features actors who were significant in their development of new and innovative ways of performing Shakespeare. This title contains extracts from diaries, memoirs, private letters, and obituaries that present a contemporary account of their acting achievements and personal lives.

    LIVES OF SHAKESPEARIAN ACTORS III VOLUME 1: CHARLES KEAN Introduction ‘Notice of a Testimonial to Charles Kean’, The Annual Register … of the Year 1862 (1863) A. Bunn, The Stage: Both Before and Behind the Curtain (1840) The Celebrated Eton Boy and Sing-Song Play-House Pigeon (1859) J. K. Chapman (ed.), The Court Theatre, and Royal Dramatic Record (1849) J. W. Cole, The Life and Theatrical Times of Charles Kean (1859) A. Darbyshire, The Art of the Victorian Stage: Notes and Recollections (1907) The Kean Banquet ‘Banquet Testimonial to Charles Kean’ (1859) Review of Kean Banquet, Musical World (1859) Richard II ‘The Scenery in “Richard II” at the Princess’s Theatre’, Builder (1857) C. Kean, ‘Preface and Historical Notes to King Richard II’, (1860), excerpts C. Kean, Playbill for King Richard the Second C. Scott, ‘How Charles Kean Played Richard the Second’, Sketch (1899) George Henry Lewes G. H. Lewes, On Actors and the Art of Acting (1875), excerpt Vivian [G. H. Lewes], Review of Macbeth, Leader (1853) H. Morley, The Journal of a London Playgoer fr om 1851–1866 (1866), excerpt J. E. Murdoch, The Stage, Or, Recollections of Actors and Acting (1880), excerpts G. C. D. Odell, Shakespeare fr om Betterton to Irving (1920), excerpts The Princess’s Theatre ‘Princess’s Theatre’, The Times of London (1857) ‘The Princess’s Theatre’, New York Times (1858) Punch Magazine ‘The Princess’s Spectacle’, Punch Magazine [London] (1857) ‘Touching Things Theatrical’, Punch Magazine, [Melbourne] (1854) Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper Review of Kean’s Henry VIII, Lloyd’s Weekly London Newspaper (1855) Review of Kean’s King Lear, Lloyd’s Weekly London Newspaper (1858) The Tempest Review of The Tempest, and Richard II, Art-Journal (1857) C. Kean, Preface and Historical Notes to The Tempest (1857), excerpts Review of The Tempest, The Times of London (2 July 1857) Review of The Tempest, The Times of London (3 July 1857) Review of The Tempest, The Times of London (6 July 1857) Review of The Tempest, Literary Gazette (1857) Review of The Tempest, Examiner (1857) Review of The Tempest, Morning Chronicle (1857) Review of The Tempest, Bells Weekly Messenger (1857) Review of The Tempest, Era (1857) Hamlet Review of Hamlet, The Times (1859) Review of Hamlet, Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper (1859) Review of Hamlet, Morning Post (1859) Review of Hamlet, Era (1859) Letters: Letter from Charles Kean to Unknown Correspondent, 10 September 1856 Letter from Ellen Kean to Queen Victoria, 28 June 1857 Letter from Queen Victoria to Ellen Kean, 24 January 1868, Editorial Notes


    Series Editor: Gail Marshall, Consulting Editor: Tetsuo Kishi, Volume Editors: Robert Sawyer (Charles Kean), Julia Swindells & David Francis Taylor (Samuel Phelps), Richard Foulkes (William Charles Macready)